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  1. Any updates? I'm curious as to how the CEO will respond.
  2. I looked online at my WaMu account and saw that my new State Farm Visa had already done the balance transfer even though I haven't actually recieved my card yet, so I called up WaMu and told them that I was closing the account. The operator asked why and I told him that I had the card for a year, never paid late and never went over my limit but you denied me for a CLI, but yet Chase approved me for 3k and State Farm went 1500 so I didn't have any use for it. Instead of trying to talk me into keeping it he just said o.k. and told me to consider them for my next card (WTF?). Not seeing that one happening, but o.k.. It's nice to actually have a card with some real rewards and a little higher limit. Now to fire HSBC............
  3. Denied for credit. I went back and looked and saw where you can view comments so I clicked on that one and it said past exp and pyrmiding debt. LOL
  4. I just got shot down by them too, I'll have to wait for the letter to find out why I'm such a terrible person.
  5. Maaaaannnnnnn, why is everyone trying to rain on her parade for her husband's new Vette? :confused:She came her asking about rates and people are questioning their purchase. They're grown ups, if they want to buy it, and they can get it, then I say rock on! I'm a car guy though, so maybe that explains my bias. In answer to your question, I haven't seen anywhere that had a better rate unless it was the manufacturer buying one down. Enjoy the Vette!!!!
  6. I recieved my Hooters card two days ago and was getting ready to call them and tell them not to activate it as the limit was too low, when I got a letter in the mail from them saying gave me a card but the initial credit line was set because they couldn't determine or verify my income. It also said if I wanted to be considered for a CLI to fax them my paystub or W2. Has anyone else gotten one of these? I recently switched jobs and was wondering if that would affect the outcome if I sent them my W2s from last year instead of my paystub. Thanks.
  7. I'm confused, did your wife receive a big judgement against B of A or did B of A recieve a judgement against her?
  8. I feel for you, I just went the the same thing with Staples, called and spoke to a csr and then they said I would recieve a letter in the mail in 7-10 days. Why can't they just say yes or no right then so you don't waste more time????
  9. Why don't you go in and sit down with the loan officer at your bank and explain the situation. They're in the business to make money and with that kind of equity, and the explanation for your scores dropping, you would think they could make something work for you.
  10. A joint account is different from an AU, with a joint account you would basically be a co-borrower where as an AU means you just have the right to use the card, but no obligation to pay it back. If it's a joint account it should build your credit histoy too whereas the AU no longer does. At least that's the way I understand it.
  11. It means it goes from being a secured card to a regular credit card if I understand it right.......
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