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  1. ok thanks, as i understand it on the previous case they are allowed one voluntary nonsuite? so there's nothing i can do about that right now. If this new one goes to court i will do the same motions i did with the first one and hopefully it will go away.......... but its not filed yet and i still have less than 30 days to request validation, I'm trying to figure out the best pre legal response to stop it from making it to court
  2. I've gone thru this thread but It doesn't cover pre legal, does anyone know of any pre legal midland threads off hand??
  3. So Midland nonsuited their last case against me after i flooded them with motions. Now this week i got another letter and phone call from them them on another account. It's not in court yet, i still have 30 days to respond. Can anyone direct me to a good sample way of responding (sample DV to midland that i can customize)? I wanna make sure i do this right and keep them from filing in court. I will appreciate any help! THANKS!
  4. Thanks admin. Do you have a link that would show these requirements so i can respond to hem with specifics?? THANKS SO MUCH
  5. midland's affidavit had a cc number and my name. Jefferson cap systems affidavit did not. bill of sale to Jefferson cap systems from first bank of scum had no cc number, nor my says a pool of debts was sold. they didn't include any bill of sale or link to midland. would it be worth informing the attorney that I'm on disability, have no assets and encourage him to just drop the dog and pony show? ======================================================== What makes you think you have to settle? Based on what you've posted if allowed by VA civil procedure rules I'd depose the indivi
  6. They sent a bill of sale from First Bank of Scum and an affidavit saying a pool of debts was sold to Jefferson Capital Systems, and was originated from First Bank of Scum, the person said they were the custodian of records foe the bank. The bill of sale was to Jefferson Capital Systems who also did an affidavit. All that was dated march 10th after i sent my request for docs. The original affidavit with the warrant was from Midland. I filed a motion to strike that. What they have not done is establish a link between midland and Jefferson Capital Systems. They had everything notarized by t
  7. So midland finally responded to my request for docs. They have all cc statements, and two affidavits of a bill of sale one from the cc company (now defunct) and another to a different collection agency, then to midland. What to do??? Pre trial is over, its set 4 trial in a few months. Settle? (I'd hate to do that)
  8. Anyone who may point me in the right direction i would appreciate it. Being sued twice now. I beat crap1 about two years ago on a different account. Now the same law firm that is currently suing me on a midland account is suing me on behalf of OC crap1.....a second crap1 account i had). I had a stroke in November so I'm struggling (but succeeding) in fighting the midland suit. And now has come this other suit by crap1. I really new some help here guys ---Thanks 1. Who is suing you? Capital One Bank N.A. via their attorney 2. For how much? $1,529 3. Who is the original creditor? Cap
  9. OK, so far, I've filed an answer (2 weeks ago), a request for production of documents (last week), and a motion to strike affidavit and motion to dismiss complaint this week. Can i call the court and speak to the clerk about particular rules, time frames etc, or is there a better place 2 find those out? THANKS MUCH!!! Keith
  10. THANKS! but what happens if i have already submitted an answer before submitting a request for production of documents or a bill of particulars??
  11. the only thing i submitted 2 the court was a letter to the judge explaining my medical situation and that i need to present in court evidence, then yesterday i filed my aswer
  12. thank u soo much 4 all your help!!! I hope the answer i filed was even allowed
  13. could u shed som light on what this means please?? § 8.01-642. Pleading when defendant appears. The defendant against whom the writ was issued may plead, demur or answer the petition within the time set forth in the writ for his appearance. (Code 1950, § 8-864; 1977, c. 617.)
  14. thanks again bv, i am trying my best to get thru and understand the VA RCP now, but its harder 6 me now after the stroke
  15. i realized this 2day and prepared discovery of documents 2 them, havent filed it yet. do u think its 2 late 4 that???!!!