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  1. Is anyone familiar with the process of providing the credit bureaus with a Notice of Cancellation issued by the court after payment of a judgement in order to have it removed from the credit profile? I recently paid off an old judgment. The court clerk provided me with a Notice of Cancellation which she informed me that, upon providing to the credit bureau, they should remove the judgment record as the court would no longer be reporting it to the bureau. Any insight offered by the good members of the forum is genuinely appreciated.
  2. TU and EQ had no issues with the single-letter dispute. There also seems to be substantial history on the forum supporting it, so I am curious as to your motivation in disagreeing on that point. Creditors have an obligation under FCRA 623 to conduct investigations, so I'm interested to learn why you've stated they won't investigate. Your insight is appreciated.
  3. I recently disputed 12 items on my CR with EX. They responded indicating that they had already investigated this information (referring to 4 TLs I disputed two years ago) and that they would not reinvestigate. They cited the 4 TLs which were previously disputed and ignored the other 8 entirely. I would be greatly appreciative of any suggestions the good members of the forum may have in responding to the fact that they ignored the 8 new TLs in dispute. Thanks, QM07
  4. Hello: I have a defaulted Federal Loan I'd like to rehabilitate. However, it was recently sent to collection whereby the CA (or Fed) has added a collection cost representing 24.29% of the actual total due. This seems extremely excessive. Are there any regulations limiting the maximum amount of collection fees? Sincerely, QM07
  5. It seems intentionally misleading to indicate I held 6 separate accounts with 6 separate account #s a particular company, when in fact, I held only one.
  6. I have a delinquent federal loan with the US Dept. of Education. Since its origination, the loan has been reported as one single TL for the total balance. After having defaulted to a particular level, the US Dept. of Ed erased this TL and created 6 individual negative trade lines of varying amounts the balances of which total the previous original trade line. I am wondering whether this is legal? Sincerely, QM07
  7. Hi Amerikaner: Additional information would presumably be the fact that the OC has failed to comply with FCRA and thereby maintains no documentation through which they could have legally verified the original dispute as they did. I was under the impression that requesting MOV would require FCRA to admit that e-oscar is utilized. I thought it was understood that e-oscars automated nature was the actual joke, and that it does not fully satisfy the requirements of the FCRA. This is, however, why I asked. Perhaps these are not valid points. Thanks again, QM07 PS - What is YMMV?
  8. Hi amerikaner: Is it necessary to send a second letter to the OC versus following up with the CRA after OC fails to respond to initial 623 dispute. I always thought it was effective to request a re-investigation by the CRA after OC fails to respond to 623 letter citing the "new information" clause. This would further cause the OC to violate FCRA law in re-verifying a disputed trade line they have failed to already comply with. Then, follow that with a method of verification request with the CRA and second letter with OC claiming even stronger legal grounds to sue. Ex: 1). Dispute with CRA. 2). Wait for Results. 3) 623 OC 4). Wait for failure to comply in 30 days. 5). Submit second re-investigation request to CRA citing "additional information". (OCs failure to respond) 6). Wait for deletion -OR- verification by OC (which would now constitute FCRA violation). 7). Simultaneously request MOV from CRA and threaten OC. I am requesting your added insight on this matter because you seem to be a very knowledgeable, well-respected member of the forum with valuable insights. Sincerely, QM07
  9. Dominion Law Associates is a law firm licensed to practice law in the states of Virginia and North Carolina. I understand they may engage in debt collection as their sole business, however. Unfortunately, I suffered a flood in my old apartment and lost a substantial amount of personal financial documents as a result of such. Therefore, some of the documents which would serve helpful in filing a motion to vacate have been lost. I was just offered a 60% tax season settlement by Dominion. I may seek a NACA lawyer to send a counter offer including vacation. Sincerely, QM07
  10. Hi All: It's been some time since I've posted in the forum. In 2009 I had a default judgment filed against me in the amount of $2,400 due to not having been properly served the civil summons for the complaint. I have been unable to move to vacate judgment for a variety of reasons, including severe personal time constraints and also having suffered a flood in my old apartment which resulted in the loss of many personal documents. I am located in NC and received a collection attempt 6 months ago on the judgment by a VA law firm with an office in my state. I DV'd them because I did not believe they cared to invest the time and effort in attempting to collect on it via legal channels and wanted to buy some time. Today I received a tax season settlement offer for 60% of the original amount if paid by March 25th. I would only consider settling the amount if it is possible to negotiate the removal of the judgment from my record. I understand this may require appearance before a judge, but am wondering if any of the good members of this forum have experience in having a law firm work alongside you in successfully accomplishing this. Sincerely, QM07
  11. Contacting them in dispute restarts the SOL??
  12. Here is an update: The collection firm misrepresented themselves to be a law office. However, they are simply a collection agency with a name mimicking that of the standard law practice (Kross, Lieberman, & Stone). The CA actually told my girlfriend they were a law firm. Upon further research, this is untrue. Sincerely, QM07
  13. Hi retmar and WhoCares: I appreciate your time in responding to my inquiry, as well as in providing additional insight relative to appropriately handling the situation toward a potentially beneficial outcome. I've gotten a bit rusty in terms of proper procedure in disputing with the CA, CRA, etc. given that I've been doing a lot of "waiting" for the past 12 months as I approach SOL next year on some of my past "troubles". Sincerely, QM07
  14. Hi everyone: Very interesting that this thread was posted, as I actually just created my own moments ago after having received a new billing statement from CapOne for an account that has been delinquent for over 2 years, and written off February 2009. It's a fresh billing statement, exactly as retmar has described, with finance charges for the past three months. What doesn't account for, however, is the 48% increase in balance due comparative to the high balance indicated on my three credit reports. (I was delinquent on $500, and they are now attempting to collect $744.) I find this very interesting, since no other company has ever sent me a billing statement years later. I would be interested in any insight regarding whether I should issue a written dispute to CapOne or leave it alone, since I'm approaching SOL in my state. To WhoCares1000: What became of the issue in CAs never contacting a debtor, but simply creating a collection trade line and "waiting".... I've recently had a CA I've never heard from simply pop up on my credit report months back, but have never actually tried to contact me in writing or call me. I was unsure how to tackle that one, since they seem to be attempting to avoid the "initial written communication" so that they don't have to validate the debt. Sincerely, QM07
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