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  1. Applied and approved for sea miles -- $500 limit. not much, but it helps. I wish they'd pull EQ, as I'm a shoe-in for a good limit there. In fact, it seems almost nobody pulls EQ, except maybe GE capital, but I haven't tried them yet.
  2. I don't expect much out of inquiries, but... I had two collections accounts removed, both less than a year old. I would think that should have done something to improve my score. Granted, I still have two left (both over two years old), but I would expect that the removal of that bad information would help my score. It did for Experian (9 point boost by removing one collection) and Equifax (HUGE boost after removing all collections). So why not TU? If they all use the same FICO, or at least similar, why hasn't it changed?
  3. Okay, so a week ago my FICO score for TU was listed as 614. Late last week, two collections accounts were deleted. So I figured this would have to help my score (they were fairly recent -- >12 months old inquiries, too). In addition, two inquiries bumped off my report. I updated my score, and today? 614 What gives? Wouldn't the removal of negatives like this help at least a little bit? There no NEW information or updates in that time, so why wouldn't the score take at least a slight bump?
  4. ...spoken like a politician, pick out a fact, apply it incorrectly to support your argument, and away we go. You are correct -- technically, a soft inquiry has no affect on your credit rating, DIRECTLY. What everyone's trying to say here is that there's only so much total room in your credit file for TU and EQ. Throw enough soft pulls on there, and eventually it simply runs out of room and has to start dropping hard pulls. Maybe it's setup to drop soft pulls first, then move on to Hard pulls, maybe it's more random than that. I dunno. There's no one-to-one soft-to-hard pull droppage rate. It's merely a matter of doing it and doing it until it has to make room for the latest inquiry -- B a hard pull.... So yes, soft inquiries are technically innocuous, but because they can "bump" a hard pull off your CR, they are decidedly not irrelevant. Their impact is simply indirect.
  5. Unfortunately, I cannot find the answer online anywhere. I would suggest just calling an attorney in your state who specializes in this sort of thing and ask them, or you can try searching case law to see what has been done in the past. I'm sure this has come up at least once before.....
  6. I think the point people have made here is that bumpage CAN work, depending upon the size of your credit file and the number of soft inquiries you already have. Two months of pulls is less than 60 total unless you timed things exactly right each day. Maybe you need 90 pulls to start bumping. Maybe 120...who knows? The point is, everyone is different and this process takes TIME. Now, you can write a letter (no point in CMRRR for this) and dispute the inquiries. You never know. EQ seems to remove quite easily. EX won't do it at all unless you get an FA...but that at least implies it CAN be done if you're willing to do the work. TU, I dunno. But it couldn't hurt to send a letter and demand removal. The EQ process works, though, I can attest to it, and it's FAST. I have found that most of the advice on these boards DOES work, so long as you're dilligent. There are some brilliant folks here when it comes to debt repair, trust them....
