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  1. FICO and other scoring systems are strange to say the least. Why on Earth would you get credit for the age of a negative tradeline? That makes no sense to me at all. Believe it or not you were getting some credit for the age of that negative.
  2. Clearly another example of their sub-prime activity.
  3. Don't concern yourself with Innovis as it pertains to getting credit cards, car loans or mortgages. The report is a freaking joke.
  4. Two applications per 60 days. There are exceptions but I don't know which cards.
  5. I got mine for free. Very little info on the report. They're obviously not a player yet.
  6. Transunion has locked me out of the back door. Equifax has a back door as long as you don't subscribe to any of their products. More info is available over at creditboards on the back doors of the CRA's. Lots of people are starting to get locked out of Experian's back door of late. Use it sparingly. I shouldn't think you would need to go there more than once per month when you know everything has reported for the period.
  7. Right Cheer. http://www.baltimoresun.com/business/yourmoney/bal-bz.ambrose05aug05,0,3147240.column?coll=bal_business_util
  8. And the first to implement the new FICO scoring will be Experian. Thanks to hegemony over at CB. I think the story is in the Baltimore Sun.
  9. Get a credit card from the credit union. 11 and change APR ain't that bad. Forget AMEX for now. Build some good tradelines. I envy your score.
  10. If you don't get any new tradelines then I would say once a month just to keep a record of all your goodies reporting. That might be a little much but I love to keep records. To be on the safe side it is a good idea to keep the latest records of all your tradelines so you have a back up if you incur a split file. It can' hurt.
  11. Congrats. Use the card and pay it in full and they should be good to you.
  12. I suggest you copy the latest Equifax report you can find on your computer and print it out. Split file? You'll know it when it happens to you.
  13. This is why I have stopped pulling Truecredit and canceled all Equifax products.
  14. I would be careful of paying anything after the due date in the future. I have heard there will be extended reporting of obligations beyond mortgages, car loans and credit cards in the future. Just a thought.
  15. I use a similar system but all my cards cycle on the 2nd of every month. I rotate the use of my cards and use no more than two per month. I nearly always pay before the cycle date but in no case do I ever pay later than a week before the payment is due. I pay online at the credit card website. I check my credit card websites at least once per day to make sure there has been no unauthorized use of any of my cards.
  16. Mom always said it was polite to leave a little something on your plate.
  17. Join the club. I opened my first credit card account in 1974. That sucker would be 33 years old now. Oh well.
  18. Let's not get crazy paying FICO for scores. BTW FICO scores are the only ones that count. If you want to see your credit reports daily subscribe to Truecredit and use the Wal-Mart link for $11.21 monthly. You'll get daily updated reports for all three credit bureaus. As for your FICO scores why not just start with Equifax and Transunion? Here's the cheapest way to get started. Subscribe to the 30 day free trial of the Equifax Score Watch at myFICO. You'll get a free report and your free Equifax FICO score. Cancel within 30 days and pay nothing. To get your Transunion report and Transunion FICO score subscribe to the monthly Identity Theft Deluxe package. This will give you your Transunion report and your Transunion FICO score. Use the discount code and get 20% off. mw01 should still work. Cost $3.95. Make sure you cancel within 30 days. That's two reports and FICO scores for less than 4 bucks. If you absolutely need to see your Experian report and Experian FICO score use the 20% discount code mw01 and pay $12.76. Easy. Good luck. Make sure you cancel within 30 days friend.
  19. Go to your account page and where it has your info for credit or debit card change your number to 16 zeros. See how Rahji deals with that one. It works.
  20. The link for the $50 Equifax Score Watch is...Call and ask for it.
  21. Sunday mornings seem to be a popular time to update.
  22. Some of the folks over at CB are quite amazing aren't they? I don't plan on getting that much credit ever. Right now I'm a bit over 90K. I plan on closing one of my GEMB accounts when it is paid in total next month and next year I think I'll dump one or two of the cards I got a couple months ago. Six cards should be more than enough as should an even 100K for me. I see by your scores that you don't need 75 tradelines to get over the magic 750 level.
  23. So are they connected to tradelines on your credit reports?
  24. You would think it would be hard for the CRA's to prove your addresses are accurate. However in the real world you have to prove they aren't. Unless you ultimately are willing to take the bastards to court it is tough.
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