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  1. I was originally approved for 7.9% on my car and I just received a letter from Ford credit saying they over quoted my rate. My new rate is 6.9%. I'm happy!
  2. I just came back from the Ford dealer and they were able to get me approved for a used car at 7.9% with $1000 down. Roadloans wanted 13.99%. I also found out that myfico.com scores were very different from the scores the auto dealers use. I was still able to get this rate with a Ex 644 and EQ 594.
  3. I pulled my free annual credit report from Equifax on Jan 18th and disputed some items. One of the items was AFNI for a Verizon account. While waiting to hear back from them, I bought my Equifax credit score from MyFico. This was on February 8th. The report that I purchased from MyFico did not have the AFNI account on it. So, I assumed that they could not verify and deleted it. Well, yesterday I logged onto equifax.com and saw the results of my investigation. They verified the AFNI account. My question is, if it was taken off of my credit report, don't they have to notify me that they
  4. My Truecredit report says that my score is being affected because there was a recent late payment posted on my report. This is the only late payment that I have. I thought the late payment was having more of an effect on my score than the collection account that is almost 7 years old.
  5. Why do the CRA's allow Afni to report a collection account as 120 days late? I have a TL from them on all 3 of my credit reports and it is killing my score. The TL is set to fall off 2/09, so clearly it is years late, not 120 days.
  6. The collection was for a cable line. I didn't pay it because the supervisor at the time told me that she was going to credit my account for bad service that I had been receiving. Of course she is no longer there. I resolved the issue by paying it, however I did include the RE. I agree that if they entered into the RE then they should honor it. I'm going to send the ITS letter and if that doesn't work, then I will sue. I will make time to sue the cable company if I have to. Thank you for all of your help.
  7. I'm sorry for the confusion. BBB sent me a letter with TW's response. Those are TW's words, not the BBB"s.
  8. So I filed my complaint with the BBB and I got a response today. It basically says that the terms that I agreed to with Time Warner Cable at the commencement of my service clearly state that any RE releases or other statements on or accompanying checks shall have no legal effect. They're saying that my RE wasn't valid because of that. Is there anything that I can do?
  9. I did not know that about Experian. However, it has been way over 120 days since I asked them to investigate. I believe the first time that I asked them to investigate was in April of 2007. Then I had the RE deal with Comcast in May. They removed the collections from my TU and EQ, but not EX, so last month I asked EX to investigate and that is when it came back verified. I also notice that on my report the TL was updated to say PAID. In my RE agreement they are not allowed to update any information.
  10. I sent them a letter saying that I recently pulled a copy of my credit report and found a charge from them on my report. I then said that I had Ex do an investigation and it came back verified which violates the RE agreement that we entered into last year. This was a couple of weeks ago and nobody responded to my letter. The other day I filed a complaint with the BBB and a lady called me back from Time Warner and said she was handling the case. I told her about the letter that I sent above and she said that it could be sitting in a pile somewhere backlogged in collections. I emailed her a co
  11. Thanks for the advice about contacting the BBB. I filed a complaint and the cable company called me today wanting to resolve the matter. We'll see how that goes.
  12. I have the same problem with afin reporting a verizon account as 120 days late. The account is 6 years old!
  13. So I sent Time Warner a letter stating that they violated the RE agreement and nothing has happened yet. I'm wondering though if they can get away with this because it is Credit Management (the CA) who is reporting and verifying the debt and not Time Warner Cable? I tried calling Time Warner today, but they left me on hold a long time, so I hung up. I'll try again tomorrow.