  7. Well....I wonder if those of you who prefer the cable treatment live in large urban areas that have multiple cable companies (competition). In my town, we have Charter, and that's it. Serving an area of roughly 130,000 people, up until last year, they OWNED the local tv market. You could get DirecTV and Dish Network, but you couldn't get locals. When DirecTV started offering locals, I jumped ship in a hurry. Charter: 85 channels (extended basic), NO premiums, and locals = $54/month. 23 channels (basic), no premiums, locals ONLY (plus cable access and cspan and, I dunno, ten shopping networks) = $35/month. On average, my service was down at least four times a month, and very often late Sundays it was out for several hours. Even with the "digital" cable package, picture quality was suspect. DirecTV: 180 channels, Free Showtime for 6 months (new offer to current subscriber...they just GAVE it to me with NO renewall/rebill upon expiration clearly stated in the terms), all local channels (including one that charter didn't offer) = $51/month. I have lost the signal exactly twice in two years -- once during an outright blizzard (signal out for ten minutes) and once during a thunderstorm (5 minutes). Picture quality on EVERY SINGLE CHANNEL (including locals) is perfectly clear. I won't go back to cable unless a competitor comes into town and provides a markedly better offering than charter has. OH...and I don't know this for sure since I've NEVER missed a payment with DirecTV...but I'm betting the dishes don't go sending a thug to your door unannounced if you haven't paid your bill on time. Charter did that all the time. I missed a payment, a dude shows up on Sunday night refusing to leave my doorstep without payment. I was SOOOO waiting for him when I decided to switch to dish. "I need $115 right now or I need to take the equippment." (I had cable modem with them at the time as well, which when added to the extended basic with fees and taxes, amounted to over a hundred bucks). "Certainly!" I said. A moment later I returned with the set-top and the cable modem. He looked incredulous. "Are you going to pay your bill?" he asked. "eventually," I said. And eventually I did. But I have never, EVER, had someone come to my doorstep to collect payment on somethign that wasn't even 30 days past due. Charter did, though. Sorry....maybe comcast is truly comcastic, but Charter is the spawn of Satan. I won't deal with them ever again. The only service that was less reliable than their television service was the cable modem, they even had to open a brand new call center and hire a hundred reps to handle the volume of support requests they were getting. My DSL (I have never, ever, required more than 1.5 Mbs service at home) has been down once in 18 months.
  8. If you're not sure, just don't pay. In fact, if it's a partial payment, and even if you are sure....don't pay. Why pay something partially only to have it continue to hang over your head? You're still out whatever money you sent them, and they're not going to be any easier on you (trust me, I know...RSIH). PFD if you have the money and they're willing. Or do nothing at all. What the worst that can happen? A judgment is possible, but why concede the point until they force you to?
  9. This is fascinating. Just Friday I received two letters from them with updated credit reports and "investigation results". I found it odd since: A) I have always been able to dispute directly with Equifax -- online, mail, whatever, and never been told to go speak with CSC. I have no idea what it is that I had apparently disputed since neither letter states what the actual dispute/investigation/results were, only that they were completed and here's your updated report, thankyouverymuch. C) The information on the "updated" reports were OLD. Much of the information is simply no longer on my report or has changed significantly. I have TrueCredit and MyFico and Equifax's own online dispute site to verify. So for three months I've worked directly with Equifax (or at least, so I thought) with reasonable success...and now I have somethign from CSC. I didn't even realize MN WAS a CSC state.....
  10. Experian was already coming in at something like 590, so when I added two new tradelines (which simultaneously helped my utlization ratio AND gave me a couple months of solid payment history), my score creaked over 600. Both my other CRAs got a nice boost as well. Additionally, turns out the law firm being such a pain in the rump has actually helped me out as well. My Citi was charged off and they're forcing me to pay $125/month on it, or else they'll garnish my savings and wages. At first, this didn't help at all because Citi just kept reporting charged off. However, after the law-firm acknowledged receipt of the payment, I immediately disputed the balance on the Citi entry of my CRs. They adjusted to show the new balance after payment, and have continued to do so since. So each month my utilizations continued to drop as well thanks to paying them down (they are still reporting as a tradeline). One they're paid off, my guess is I'll loose that $1690 CL, so I could take a hit in the future. That has helped as well. By late June, the two new TLs had been reporting and the utilizations continued to drop, I was now at 607 Exp and 602 TU. Only Equifax was still in the tank at 581. Here's where it gets fun... I had disputed numerous items on my CRs. I had HFC reporting twice in some cases, Palisades showing up as a TL instead of a collection (Killing my utilization and making me look like I was currently 120+ days late on one account), Option One had back-to-back months incorrectly