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  1. Yeah here in California, they do the funding, then when that goes through they go to record, then you can get the keys. Which is usually the day after, in my case funding came through on Friday, went to recording on Monday, received keys on Tuesday. Took Forever!
  2. I think everyone has the same feelings as shadokeeper. I know I did. I did not get my keys until they recorded the deed in my name. My realtor put the key under the rock in the front yard, and said to wait til she called me. My loan officer said go ahead and move in anyways, shes going to be calling you in a few hours anyways. So I did, we are all impatient because we have waited years to get to this point.
  3. NO one has given a clear answer on this question. Everyone wants to do it but no one knows if it is possible. Including me.
  4. I applied for a Lowe's card and got an instant approval of $600.00. It took 2 weeks to get the card in the mail. I also applied at sears and got the 10 day wait and got the denial letter on the same day I received the Lowe's card. Aren't they all GEMB cards? How can one approve you and the other deny? That is so crazy! But, Sears loss is someone else's gain.
  5. Actually, there are gift programs. Just not the ones you are thinking of. You can get a monetary gift from a Church, parent, sibling, etc. I just closed this week and I had a gift of $4000.00 from my parents. I just had to have them sign a paper saying it was a gift, and I didn't have to pay it back.
  6. Fast Eddie you already got your money? That was quick! I am closing on my home in the next couple of weeks, and I wanted to get the $7500. I need it to put back into my home and pay off a small loan. I don't know whats up with the new bill, but I don't mind paying back $500 a year for 15 years. I wonder whats gonna happen now. I don't need a deduction, show me the money!!! Good luck with you new home and Congratulations!!!
  7. This is from an article I found today on AOL : If the provisions passed in the Senate survive the negotiations with the House, there could be a $15,000 tax credit for new home purchases. Since this provision is not targeted to first-time buyers, most of the people who take advantage of this will probably put a house up on the market and do little to reduce the inventory of homes already on the market to be sold. This tax credit has nothing to do with the lower income folks. It's all about the person that can afford to buy ant
  8. Thanks I just called them and asked them to remove because the OC was removed last year and it is supposed to drop off on 3/09 and she says we'll have dispute as wrong dates with the collection agency and you should get your answer in 30 days. I guess I just should have waited 2 weeks.
  9. I've disputed twice and they refused to remove it, but the original came off last year. I am going to take my chances but would like to know if anyone has had luck with TU.
  10. I am carrying a $1000 balance on my Orchard. I use it all the time and I think it looks good to tell you the truth. By the way, my $200 limit card wasn't enough for me, so I went to the Orchard website and applied for another card and thats when they approved me for the $1500.00 card, which is now $2400.00. And all you have to do is get the pre approval and they'll tell you if youi qualify or not before they do a hard pull. And if you qualify then let them do the hard pull. Good luck!!
  11. I need to get an old tradeline of of TU asap!!! It is supposed to come off 3/09 but I am buying a house and they would like me to pay it off, but I was wondering if I just called TU and asked them a couple of weeks early if they would just delete it? Has anyone had any luck getting early deletes with TU? I got lucky and called EX on one that was dated 2/09 last week, but it was due. Thanks for the help
  12. I am officially in ESCROW!!!! I go down on Tuesday with the Agents and the inspector and get that out of the way. I'm so excited!!!
  13. I truly believe that if you don't use your cards that they either get shut down or a credit limit decrease. I use mine and they only get higher.
  14. Thank you!! I'm in escrow right now for a house I got for $105k in Riverside Co. The thing that sux if that the Governor is cutting my pay by 10% for 18 mos. So I guess if they change their mind it wouldn't be so bad, but I've worked so hard as a single mother to get here. I was proud for a minute anyway. Wish me luck!! And by the way it is still way cheaper than renting!! p.s. my scores are now in 660's
  15. Yes, I am pre approved not pre qualified. And to Slow Eddie, I am actually in Riverside co. I am doing all that you were doing and it sure is a slow process. My realtor seems to be really good with the repos. but I feel I need someone that can put my offers in faster. I think she sits on them too long, to be honest. And thanks for the advice. I got a mortgage loan through Broadview Mortgage.
  16. I can't believe it!! I actually got pre-qualified to buy my first home through CalPERS. I got an FHA loan 5.65% and 7/8ths of a point for $100,000 loan and 3.5% down, which I borrow out of my CalPERS fund. (retirement). My Fico is 668 and I worked really hard at establishing and repairing my credit the last 2 years. My question is can I have more than one Realtor? Mine seems to be so busy all the time and I can never get a hold of her. It actually gets on my nerves. Is it hard to bid on repos? It seems like everyone already has an acceptance or no one ever answers her emails or phone calls.
  17. Can anyone update this listing? Or post? Since the housing crash there seems to be no one who can help with cost. Anyone know of any assistance programs in California? Thanks to all.
  18. My Orchard Bank card just reached 1 year so I asked for a $500.00 credit limit increase and they said Approved instantly. I was too scared to ask for a $1000 increase because I didn't want to get denied., I'm still new at this. So now my highest limit is 2400.00 and climbing. Orchard rocks!! I know most people don't like it, but they really are helping me rebuild my credit and my interest is 14% which I don't think is that bad. My Experian score is still just under 600's, but my Transunion and Equifax are in the 640's.
  19. You can always try to have them deleted, but some just refuse to let it go. My co-worker has a lot of paid Collections and judgements and we kept trying to get them removed, a couple deleted but most stayed. Good Luck!!
  20. With your $10,000 behind you, you can get a secured card with a good bank. Even $1000.00 for a year then its yours again. Its in savings just no interest. But when its unsecured you'll have a good tradeline.
  21. I had the little 300.00 card and cancelled it 2 mos. ago on the day before the 1 year fee. They wouldn''t give me an increase. I have another Orchard card that was 1500.00 they gave me 400.00 increase after 6 mos.(I asked for it). Then I asked them on Sunday for another increase and they denied me. But I'm going to keep it anyways. It hasn't even been a year yet. I like the 2% cash back. We'll see how it goes when the year is up, and there is no yearly fee on this one.
  22. I may be a little slow but I have to ask, Is anyone able to "b" on TC anymore? I just joined again but was wondering if they've changed anything?
  23. Go for Orchard Gold Visa Card 2% cash back and interest isn't so bad. I like it and they give upgrades.