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  1. I just received my whooping $300 limit card from hooters. I have not even activated my card but I am already seeing my annual fee applied to the card on my report.... Is this standard? Also, I've had some items change a lot on my report - TU has no derogs or delings ( finally got rid of that Neg from my SL ) Has anyone successfully got a CLI at activation?
  2. Leslie, while I do agree to some point - it DOES get better over time. I have lenders that are willing to extend 4 digit credit limits to me even while that CO TL was on my reports. Obviously the lates will be a factor but they will lessen over time and NOT take the entire 7 years to do so.
  3. Congrats all!! I too just finished REHAB and have now been transfered to AES ( anyone has any experience on them?) EQ and EX are updated - TU seems to be slow on all my updates
  4. finally received my card today also - and yes its a $300 limit.... with a 26 percent APR ( WTF:shock:) like deeva - it may be the high utlization on 2 cards and my only negative which is a SL which has now been rehabbed and TL has been deleted on all but one CRA and guess which one is that........... About to activate right now and see what happens... Was hoping to use for my cruise next month but the limit is so low its not worth using but for a pack of gum... Oh well - And Congrats to all who got the card!!!!
  5. Thank you VeVe... i just called and they extended a Cl of a a whopping $300 At this stage most of my cards are over $500 and some are even over $2000.... hmmm..I'm ready to just close it - Any thoughts?
  6. I hope so...what 801 number? I just called the regular HOOTERS TF.....let me do some dugging....
  7. Congrats!!!!! Same thing happened to me - I faxed them the card and ID ( I should have sent w-2 since I do make a decent living), oh well... I am not sure of my CL yet as they would not tell me over the phone when i called on Tuesday. Did they tell you the rate or if you have a AF?
  8. Congrats! As a starter card ( well semi-starter) its great, if you are good enough to get program "A" you will be able to get automatic increases ever so often. The "B" program sucks to say the least.... Just keep in mind that are are only limited to a certain # of HSBC products, so if you have 2 other products its not worth the inquiry... Once your scores improves, there will be better cards to get. I personally have the store card and its great so far. Second, if you don't mind me asking - if your SL is reporting CO why are you not rehabbing?
  9. Also, In most cases the OC passes the buck to the CA so even if you wanted to deal with them, you would not be able to.. READ READ READ these boards Good Luck
  10. RULE #1 - DO NOT SPEAK TO ANY CA OVER THE PHONE UNLESS YOU ARE TRYING TO OBTAIN BASIC INFORMATION SUCH AS ADDRESS Secondly, send a DV to the CA (ARS) ASAP. It is there responsiblity to provide this information to you FROM the OC. Unless they have first hand account information regarding this debt ( which they normally don't) What they did was a stalling tactic but simply follow the tried-and-true steps as outlined and you will be fine.
  11. I personally would start disputing with the CRAs as obsolete since this is approaching the end of the reporting cycle.
  12. while checking scores are always a good way to check credit health...Its not always great when you are in the initial stages of repair... When I was cleaning reports I would check every month or so or when a major victory came about...scores were up and down depending on 'the wind" - seriously, anything can influence credit scores daily so don't harp on the scores so much - at least at this time. don't worry about the short term gains/losses, the objective is that you are in it for the long run.... Now if this a FAKO, I wouls definitely ignore - its not a good inidicator of how you are doing. Good LucK!
  13. I'm pretty sure that once they have the judgement -they are given 'carte blanche' to do almost anything - yes even 8 years later...and they always have the option to renew debt after 10 years..ouch Debt validation is non-existent at this point and does not apply your options are limited but include getting judgement dismissed ( may be hard since you are given a SOL on this) contact these bottomfeeders and negotiate a PFD/settlement ( that may be hard to since they already got the judgement for the full amount. 11K is a lot of moeny not including fees and such, Good luck!
  14. Its always better to pay off the debt if you can on YOUR TERMS - meaning if you have a settlement make sure you negotiate a PFD or PAYS as agreed. I know anything over $600 for a settlement is reported to the IRS as added income so be careful.
  15. PFD also? ( if they are reporting?)
  16. I would call the CRA to ONLY get the name and address for these creditors. Then I would do the 1-2 punch, DV with creditor and CRA - Only after completing those steps would I even think about a PFD letter. HTH
  17. The goal is to get the report FIRST and then you could dispute it. You need to know what you are going to dispute and have copies to compare the old and the new once its updated.
  18. OPT-OUT essentially is when you take yourself off of a list to be considered for CC offers or businesses in general based on certain criteria's you may fit... For instance, your score is 620, a creditor is looking for all people with a score close to this - you will get a offer in the mail to apply or pre-approval if they decide you would make a good fit.... Its simliar to the "do not call list" for telemarkers ....which leads me to soft or hard pulls. a SOFT PULL or INQUIRY is when only YOU are the only one able to see a creditor accessing your file. You can only view this on a actual report ( more detailed) not a 3 CRA report. Do not count towards score. ANYTIME YOU PULL YOUR REPORTS, ITS A SOFT PULL.. HARD PULL - is the opposite. A credit pull that anyone can see. So if you apply for credit with Sears and its a hard pull, all creditors after that pull will be able to view that INQUIRY. Those cost towards your score. The more HARD pulls ( over a set amount) the lower your FICO score will be... They are listed differently on the reports but there is usually verbiage that states views olny by you or by everyone. Most people combat that with b* or disputing...plenty of threads here to see how its done. HTH
  19. I understand OP's hesitance... Yes, you will get a new card and TL however you still would need to contend with the old TL. How old is this debt? Are we passed SOL? When is the date this will fall off? If its close, I wouldn't bother and reapply under your own conditions ( PFD or change of status) Also, is the CA reporting?
  20. Hi There, How did you manage to get Palisades deleted? I was successful with my own reports and now I am cleaning the DH's. I am willing settle only for a PFD but did you settle with HSBC or Palisades?
  21. CJ does send a billing statement each month but you won't get it until mid-cycle. You can submit an online payment of $25 ( that is their minimum) via credit or debit or even paypal. There is a $2 fee but it eliminates the notion that your payment will get lost in the mail
  22. Orchard pulls EX ( the red devil ) you are better off looking for other cards. Have you tried Hooters or Seamiles?
  23. Whocares...you are making excellent progress!!!! Why not try Citi or Chase ( unless you burned them in a BK)? I've been hearing that the Freedom Card is a great rewards card.
  24. I agree I just applied for the HSBC plat yesterday - they denied me citing: "i HAVE REACHED THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF HSBC ACCTS" I figured it has to be my secured cards. I have 2. I called CS, and they confirmed that I have too many orchard cards. I called to cancel 1 of the cards and they told me to just call back after 3 days ( this is how long it will take the system to update according to the rep) and they would not have to perform another inquiry. We shall see...
  25. I got some good deals ---- I bought a range and frig for under $1000. A little smaller than normal but for a studio area its good. Also, free shipping!!
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