reported late, national city was listed as a balanced owed and delinquent even though I had paid and closed it over a year ago, and I had a few other collections showing up (some paid, some not). In April I offered United Accounts to pay the full balance ($400) if they delete my record. It was from a medical debt and I had already admitted to the debt. I paid, and last month they deleted (though I had to dispute this to get it accomplished). I DVd all my other collections. One of them came back verified with copies of bills showing an address that was not mine. I pointed this out in a certified letter and haven't heard from them since. I re-disputed with the CRAs, EQ deleted, the other two are still investigating. National City came back verified --twice. Everything else I either disputed or DVd. I also did the EQ inquiry delete to great success (17 down to 2 for a nice 9 point gain). Then there's Option One...a company so diverse in its ability to frustrate the consumer that their own service reps have no idea what the company is doing sometimes. I pointed out to them that they were reporting incorrectly on my CRs and they insisted that the lates are valid and they will not change them. I reiterated that I was never late in May and June of last year (WAS late in April, however, which they oddly never reported) and have the payment history, Verification of Mortgage, and cancelled checks to prove it. They responded with a letter listing my valid lates (none of which were reported) and insisting that they cannot change my reporting as per FCRA. The irony of that almost took me right out of my chair. I then go a phone call from a loan officer working for Option One asking if I wanted to refinance and get out of my current ARM. Boy did Rich jump at that offer!!! "Er...I would, but you see, I have this little problem with your company that is preventing me from getting my scores fixed to I can get a decent loan." When I explained to her the situation, she offered to help. By this time, I should point out, I had already faxed and mailed copies of PROOF of the correct information and the bad CRs to their customer service to no avail. This lady had me send them to her and she pulled what strings she had to to fix it. Their service people apparently had no idea that they had reported lates for May/June of last year. They "Fixed" it by deleting the June late, leaving the May late in place, and then adding all the valid lates they had neglected to add originally. So after yet ANOTHER round with them, they finally changed it so the only late I show from last year is May. This is still incorrect, but at least it's only one. I pressed again and they pointedly stated that which has been reported now is how it is going to stay. FCRA indeed. I decided to leave it for now, though once I refi, a lawsuit is sorely tempting. That resulted in a bump in my scores to 616 EX and 614 TU. The rest, as far as these two CRAs go, was just a matter of one more month of lowered utilizations and on-time payment history. Now at 614 Tu, 628 EX. Then there's EQ...... After my second dispute of National City, they came back verified again...but changed the account to show that it is currently 120+ days past due, open with no balance. The result was a drop in my score of 11 points. I now sat at a paltry 570. Rich popped cog. I gave myself a day to cool off, then penned a lengthy and very pointed letter to National City, including specific language from the FCRA, a copy of both credit reports (before and after my last dispute), and a copy of the reporting they had made to TU (which was correct). I stated that they either fix or delete completely my entry and if it is not corrected within 30 days, I would take all steps necessary to gain satisfaction. Basically, I gave them an ITS if they didn't fix completely or else delete my record. After I received the receipt from the CMRRR I sent them, I then sent a letter to Equifax informing them of the continued incorrect reporting, including a copy of the TU report to show how NC is reporting elsewhere. I also stated my other grievances in the letter, including the dupicate HFC entries, the incorrectly reporting status of Benefiical, the paid collections that had agreed to delete, and further disputes of the remaining unpaid collections, as well as a notice that Option One was still reporting incorrectly. This includes Palisades reporting as a TL instead of a collection and also noting that I had not received satisfactory evidence that their debt was mine; and I also sent documentation given me by CACH that showed I was being collected on for a charge card that didn't even have my billing address. I also asked that they not use e-oscar, but actually investigate these issues personally. I don't know if that did anything at all, but I figured the more they knew that I knew about the process, the more seriousely they might take me. That letter was dated June 13. This week....everything I disputed was GONE completely except for Option One. My score jumped to 648 literally overnight. ....so there you have it. That's my tale so far. I'm waiting, and hoping the hope of all hopes, that TU and EX (who still are technicaly investigating my disputed) will end up the same once they finish their reviews. Who knows... ...one thing I have learned from the CRAs....quite often after you dispute something, no news is good news. If you hear back immediately, it's almost always bad news. I theorize that when the clock runs out and they still haven't been able to confirm your requests, they simply delete..... In fact...my recent mortgage inquiry this week doesn't appear to have hurt either score one bit....
