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  1. Could you PM the name and number of your attorney. Where in California are you?
  2. But I found TC easier to log into. I don't mind considering it's costing me less then $30 for the whole year.
  3. You'll probably get a promotion. Let's just pray the position is not the person in charge of firing. That would be bad, very bad!
  4. I'm sure you have the best of intentions but you are off the mark here.
  5. I'm good for a whole year. Hopefully most of this should be taken care of by then.
  6. The sad thing is they seem to keep better notes than the OC.
  7. would they even own it. I did DV and they have some stuff (not all though). Would they have it for almost 2 years?
  8. I remember someone posted that they were able to get an CA off their credit report since there was no listing for the OC.
  9. Until say 4 am when you finally remember and everyone is gone. How sad!
  10. OK, I was fortunate a while back to have Chase come off my TU and EX report. Unfortunately, I have the CA still reporting. This is from Dec 05. I read on one of the posts that you can write to the CRA and ask them to remove the CA (because there is no OC anymore). The specific word used escapes me now and I can't find the thread. Was it relevent? Any one know? Thanks a bunch!
  11. I sent Chase a letter CMRR less than a month after it disappeared from the 2 CRA's. Still there with EQ. That surprises me since they usually are pretty good with removing things.
  12. I mean the guy is having a conversation with a playback recording. 10 minutes and he still doesn't get it.
  13. Decided to call them to get the MOV for the Chase card. Got a very young, very new girl on the phone. Asked for the MOV. Needless to say, it was greek to her. I will never doubt you guys again. I have never,ever gotten anywhere with them on the phone. Online and CMRR are the only way to go. I know it will come off, but my God!
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