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  1. He has a copy of the letter that was sent but did not send it certified mail. So, let's say that the copy of his letter that was sent is proof. Should he ignore the current letter from TRS or send a new one? or the old one? Thank you for your comments - great appreciated.
  2. My son has debt with a C.U. where he got duped by someone on craig's list and cashed a fake cashier's check (two years ago). The C.U. took the balance in his account $750 and then said he owed $2800. He communicated with them in writing and verbally that he had been a victim of a fraud and he reported it to the police and made a police report. He currently has a truck loan that he is paying to the CU. They never came after him for the $2800. TRS however sent him a collection letter 2 years ago and my son sent them a DV letter. They ceased all communication with him. My son just got a 'settlement' letter from TRS with a '15% savings.' Should he send them another DV letter - similar to the last one? They never responded to the first one. Thanks for any info.
  3. Hi Guys, Sorry for the delay in responding. I thought I woudl get emails when there was a response and didn't so...anyway your posts were great! Especially the one about the villain. Yeah, his name is just plain interesting. I really wonder if he's also the explosives author. We are not sure if he has legal rights to the judgment or not - he has never mailed anything to the debtor, my friend. He is claiming to be judgment creditor and the debtor is a person - the judgment took place in New Orleans in 2000 and according to Seymour it was assigned to him 04. The SOL is 10 years but I'm not sure if that's from 2000 or 2004. I don't want to say much until we have resolution from the attorneys working on this. But I will say that harassment in any form may or may not be illegal which is sad. He has clearly harassed my friend and continues to do so daily - your suggestions about calling him 10 times a day - that is funny!! The FTC told us that judgments are not under the Fair Credit Act. However, you can file a complaint with the FTC. In these types of cases, you need an attorney in the state where the debtor resides - in this case San Francisco. And the other thing that is weird is that he lives in British Columbia Canada. We did find out however, that if anyone fromanycountry can be held liable to federal laws if they break any laws that involve U.S. soil.
  4. I have learned that SLecker is the judgment creditor and thus exempt from the Fair Credit Act because he is not a third party. Rats. Anyone have any experience in dealing with judgment creditors? Specifically, how do you get them from contacting your friends, families, etc. and keep them from telling them that they are trying to collect on a judgment from you?
  5. Seymour Lecker has apparently purchased an old judgment for $0 and is trying to collect it from a friend of mine. I had her send him a debt validation letter which she did. It also told him to quit contacting third parties. He has been contacting people from her website and telling them she owes money on a judgement he's trying to collect. He keeps threatening her that he 's going to start contacting her vendors listed on her website if she doesn't pay what he wants by today. He replied today with: I have received your CEASE & DESIST LETTER sent "pursuant to the FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICES ACT, 15 USC 169g Sec 809 (b)". You need legal not consult wit an attorney. I am not a "THIRD PARTY COLLECTOR". The FDCPA does not apply to me. PERIOD. All the information that you have requested has already been provided to you repeatedly. Collection activity will continue on this account Isn't he considered a bill collector and doesn't the FDCPA apply to him? Also he's in Vancouver Canada trying to collect on a judgment from New Orleans from someone who is now living in San Francisco. Isn't he crossing some lines there?
  6. A friend of mine lost everything in Katrina and when she tries to get her free online credit report ( it asks her for account information that she has no records on. There is no phone number to call where you can get a live person to help. Any suggestions on how to proceed?
  7. Thank you so much for all of your posts. We tried to file a report with the FBI but they said we needed to file with the police department. We contacted the Houston Police Dept and they said we had to file with Harris County. Finally filed with a Harris County sheriff. NOw we will send a letter to the CU letting them know we have filed a report and stating our case. and file it with the credit bureaus to state what happened. at least clear my son's name that he was not involved in the fraud but a victim of it.
  8. I am so sick about this. My 24 year old son was selling his dirt bike on Craigs List and "sold" it to this guy who sent him a cashiers check. BEWARE. I feel SO bad about this. Well, he ended up going to his CU and cashing the check - $3400 and then sending money by western union to the guy for shipping!! $1400 for shipping and then the other $2000 for some reason -- big mistake. NOw the Credit Union is saying that my son has to pay them for the fake cashiers check. They deducted what my son had in his account - $750 to cover part of the $3400 that they gave him. Does anyone have any experience in how to deal with the credit union about this. They gave him the money for the check - he thought it was legit. Now they want him to pay the remaining $2600 and say that the C.U. is not liable. Of course, my son feels terrible about being taken advantage by the scammer and feels completely stupid. I feel stupid too.
  9. I did those 3 things, I think. I sent the letter CMRRR and received the green return receipt. I kept a copy of my letter. But, I don't understand your 3rd point. Was I supposed to send them a statement that they have not complied with the FDCPA? I will check the debt validation forum as well. But, let me know. Thanks for your response!!
  10. Hi - I am new so I hope I don't violate anything. Long story short: Amex handed over to NCO a $395 debt that I was in dispute with them about. The debt was their mbrship fee. My position is that I cancelled the account and they should not have charged me the member fee. Using a sample letter from this website, I sent a letter to NCO, the collection agency, requesting validation. I sent the letter June 19 but have not received a response yet. Do I wait for a response? After I get their response where they validate what I am asking, do I send a letter negotiating a settlement in writing based on the "How to get a creditor to make the deal you want" info on this site? Is there a sample letter for doing that? I didn't see a link to one in the article. Thanks anyone for some insight. BTW, I am in Texas.
  11. Hi, I'm brand new to the boards. Great info here. Hoping to get some help with a small dilemma. My son (age 23) got an Amex Platinum card a couple of years ago. He cancelled the card about a month ago and then used the card on a Blockbuster discount program application thinking that the charge (for $10) wouldn't go through (but it did) and Amex slapped him with their $395 membership fee. My son has been disputing the fee with Amex ever since and now Amex sent over to CA who has started harassing him on the phone. Son wants to pay the whole thing and forget about it. I told him to hold on, let's figure this out so you don't ding your credit report. Experian credit report shows Amex account status as in collections since Sept 06 for $770 - although my son just paid $300+ to Amex a couple of weeks ago. No CA is listed on the credit report. We are in process of getting credit reports from other 2 CRA. He has not DV the CA yet. Should we wait and see how his other CRs look? Should we contact AMEX? Although he recently got a statement from Amex stating "contact your collection agency for account information, this is not a bill." It was a statement saying $425 was owed ($395 plus late fee). I was hoping that he could settle for about $125 with the CA and get status changed to Paid as agreed. But, since the account is listed as Amex on the CR and not as the CA I am sure the CA will say they can't change anything on the Amex account listing. Long story short - what is best way to get account to show paid as agreed on his credit report - and is there a way to do that with a settlement? Thanks if you have read this far - appreciate any pointers.