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  1. Thanks,,,,I am looking at Chase too, and US Bank, A Local Credit Union, BOA, ELOAN, Capital One, Lending Tree and GM. I just found out that when you apply for a loan like auto or mortgage all the inquiries (30 day period) only count as 1 inquiry so I will apply at a bunch of places. My local CU has 3.99 for Fico Scores over 700 and GM has 2.9 on the vehicle I ordered. BUT I just pulled my Equifax Fico score and it is showing 683 and some errors such as a closed BOA credit card account on there. I told those idiots at BOA that I just wanted a new card issued and they said it would NOT result in a closed account showing up on my CR. Well guess what? It is showing as a closed account. I also have a lien on my Equifax that isn't showing as RELEASED. I was showing as released for years and now it is not. I hate having to correct all the errors that the CRA seem to continually put on my CR.
  2. Yes it is very close to the auto fico score and it is in the interest of someone to pull their fico score to know where they are before getting an auto loan. And lenders such as GM and Ford and dealerships use both.
  3. The Fico Auto score is not available for purchase and a consumer is not able to see that score. That's why we use the Fico score as a close estimate.
  4. I Have a new vehicle on order and I am looking for a new vehicle auto loan and the best rates. My TU FICO score is 707 at the moment but the FICO Score Simulator says once a $2500 balance drops off, my score should jump to 727-767. The 2500(deposit on the new vehicle) should be off any day as I paid it back in January but it is still showing on my TU CR. I filed an inquiry into why the balance is still on there.\ Who has the best lowest rates for a decent credit score? Anyone finance a new vehicle lately?
  5. What? What's a Fico new car score? I just want my Fico score.....where do I buy it?
  6. Is myfico.com the only place to get a fico score? I would like my EX and TU Fico Score as I am buying a new car this week and would like to check them prior to applying for an auto loan. How much does it cost?
  7. They just refunded my $500 for a secured card. I opened it up as my first card to repair credit and after two years they sent me a letter and offered to refund my $500 and to turn the card from secured to unsecured. got the check today!
  8. I thought of something else I would like to add. You may find this applicable or interesting. On all 3 credit reports the CR's list my current address and my 2 prior previous addresses. On my EQ report I noticed that they have the prior addresses in the incorrect order, my immediate previous address is listed as my 2nd former residence. For clarity sake and uniformity of my credit reports and personal information I contacted them (EQ) to have them correct the mistake but they refused to do so. They blah blah blahed some BS as to that is how the information came to them....
  9. The CR's will show your current address and 2-3 previous addresses. This is standard. Anymore than that and I would write a letter to the CR's questioning the necessity of report several previous addresses. I would argue issues of reporting clarity and argue that they have your report in a confusing manner to creditors. I would also look to see how many years back the previous addresses go. If more than 7 years you may be able to argue that it is outdated irrelevant information past the 7 year credit reporting period. Your address and work history are important to creditors. It shows stability or a lack of stability.
  10. I have found True Credit to be 100% accurate and quite helpful with my credit repair especially back when you could update all 3 cr's daily.. I signed up again. I think I will keep it for a few more months until i purchase my new auto, then I'll drop it. You can update your TRANSUNION credit report daily. But EX and EQ only updates every 30 days. That is what changed.
  11. I disputed all my negatives online and had excellent success. It was fast and efficient. I found no negatives to disputing online. I wasted a lot of time and money by writing letters. Try it and see how it works for you.
  12. I have wondered IF it is even worth bothering with. Is it?
  13. I had TrueCredit for a year or so and it was great. BUT^they cancelled my account because they wanted me to pay $14.95 instead of the $11.21 I was paying. They recently offered me the service once again and at $9.95 I signed up. But they no longer offer daily updates or at least I am not able to update daily and that seems a bit of a waste. Triple Alert from Experian is being offered for $4.95 and they say they have daily MONITORINg but do they have daily UPDATES? Anyone have Triple Alert or know anything about it?
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