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  1. Once you get into the realm of the 20K+ credit lines then you probably only really need somewhere between 6-8 credit cards I would think. I plan on just trying to get my current lines increased over time and maybe just add something like the Chase Disney card in a year or so. I have 8 now and 1 is just for the PFICO score. The available credit on it is really useless.
  2. Make sure there are zero derogatory accounts on your reports too. As in none.
  3. I knew something was up when the last inq disp didn't come right off. Report and cover page from EQ.This inq belongs to a tradeline. Be very careful now.
  4. 4K from WaMu huh? Juniper and WaMu have to be the most bi-polar CCC's on Earth. I know people with FICO's over 750 that can't get approved for a WaMu card. Truly UFB.
  5. I know that. That's why I asked if he got the real TU report or the same one we see when we pull TC.
  6. Yep. The address was at one time attached to a biz. While far fetched you might be implicated indirectly. This is why Experian sucks so bad. They'll never remove the address if it connected to a TL of yours open or closed as long as it is reportable.
  7. Is your Transunion report the same we see on Truecredit or is it the actual TU report with all the softs showing?
  8. Ameriprise shows as a hard pull on TC and myFICO but as a soft pull on my Equifax report. When I called EQ they told me it was originally classified incorrectly and is a soft pull. Evidently TC and FICO didn't get it right. It shows as a soft pull on all my Equifax reports just like a Truecredit pull you might do yourself. No biggie.
  9. Call and have it removed if you can. Equifax is fairly easy with this. If it was on your Experian report and it was connected to a tradeline it might take an act of God to remove it. Call them and tell them you are concerned with identity theft but make it clear you don't feel it is imminent. You don't want a fraud alert. Equifax removed all but my current address. So did Transunion.
  10. Do nothing. TC shows a soft pull as a hard. EQ does not. Leave well enough alone. Its only an inq.
  11. Aside from making the report look better when going for more cards getting rid of the inq's is more of a get over thing than anything else. I like that.
  12. Something must be up with Equifax now. I've done this thing twice now and have seen the inq's drop in a max of two days. Now going on 6 days and the last disp. inq is still on. I'm done with this.
  13. Everyones file is different. When I saw 4 inquiries drop off my Equifax report I only picked up 6 points in total. I have heard of people with scores in the mid high 700's who have lost as many as 10 points for a hard inquiry. YMMV as in everything in this game. Everything.
  14. Not for me but I think I was lucky just to get 3K with a BK showing all around.
  15. Haggle them down to $50. They're easy. I cancelled TU ID Deluxe after a week. No problems. Make up a story.
  16. The guy at the 7-11 has more info on me than Innovis. I got my free report and it has nearly nothing.
  17. Speaking of cheap and underhanded if you want a cheap Transunion FICO report and FICO score sign up for Identity Theft Deluxe for one month and use mw01 or the most recent discount code and get it for under $4. Cancel before the month is up.
  18. You're wasting your money if you pay for myFICO EQ Score Watch. Why pay their price when you can get it from EQ for $50 a year?
  19. That went smooth. Disp only one on Saturday off as of this evening. 4 left on EQ. I don't think I have the eggs to go for the rest. These are my best TL's and I would not be happy if by some strange reason EQ awoke from their slumber and actually contacted the OC. I got a letter back from TU today about the 3 inq's I disp online a couple weeks ago. We cannot remove PP inq's however you can contact the company if you think there has been an error. No thanks. Hoping for some B magic to rid myself of 3 TU inq's left. Not bad really considering all the apps the past 6 weeks.
  20. Unless you have an AMEX card and have access to Creditsecure then Truecredit is the best available by far. Use the Walmart link and pay $11.21 monthly.
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