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  1. So, the CA will be acting as "contractors", eh? Hmm...and I wonder what sort of "convenience fees" they'll be adding - since tax payments will be going direct to IRS, I imagine these fine folks won't be skimming anything off the top. 🙄 Hmm
  2. On The Other Hand. I agree with the above - remove the settlement verbiage and send the letter
  3. See below: Short sweet and to the point. No need to take up more than half a page in this thing: Dear Midland, Due to long-term unemployment and disability, I hereby request a hardship waiver of this alleged debt. I am prepared to offer documentation supporting this hardship; please let me know what I need to provide and I will do so. The more I think about it, the more that this letter should simply be a hardship waiver request, and not a settlement offer at this stage.
  4. Quoting this because this is worth re-reading. This is exactly what you're wanting to do...and how you do it (Bolding is mine) Also, it looks like you already have an address for Midland...?
  5. Agreed. Also, MLH, in the letter your wording states "payment towards debt in full". This is not necessarily the same as "settled in full", which is what you're seeming to look for, yes? They may, they may not. They very likely WILL ask you questions over the phone, if you call them asking about medical hardship.
  6. I have made edits to the post. If there's a different one you have concerns about, feel free to PM me. We will not be continuing this off-topic discussion in this thread.
  7. Honestly, most credit repair firms are crap. They cost too much; they do too little. They do less than you can do yourself - all they do (in most cases) is dispute or attempt to arrange settlements. Nothing you can't do yourself with all the insights and tools this site has!
  8. I agree with @Clydesmom - CapOne is one of the best record-keeping OCs, and they bring receipts, as well as have a long memory. Settlement is much preferred compared to a Judgement +associated fees/interest and all that entails (garnishment, etc)
  9. I was in "special handling" for awhile...from my experience it's basically where everything goes through human eyes, not completely automated like normal. It may or may not have had anything to do with the multitudes of disputes, fraud alerts and freezing of my report I was doing at that time.
  10. Let's stop with the Vaccination avenue, please and keep on topic. Thank you.
  11. That's a good quote And all your advice above is spot on.
  12. If they sent the dismissal after the Interrogs, I'd press back for dismissal WITH Prejudice. Means they can't go after you again. And just to CYA, prep your Answers to the 'rogs just in case.
  13. what do you currently have for Answers to those above questions? As stated above, usually some sort of denial or "lacking specific information" works...do you recall each and every notice they sent? Doubtful. 11-13 are in no way within your ability to Answer, since you do not have any purview or any knowledge of the relationship between Plaintiff and CapOne.
  14. I'd honestly go the arbitration route. Midland is a debt buyer, don't settle with them , let alone for the full amount!
  15. Bellona, No need to resurrect a three year old thread for this nonsense. You sound like you're holding a sign saying THE END IS NEAR wearing your tinfoil hat on the corner. /Locked.
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