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  1. I stayed up late the last several nights reading the IL Law Books online. It may be that he is NOT obligated to release the lien. Also, it shows that he is in the right, but only if I am in default. I was never in default, per se. My ex sued me, and I lost (court sympathy). The payment schedule was arranged and I paid accordingly. In fact I am STILL paying and I am due a credit of over $6,000! I did find a way to have it removed. I can go to the courthouse and file an avidavit stating that I paid the judgments. It works like a CRA. They will send a letter to her attorney where he will have 28 days to respond. He can respond with proof that I still owe, send a release letter, or not respond at all. The later two of which will result in a removal. I think I will go that route first since this is the priority. I would rather have this resolved before I contact the GC and piss him off. Then I will write my letters to the GC. Due to his constant "Non-Response" I assume he will just not reposnd. Afterall, that is how I got the judgements removed from the CRAs. He just didnt reposnd and I got two judgements completley removed that would otherwise result in a "satified" judgement on my record. Besides this action, there are other things I can file a greivience for. He is constantly late for court and the judges let him get away with it. Court starts at 9:00 am, he shows up at around 10:00 even as late as 10:45. If I was ever that late, the judge would not hesitate to consider me absent and post a bond. He also demands paper work months before they are due. For instance, he demands tax returns in February of every year when the divorce decree specifically states April 15. I do my taxes early, but I purposly hold them until April because it is my right. I have this in writing as well. thanks everyone for your help. I will go Monday to the courthouse. I think I will vote the primary early while I am there. I'll keep you all posted in theis thread.
  2. It's worse than I thought. I heard from the mortgage complany. The judgment is NOT on any credit report. It's listed on my TITLE!!!!!! This slob entered a LIEN on my HOUSE! And now he refuses to provide any letters stating that the payments have been fulfilled. It was easy to get them off my credit report. I just challenged them and of course the scumbag ignored the letters from the CRAs. But this is serious! Now I will not get to close on Thursday. Or perhaps ever. The IL. Bar association is getting a BIG letter tomorrow.
  3. 2007-08 Standing Committee on Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission: Gary L Schlesinger, Libertyville, Member HE IS ON THE GREIVENCE COMMITTEE!!!!! I can NEVER catch a break :evil:
  4. Thank you for the speedy reply. However, I am a computer guy, not a lawyer...... What exactly is a Grevience Committe? Is this something in the courts system? The IL. Bar Association?
  5. I have been cleaning up my credit report for over a year now. I have it up near 700 from the low 500's. Most of it was hog-wash to begin with. I am also trying to re-fi for a better rate. I have been at this for 9 complete months now. My ex-wife sued me for additional child support. I lost and it was enterd as 2 judgments. They were paid. My 3 way credit report showed one of the judgments. I challenged it and it was completley removed. Now I am trying to refi again and of course, THEY can see the 2 judgements. I have contacted my Ex's attourney by registered letter many times asking for a "Payoff" letter. I never get a reply. All I really want are my letters clearing me of these judgments. How do I go about suing them? Should I take it further and sue for damages? By not being able to finance from a 7.65% to a 5.5%, I am loosing hundreds of dollars a month.
  6. After much help from the resources of this website, I was able to get a 6.1% refinance from Countrywide home mortgage. I am just over a year since I paid off my chapter 13 with the help of a NO INTEREST loan from my 401k. I still owe the money, but the payments are much more reasonable, the interest rate cannot be beat, and I STILL make interest on the money that I borrowed! A win win situation. In the mean time, I increased my credit scores from the low 500's to the high 600's in a few short months. I had a few collections out there, 2 were not paid because I they were parking tickets that did not belong to me or my car. Any way, they totaled $75.00 and I had a half of dozen other paid collections. I wrote a letter of verification. They promptly returned with some crappy photocopies of parking tickets. So I wrote a letter and scolded them for that, stated clearly that I did not accept liability for those collections, but stated that I would pay them off for $40.00 ONLY IF they completely remove those records AND my paid collections from all reporting agencies. They sent me a letter with these terms and I paid. I waited a month and my collections have disapeared. Now on to Countrywide. I applied and was approved. I paid the $395.00 fee to kick start the process. This was in April. They gave me an estimated closing date of June 1st. June came and gone. Then I was told July, then august, then September. When I was told September, but still had no official closing date, I called it off and demanded a refund on August 15. It is now a full month and there is NO REFUND!!!! The loan agent has been nice, but will not give me any other contact information. I think they are stalling me until I just go away. It will be a registered letter with a threat to take them to court next.
  7. You might be able to get a sub prime, however, the only thing hurting you could be time. Once your discharged, you still might have the stink on you. For instance, I was planning on doing the same, but some banks wanted a year after discharge and others wanted 6 months. I just refinanced with Countrywide at a prime rate and my scores are on par with yours. They were a little skeptical, but my lone to value ratio is excellent. In your case with a 100%, it might be a stretch. Congrats on your discharge! Good luck and keep us posted.
  8. I was released from my Chapter 13 in April. I had open Judgments that I cleared off my CR. I had allot of baddies on my CR. I had unpaid collections. I buckled down and followed the advise on this site and I successfully locked a 6.75 to refinance my home down from 7.75! I'm very happy to be starting over and feel triumphant! My goal is to re-acquire savings and make a purchase on investment real estate. For those of you just starting out with this, don't be discouraged.
  9. My bank considers 15 days as being 30 days late. Go Figure? I had a mail snafu just about a year ago where they never received my check. I didn't until they sent me a late notice. I paid right away. Lo and behold, I have a 30 days late on my CR from August 2006. I called to have this verified. They also stated that not paying by the 15th of the second month would be considered 60 days late and would automatically and immediately be placed in foreclosure status.
  10. I thought about asking for payments, but the operator went from sweet and sunshiny to a raging lunatic in seconds. I found their letter. I will ask for a debt validation to ensure it stays off of my CRA. I almost have those suckers all cleaned up!
  11. I am new to this site and this process. I received a letter the other day from a CA about a medical payment. I put it aside and think I may have destroyed it. This is a new CA, the previous CA had sent me letters for 2 years, but never reported it to CRAs. So I disregarded this letter as well. I received a call from them today. At first the caller seemed friendly, but as soon as I said "I never got a letter, can you send me one?" she demanded credit card payment over the phone and threatened me with CRAs. I am now studying the debt validation process and I notice that I have 30 days from the initial letter to respond. If I go beyond these 30 days, does this mean that I have no right to debt validation? Thanks in advance and I will look for that letter. some thing tells me they are not going to send another.
  12. Thanks All! $3.18 isn't too bad at all. Around here, regular is in the $3.60's and well over $4.00 in the city of Chicago.
  13. 4 months out of Chapter 13 and I am still cleaning up the credit reports. I have several satisfied judgments from my divorce and one that was pre Chap 13, but was paid during my bankruptcy. Most of those judgments are gone, except the CH13. I applied for credit a few times in order to get free credit reports. I applied for the Orchard Bank card and was granted a $300 limit platinum card (un-secured). The down side is the $59.00 fee, but it's better than some of the shyster card offered I have been sent through the mail.... Anyway, I am glad to be a creditor in good standing again. My plan is to use the card for Gasoline only and keep it active and paid through every month. Of course, at todays gas prices, I might run over the limit Cheers!