  11. Until recently I had abysmal credit and couldn't get approved for any CLs at all. Now I've got two -- the beloved Crown and First Premier (Not the greatest, but it gives me something to report with). From what I've seen, that $500 and $250 balance aren't hurting my scores at all. I'd wager that being able to show a few months of good payment history on multilpe cards is outweighing the low CLs. That's purely anecdotal, but it seems to be working out that way for me.
  12. It gets better -- turns out my wife's midscore is 618. If I apply myself instead of jointly, they drop the rate another .375%. I just saved another $45/month!!
  13. To Kailix and others who've inquired: Unless your scores really suck (less than 560 midscore), you can almost always get approved provided you have enough income and a reasonable track record on your current mortgage. First time homeowners, I dunno, but there usually is somebody who's willing to rape...er...offer you a loan for a house. In my case, I was looking at 10% to refi (I'm currently at an ARM that adjusted to 10.25% recently). My midscore was 560. Another lender offered me 8%, but that was after significant points were used and would have added $10K to the principle, which was not something that appealed to me at the time. It also pushed me over the 80% thresshold, which with my score at the time, translated into a $250/month PMI fee. No thanks. The lender I'm working with now suggested back in April that I wait a few months and work on getting my scores up. Apparently 620 is the magic number. Get the midscore over that and you come out much better. Now I'm looking at very low closing costs (Less than $2000 not including prepaid items), a rate at around 7%, and no PMI (pending the results of an appraisal -- even if it comes in lower than expected, the most I would now have to pay in PMI would be $33/month). current payment (PI+tax+insurance) = $1506 New payment = $1204 I could pay more points for a lower rate, or lower the initial loan amount if prepaids come back lower than they estimated (which I know they will, they used a pretty liberal estimate...I assume to ensure they don't underestimate the costs), but the difference is not that significant at this point. The nice thing is, either way I'm not chewing up all my equity paying down points just to get a reasonable rate. Freeing up $300/month helps the budget tremendously, and the new loan is fixed...no more crippling rate adjustments to fear every October and May. Chances are I could do better if I waited and got my FICO closer to 700, or if I shopped around more, but this lender has been very helpful to me in getting to this point, and I don't see the difference compared to the extra $300/month I'd be spending in the interim. Anyway, like I said before...I still have a ways to go (at some point we'll want to upgrade to a larger home, and I need a REAL CC soon for the sake of all the travel my employer sends me on), and EX and TU still have some real nasties on them, but current events are a major, major plus.
  14. I'm still stunned (and so is the lady from E-loan who suggested I get my scores to at least 620 before applying for a mortgage). Equifax, which used to be my most problematic report and lowest score by a large margin, is now my best score by a large margin. After fighting it out over a very incorrectly listed National City account, and several duplicates, then going into the waiting abyss for all of June and most of this month, I just got an update on my CR from Equifax: ALL, and I mean ALL of the information I had asked to have corrected has been removed. No more collections, no more lates. National City simply gone. And the duplicates are gone!!! I'm elated! I still have Citi showing charged off and a couple other (valid) baddies, but it don't matter....my FICO for EQ went from 590 to 648 overnight!! Add to that my recent jump in Experian after they fixed a duplicate, and my midscore is now 628! YAY! My loan officer jumped at that and already has a loan approved that will save me $300/month in payments for very little closing costs at all. I'm simply egstatic right now. Folks -- be patient and don't give up. You'll have set backs and step ups, but you'll get there. If it wasn't for this board I would have lost faith long ago! You people are the best! I've still got work to do - reestablish a good cc history (I had NO CCs after a layoff sent my credit into a tailspin, now I have one and hope to add a second soon), and try to get my scores into the 700+ range next year so I can look at upgrading the house if I need/wish to. But I've already gained so much I cannot begin to say how good it feels! Thanks, all. Truly this is the best site for us debt-dummies I've ever found.
  15. did we just jump through a time vortex of some sort? How can they be reporting date of last activity of June 2008? maybe when I get to 2008 I'll find it a little easier to believe...but if EX cannot see there's an error in that, then I guess my theory regarding CRA hatred of consumers is true....
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