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  1. Never heard of Transunioncs have you? That's TU full price $15.95 from TU.
  2. OP asked for the cheapest way and that's it. Unless there are changes going on with your credit files it isn't necessary to pull more than a time or two a year. Even then unless you are making a major purchase you are just lining the monster's pockets. You can still order your TU and EQ scores and reports after blowing off TU Quarterly and EQSW.
  3. There is always a 20% discount code available. Experian will always cost you 12.76. Transunion will cost you under 4 bucks one time. Subscribe to TU Quarterly Monitoring monthly basis and cancel before 30 days. Equifax about the same. Subscribe monthly to EQ Score Watch cancel within 30 days. If you want Score Watch on an ongoing basis it will cost you a shade under 6 bucks through the Coastal Credit Union link. Just Google Coastal and type in Equifax in the search tab upper right hand side of their home page and follow the links. 20 bucks or so out the door for all 3. Cheap enuf?
  4. The score you are getting from your Wamu account is a true FICO score just not the Classic score you get when you pull from FICO itself. Its a bank enhanced score. What is your score from Wamu? Forget the Amex and TC scores completely.
  5. OP your problem is you are using either TC or a Transunion product. Drop that service and start using Chase Identity Protection. Any TU based service is going to bring back the dead if you get my drift.
  6. Capital One and Orchard are good rebuilding tradelines. I would definitely pass on CJ.
  7. They must have all been under 1 year if your score took a hit like that. Push comes to shove I will only have 1 that FICO will even count that from September of 2007. I feel sorry for those who thought all those Chase Citi and other prime pulls were free. Mine were always Experian. Sorry.
  8. Since it already cost you a hard pull I would go ahead and join Penfed. They are both great credit unions.
  9. Normally they will use the same report for 90 days but if you want them to see your clean report (sure its clean?) just tell them you want them to pull a new report now. No need to wait it won't matter. Will cost you a new pull but they will continue to decline based on the old report unless you ask them to view your new EQ report. Up to you but there is no need to wait.
  10. My Penfed card was cloned so I closed it. Experian is planning on dropping this lost/stolen card 3 years from the date of last activity.
  11. Save yourself some money. Dump Scorewatch. Backdoor EQ once in a while and pay the 8 bucks for your score. If you really need to know that is.
  12. Save your money. That is one obvious racket.
  13. Sounds like at least one of these cards is the Premier Pass which doesn't report the limits. Don't ever dispute a positive tradeline.
  14. Look for a score bump one year after the open date of the card. Depending upon what else is going on with your report you may or may not see a score rise. I would wait for all the new accounts to report the 13th month after opening.
  15. Pyramiding? You are dead to them for at least 6 months. IF you decide to apply again in six months make sure you do no other applications with anyone else in that time or chances are you will be declined again.
  16. Keep the AMEX card and see what they'll do once your stuff ages. Don't cut your nose off to spite your face. Any future cards you get from them will gain history from the date you opened this card. Keep it swallow your pride.
  17. If you want SW to alert you to any score changes set the target score as your current score. That said I think it is a waste of money. You can pull your EQ FICO every two months for the same price. Less and you'll save a few pennies.
  18. Why would anyone even bother to pay any attention to their FAKO scores? They mean nothing.
  19. Penfed has great customer service. Call them anytime they won't mind and can answer all your questions.
  20. Had you tried these before? I don't need a fraud alert for one damned inq but sure would like to make it go bye-bye.
  21. That's the same bs I got a few weeks ago myself. To make matters worse EQ is chopping the hell out of the softs so it is nearly impossible to get any B either. Who do they think they are Experian?
  22. OP it appears as if Chase is going to give you a chance. I would close any cards you couldn't negotiate the fees on after they aged one year. Use and PIF the Chase card to death. After a year go after a CLI with Chase. You don't need any more subprime cards so don't do any more apps. The new accounts hits will hurt your score just sit tight and let what you have age. After a year go after a prime credit union like Navy Federal Pentagon or Patelco. At this point odds are you'll get limits you're not happy with anyway.
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