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  1. Sprint IRL actually has done me well, eventhough they tanked right after I bought them, they are coming back
  2. The Centurion Card, popularly known as the Black Card, is the most exclusive charge card issued by American Express. The Centurion Card provides access to a range of exclusive privileges. In the United States, invitations are no longer sent for the card.[1] To be approved for the Black Card, one must make a request and meet the strict criteria. As of 2007, the annual fee in the United States was $2,500. As of Aug 1, 2007, in the United States, requirements include minimum annual spending of $250,000, exceptional credit history and significant financial assets. Certain requirements may be waived for celebrities and public figures. Requirements for acceptance in other countries can differ slightly. There is a US $5,000 one-time initiation fee for new primary card holders, plus the annual fee of US $2,500. In the UK, there was no minimum annual spend although it is reported that spending £3,000 a month was standard. Centurion card members have the option of additional cards for an annual fee of $1,500 per each additional Centurion card (one-time US $5,000 initiation fee waived for additional Centurion cards), $175 per each additional Platinum card or $45 per each additional Gold card linked to the primary Centurion account holder thanks but no thanks!
  3. Hopefully so - I am a little less confused than I was when this all started, but still confused on how all of it works and how to pick.
  4. And another weird day of a lot of changes on the board happening. My lack of patience hurt me on GOOG... second time around with them. I guess you just have to count your gains and not think of the what ifs when it goes higher.. cause it could have gone a lot lower as well.
  5. Everyone seems to be doing a bit better this week... seems we all changed order again, happens pretty quickly. It is teaching me patience (ok trying to) on pulling the trigger too soon on buying and selling.
  6. Better watch the Safeco one since Liberty Mutual agreed to buy them out.. when that happens the stocks go all over the place
  7. I would prefer to keep the old one.. only one keeping me from being the bottom of the pack!!!
  8. I changed minimum buy price to $.01, so you can buy penny stock if you wish. Amerikaner, I think I can delete your old profile in the game if you wish me to. Let me know!
  9. Me again I found this Real-time market information is the lifeline of day traders; any small delay can cause them huge loss. They get those through their trading platform, as graphs or tables. Many trading systems will have customizable alerts and triggers to notify trader about a major change and automate the trading practice according to the change. These trading systems also will have many technical analysis tools and market indicators to help traders in picking suitable stock, options, futures or currencies for trading. Remember that there are web-based trading platforms, mostly free, are available for trading, but only stand alone (direct access) systems are recommended for day trading. Our quotes are delayed by 20 minutes -- is it possible to do the above or is this article blowing bs? article found here: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/day-trading-outline.html
  10. Thanks for explaining! (I think!!) I am learning a ton but still see I have 10 tons more to learn. with time.. with time...
  11. I have had mine since August with no upgrade on the CL I even emailed and asked... still nada.
  12. something cutting and pasting What exactly is a bear market? While there is no specific definition, Vanguard indicates that, “one generally accepted measure [of a bear market] is a price decline of 20 percent or more over at least a two-month period,” which Vanguard suggests can be expected to occur approximately twice a decade Just in case anyone was wondering.
  13. Not sure but I have some pending as well and they haven't went through as of yet...
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