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  1. I have two old TLs on my CR with EX. I have challenged each of them with EX stating that they were obsolete and older than 7 years. EX will not remove. One was an AMEX account which was closed in 1998 with a balance due and was charged off. There has been NO activity on this account since that time. It had dropped off of my CR for a long time and it was reported again in Oct 2008 as: Closed/Never Late; Closed at Credit Grantor's request; scheduled to report until Oct 2018. The data furnisher is AMEX. To make matters worse, I had that account when I lived at a former address, once AMEX report
  2. I have always used the following address -- it works. I get letters/credit reports back from them when I use it: Experian POB 9556 Allen, TX 75013 Bear in mind that it is really difficult to get them to change ANYTHING!
  3. RJM is a real 'PAIN" and the worst kind of JDB. The collect on book club debts and stuff like that -- they don't care that it is not your debt, and they don't respond to DVs. They must figure most people will just pay the small amount of money to get rid of the problem. Do not call them -- there is no point and it will not resolve anything! Best strategy is to follow the process of DV explained on this site. Send everything CMRR and document everything you do. Save ever bit of information on any discrepancy (like the misspelling of your name) -- and probably RJM's lack of response -- so th
  4. I had a similar experience to Gator944. As of 11/1/08 Amex is reporting an account on my CR with all 3 CRAs. This account was closed by Amex in 1997 or 1998. At that time I owed something and was unable to pay. Now the Amex TL shows a 'recent balance $x,xxx as of 10/2008'. Also shows 'monthly payment: $0'; 'closed - never late'; 'account closed at credit grantor's request'; and 'account scheduled to remain on record until 10/2018'. It links to an address I moved from in 1998. So what is with this? I was going to write a letter to Amex to dispute it as SOL. I don't care that it shows
  5. I did the 623 letter (also cited FDCPA 809) CMRR -- it has now been 39 days since they received it and I have gotten no response. As of today it is still reporting on my EX CR. I guess it is time to send a tougher 15 day letter, along with a complaint to FTC, AGs & BBB.
  6. I am not an expert in this -- only been at it a little over a year. But my advice is call them back. If you don't deal with them they just continue multiple times a day. The automated calls can drive you crazy. Once you get a live voice, make sure you get the following information: Name of the collector/agent you are speaking with Address information for the collector Name and address of the Original Creditor ('OC') Name of Debtor amount of debt If the debt is yours -- tell them you do not handle these things on the phone and specifically tell them that you request that all future contact b
  7. Thanks Methuss -- I misunderstood the OP -- my point was that things usually are tied to DOFD. I was in error to bring in the FCRA section that covers how long a debt can be reported on someone's CR. mea culpa
  8. There is SOL per the FCRA and SOL per your state credit laws....... The following is the information I had in my credit repair research file reqarding federal: The 7 years starts with the initial missed payment that led to the delinquency of the account+180 days. This is the ‘Date of First Delinquency’ or DOFD. The problem is that DOFD is not always listed on your CRA. The following is the appropriate legal description: FCRA 605. Requirements relating to information contained in consumer reports [15 U.S.C. § 1681c] c) Running of reporting period. (1) In general. The 7-year period referred to
  9. I was incorrect to state that I requested 'proof of debt'. I did a very nice letter, basically using the letter on the CIC website, with some very minor variations, stating that I had no knowledge of the account and had never received billings on this account. So I requested information on the debt per 623. The OC received the letter via CMRR on 6/30/08, but has not responded. I guess my best bet is to send another 'stronger' letter pointing out that they failed to respond to a 623 letter as required by law, and give them a 15 day deadline for deletion of the derogatory tradeline. If they
  10. I have used POB 9556 and POB 9530 for EX. yes, they will send a CMRR via a PO Box. For CRAs I usually just use certified mail, and then track it on the USPS website and print out confirmation of delivery.
  11. I disputed a negative TL from 2002 with the CRA's and it came back verified by TU & EX, but EQ deleted it. I then sent a 623 Letter to the OC and asked for the proof of debt. The OC has not responded and the 30 days since they signed the green card is up. What do I do next to get them to stop reporting to the CRAs....or to get the CRAs to delete??? My goal is just to remove it from my CR.
  12. Followed everyone's advice and it worked! Thank you so much! Sent a 15 day demand letter to the CA, citing their failure to adequately respond to the 623 letter, their failure to perform per Section 809, and the fact that their client could not offer anything more than a computer print-out that did not meet any form of proof of debt as it did not provide the name and address of the OC. As of today the collection is no longer reporting!
  13. Despite the fact that it takes longer -- ALWAYS use written correspondence sent via USPS CMRR. Many of us have learned this the hard way! You need to have the proof of all correspondence if you want to make sure you get it removed. Frequently one JDB will sell the debt to another JDB often after several years -- take it from my experience which is that debts from more than 10 years ago keep popping up on my CR, put there by a new JDB who has bought the debt and reports it as new.
  14. After 5 phone calls with the mega big lab company (PSA out of Florence SC) who could not give any information on the true OC who provided the service, they have faxed me a computer print-out similar (but not identical) to what the CA sent. Mind you PSA is the company that sent the account to the CA, even though they list another name for the OC on the CRA. Again no name, address or phone number for the OC and no actual information regarding the services that are being charged for. There is no location for the OC so there is no way for us to know who generated the original charges. So now I w
  15. Razr -- that was a very clear description of the law. My question -- does this apply to 623 letters as well?