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  1. Just a quick note to say that my credit score has jumped from about 560 to 680 in the three months since I started this process! My husbands is another story but I trust will get his score up in time, too. Thanks for all your help everyone!
  2. Unfortunately they are within the last 18 months.
  3. So New Century is not gone for good? They will be up and running again eventually at which point I might be able to get somewhere with these lates? If they don't respond to the CRAs might I be able to get the CRAs to delete the lates?
  4. Who would I send it to? Would the company the bought out New Century have my information since the loan was paid off prior to their takeover? It doesn't seem like there is anyone left at New Century to talk to.
  5. Hi, I disputed three 30 day lates that were reported by New Century for my last home (we recently relocated and sold it right before New Century was sold) with the CRAs a month ago. So far New Century has not responded. How do I proceed? Will the CRAs delete the entire listing if New Century fails to respond? I don't want to lose all of the good history. What is my next move? I sent a goodwill letter and actually got a response from New Century's founder, Brad Morrice. He was very nice but is obviously no longer with the company. He forwarded my e-mail to the new CEO but I haven't heard back. Our house had been sold by the time the new company took over anyway. Thanks for your help! Hallie
  6. On my credit report I have an old Zales account that was charged off and paid about 3 years ago. I assumed that since it was charged off that it was a bad thing to have on my report. The thing that confuses me if that my CRs are listing it as positive history. I was going to try and have it removed but should I just leave it? Thanks.
  7. Yes, same account numbers, same everything except payment history.
  8. Another quick question... My husband got an AmEx Delta card and added me on. After Hurricane Katrina we got behind on payments. His credit report shows late payments to AmEx but mine shows current, all payments made on time. Why do our reports show different things? Can this be used in any way to get the lates removed from his CR? Thanks!
  9. I just paid off my mortgage with New Century Financial on May 18th. I have three 30 day lates that I am going to try to get taken off my credit report. With everything that has happened to New Century (bankruptcy, etc.) what do you guys think the best way to approach this would be? Dispute with the credit bureaus? Goodwill letter? Thanks so much!
  10. Does anyone have any advice for how to get Citi to settle for less than 80%? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I disputed many of my negatives on my CR. Two of them were erased (yea!) but one of the came back and the company (Zales) changed my report from "paid in settlement" to "charged off". Is there anything that can be done about this. Doesn't "charged off" mean that they sold it to a CA because that never happened! Thanks in advance for the help!
  12. I called Citi and asked them to send me something in writing and they said they didn't have anything to send me but (according to the latest woman I spoke to) Citi does still own the account. I guess I'll just wait for them to respond to the DV. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks willingtocope. I sent a DV letter to URS earlier this week. Honestly, I was trying to do a little damage control since I was told that anyone who send a DV letter to Citi or one of their CAs gets sued and I'd really like to avoid that. Mistake?
  14. Another update, forgive me. I spoke to a URS manager (I know, not a great idea but I'm really trying to get this settled asap) and they said that their company never buys accounts they only represent clients so I guess Citi was lying?
  15. OK, now I'm stumped. URS is telling me the Citi owns the account and Citi is telling me the URS owns the account. I spoke to a very nice woman at Citi who told me that my account had been sold. Who do I believe?
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