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  1. This is an old SOL account that should be dropping off reporting next year. I would understand if it was reported CO, but not 90 days late - repeatedly.
  2. Webcard/Compuserve is reporting a CO account from 2001 (way out of SOL) 90 days late EVERY MONTH from 6/05-present. Is this legal? This is really pulling down my DH EQ report. I disputed with EQ on 6/2, but haven't gotten a response yet, but webcard/compuserve keeps updating every week or so. The good news is that it was joint and I disputed 2 weeks before DH and it was dropped from my records, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Either way - can they report 90 days late on a CO until the reporting period ends???
  3. DirecTV screwed me for 180.00 too. I thought Comcast would be better. NOT!! I've just switched to Dish Network and Verizon DSL. So far, so good.
  4. Yes - it's the dispute button, but instead of an online dispute, it 'creates' a letter based on your selections and you have to print it out and mail it.
  5. I just noticed that MyFico will generate 'dispute letters' to the CRAs. You answer questions, print out, sign and mail. Has anyone used them - with success? I initially mailed own disputes and have gotten a good response. Anyone use the letter MyFico generates and get results?
  6. BoA pulled EX in PA. I was hoping for TU or EQ from previous posts. EX is my lowest (642). Didn't get an instant approval, but a message saying they'll get back to me in the next 30 days
  7. Got a text message from myfico that my EQ went up 18 points from the NFCU TL. I just wish I had found this site a year ago!
  8. I disputed a Portfolio TL on my CRA and it just came back as verified. The same day, I got a letter from Portfolio saying that PRA purchased the account 1/03 and 'there are various payment options available'. Is this something I can DV and they have to respond to in 30 days? TU says it's supposed to drop off reporting 12/07, so I can wait it out, but I'd prefer to make them drop it if possible. So, a DV to Portfolio and a MOV for TU? Is that the right strategy?
  9. I just wanted to thank everyone for all the great advice. I knew I had CO's and bad credit and didn't think there was anything I could do about it - until I found this site. I had sent disputes back in 2002, but everything came back verified, so I thought - that's it - have to live with it. I found this site and joined TC on 5/18/07 with FAKO scores TU 613 EX 533 EQ 541. I have good TL's with mortgages and car loans over the last 5-6 years, but there are some big CC CO's that will be dropping off reporting over the next year that are causing the low scores. I sent disputes to the big 3 on 5/24 and a couple of the CO's have dropped off. I hadn't applied for a CC in over 7 years, but I was feeling confident and applied for Lowe's on 5/23 - no dice I applied for a pre-approved Cap 1 card platinum and got a 500 CL, so I'm thinking - it's a start. I still had an open inactive account from JCPenney's from '87 (history!) with a $200 CL. I called them and they sent me new cards (thanks MatthewScott for the idea) I went ahead and got my FICO's on 6/11 TU 568 EQ 671 EX 642 No wonder Lowe's didn't approve. I also had a closed NFCU Visa from '89, so I figured I'd call them since they use EQ. They couldn't open my old account, but they approved a new one with a CL of 15,000! I was in shock. I thought they made a mistake and meant 1500, but 5 days later, TC is reporting the new TL and 15k CL. On 6/21, TC reported TU 684 EX 645 EQ 661 (I've gone from 6 4 6 derog to 3 4 5 at this point). I decided to get my new FICO TU last night and it was 694!!! It jumped 126 points in 10 days!!! I was so excited, I applied online to TSC (I need a new lawn tractor) and was instantly approved for 4K!!!. My scores may drop from the new TL's, but that's OK - I'm moving forward finally This is an awesome site! Thank you!
  10. I applied for a Lowe's card online and was denied on 5/23/07. At the time, my TU fico was 568 and I did have a baddie for GEMB, along with other old derogs. It's 6/22 and my TU fico is 694. I'd like to ask for a reconsideration, since I plan on buying (either on Lowe's or another card) a lawn tractor. I still have a GEMB derog, so I'm wondering if it's worth pursuing. I'd hate to waste the hard inq if i'm just going to get denied again. Anyone have any experience with GEMB or Lowe's?
  11. I have gotten lots of cap1 offers. They were either bad offers or I thought I wouldn't be approved. After checking this site out, i realized i needed some revolving credit, so i applied for a pre-approved cap1 platinum card from cap1. i was approved for 500 - no way to add a joint account. 5 days later, my husband got a card too (same logo i requested??) - even though he didn't apply. cl 500. i called cap1 and they said they are 2 separate accounts. Is this normal?
  12. I have a derogatory listing that says WEBCARD, but in the contacts, they are listed as COMPUCREDIT/WEBCARD. I had a charge-off for Webcard that is SOL and should be dropping off reporting this year. I disputed a few weeks ago and now the updated date is 5/31/07, so I guess it's been verified. I'm not sure if I can DV them if they are not a CA. Any ideas?
  13. I just received the same response from TU. I said I was concerned that I had just received a CR and there was incorrect information on it and that it did not belong on the report. I guess I should have used the word DISPUTE. Interestingly enough, the exact same letter was sent to the other 2 and the items are showing up as being disputed. I guess I'll have to wait another 30 days...
  14. My DH had a gold AMEX card he had great payment histories from 97-01. He would like to reopen the card if possible. There was a final balance of less than 500-600 that went late no more that a few months. It was paid in full. We're in the process of credit repair and would like to have Amex as an open revolving account again. On TrueCredit, the account shows up as closed/cancelled by grantor on TU and EQ and closed due to inactivity on EX. Condition closed. High balance 51.00 (possible late fees? - not sure), but pay status is current. DH FAKO's are low (547-607) and are in the process of disputing negative amounts. Question: Should we send a goodwill letter to AMEX to try to reopen the account? From what I see, there's no real negative info on the report, unless it is the high balance of 51.00. Has anyone tried to reopen an old AMEX account like this:confused: I'd like to have this account reopened - especially for the history.
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