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  1. thanks to the site and all of you who helped with my questions a few months ago. When I started this my credit score hovered around 530. As of today it is 760 and thats with one item in collections that isnt mine but my fathers. I just found out about this collection today and already have it straightened out. Now Im looking forward to seeing my score once its off. So again, Thanks to all
  2. still waiting on TR and EQ. Had 1 delete, 1 verified, 3 updated( the dollor amount on balance changed by one buck on all three lol) and a new collection was added and verified. Not sure how that works considering i didnt dispute it with EX but it came back verified with them. OH well I lost one I gained one lol could be worse I suppose.
  3. I am on the journey to improve my credit with the hopes that its much improved when I graduate college in three years. I am still awaiting the resuslts from my first wave of disputes but am not really worried with the results because TU shows all will have fallen off no later than 06/2008 So worse case senerio I just have to wait until this time next year to have all baddies off. Now the question. I have been able to obtain 4 unsecured CC's with the hopes of having a TL of positive history in three years when I graduate. Should I keep all four open? Should I cancel the crap 1 because the
  4. I have disputed the 5 on EQ, the 6 on EX, and the 6 on TU. I plan on following the Primer to the T. From All I've read, the older things are the better chance I have for the first batch of disputes to delete TL's. And thanks to this site I am now familer with the SOL for my state and the two collections I'm having to deal with are long expired so my fear of them sueing me is gone. Thanks to the TU report which showed me estimated times items will drop off my report(last being 08/2008) Im now know that worse comes to worse, my report will start to look better soon. As I stated before,
  5. or paid as agreed on several of my accounts, a couple as long as a year and a half after I made my past payment? an example of one of them * = pays or paid as agreed obviously Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 2004 * 2003 * * * * * * * * * * * * 2002 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 * * 2001 * * 30 60 90 120 120 120 120 120 120 120 2000 * * * * * 30 60 Also if it shows up as paid as agreed even though I never paid nor let the OC know of any intention
  6. Second, how old are the debts in question? The last time I paid on any of them was 09/2001 but many were reported at a much later date(as late as 11/2003) EQ shows four CO(latest date being 11/2003) and one Closed or paid account zero balance(EX shows this as sold to another lender) All of these are with the OC and this is all EQ lists EX on the other hand shows three of the four CO's that EQ showed(matching dates) EX lists a CA on one of the CO (CO'ed off 09/2001) and it states ---Collection as of Aug 2006, Jul 2006, Mar 2005 Creditor cannot locate individual from Aug 20, 2006 to Aug
  7. After a decade of Peter Pan syndrome I decided to grow up last year I started back to college full time and after getting approved for student loans, the CC apps started rolling in. I decided to open three accounts just have something positive on my CR. I have now decided to take the next step of trying to repair the damage done earlier. My questions is though, because nobody has contacted me about any previous debt, should I try to repair at this time. It may seem like a silly question because who would'nt want to fix the problem asap but what concerns me is if I do start trying t
  8. Thats my problem atm, I dont want to ask a dumb question lol so I just continue to read in hopes of finding my questions already asked. I'm sure I'll find one in time.
  9. I am still lost for this is all greek to me. Would the adive be to just hire a repair agency or sleep on it and maybe it makes more sense tommorrow? Many thanks