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  1. Ok, so I got more info. It may or may not be a scam, but they are definitely just making threats. No court documents have been filed but they continue calling me and saying they will be bringing this matter to their legal department unless I voluntarily resolve the debt. I have not received any of the documents they have promised to deliver, what do I do now? I have a lawyer, should I have them write a letter to the address I found online?
  2. Fantastic!! I will do just that and get the names and addresses. Additionally the person I spoke with called me a liar, he did not insinuate that I was, he actually called me a liar!! Doesn't that violate FDCPA? Also, this is much further beyond the scope of what I had done with other agencies that were actually my accounts, do I need a lawyer?
  3. Hello all, it's been a while since I've been here since I was successful (with your advice) in repairing most of my credit and debt issues. But now that I am nearly out of the woods and debt I get the phone call from hell!! I received a strange call with a number to call and a case number. I call the number and they tell me that a courier will be bringing a summons to appear for a cash advance done in August of 2008 that was returned as insufficient funds when they attempted to withdraw from my SunTrust account. I HAVE NEVER DONE A CASH ADVANCE AND NEVER HAD AN ACCOUNT AT SUNTRUST BANK!!!! I asked them how do I dispute this and they said I would have to prove it's not me on my court date. HELP!!!! What do I do?
  4. So what do I sue for? Can I sue them for not validating, from what I have read on these boards all the CA has to do is report to the bureaus that its disputed. I am totally ready to sue I just need to know what I am suing them for
  5. Hey guys I really need some help on this one!! In 2006 I received a letter from Bronson and Migliacchio as an attorney/collection agent for GE money Bank, this wa san account that is honestly not mine and I had no idea even existed, it was sent to me at a previous employer who was nice enough to forward it to me. I DV'd them and never heard form them again, I checked my credit bureau report in 2007 and their collection was gone but the TL from the original creditor was still there. I started a letter writing campaign to them and they never responded either but they did remove the TL. Then in May 2008 I receive a letter from Portfolio Recovery to my home address about the same account. I DV Portfolio well within my 30 day timeframe and dispute with bureaus. The bureaus come back verified but and POrtfolio updated them as disputed but never responded to me. I sent a follow up letter in late July with copies of the original return receipt and again got no response. I sent another letter at the end of September and still haven't gotten a response but all 3 bureaus still show as disputed by consumer. What can I do from here? I can't keep waiting but I don't think I have any leg to stand on for a suit.
  6. Hey everyone, this is my first post, I have been a lurker thus far. Anyway I lost my job right before having my daughter in February 2004 and now have loads of medical collections. I am now trying to buy a house but my score needs to go up about 40 points. I have gotten a few of the collections off through validation and disputes but there are two that just won't go away, both with Preferred Collection and Managment. I have written to them multiple times and they have finally validated, along with a nasty piece of correspondence stating they have been sending me validation since 2007 so I should stop asking for dv because there is nothing else, I also have offered to PFD but in each letter I get from them they state that once I pay they will update the bureaus to change the status to "paid." Now the debt was incurred in 02/2004 so it may be out of SOL but I can't confirm what type of account this would be and additionally I am more interested in how to get this off my report, Help!!!!!! What do I do now!
  7. Thanks so much for the quick responses!!! I have new letters drawn to this CA, the OC and all three CRAs!! I guess it's going to be another expensive day at the Post Office tomorrow!!!
  8. What do you do if you never received any information about debt before and now the 30 day window is up and the CA sends a letter stating that they are not legally obligated to validate and you really believe the debt is not yours?