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  1. So, the CA will be acting as "contractors", eh? Hmm...and I wonder what sort of "convenience fees" they'll be adding - since tax payments will be going direct to IRS, I imagine these fine folks won't be skimming anything off the top. 🙄 Hmm
  2. On The Other Hand. I agree with the above - remove the settlement verbiage and send the letter
  3. See below: Short sweet and to the point. No need to take up more than half a page in this thing: Dear Midland, Due to long-term unemployment and disability, I hereby request a hardship waiver of this alleged debt. I am prepared to offer documentation supporting this hardship; please let me know what I need to provide and I will do so. The more I think about it, the more that this letter should simply be a hardship waiver request, and not a settlement offer at this stage.
  4. Quoting this because this is worth re-reading. This is exactly what you're wanting to do...and how you do it (Bolding is mine) Also, it looks like you already have an address for Midland...?
  5. Agreed. Also, MLH, in the letter your wording states "payment towards debt in full". This is not necessarily the same as "settled in full", which is what you're seeming to look for, yes? They may, they may not. They very likely WILL ask you questions over the phone, if you call them asking about medical hardship.
  6. I have made edits to the post. If there's a different one you have concerns about, feel free to PM me. We will not be continuing this off-topic discussion in this thread.
  7. Honestly, most credit repair firms are crap. They cost too much; they do too little. They do less than you can do yourself - all they do (in most cases) is dispute or attempt to arrange settlements. Nothing you can't do yourself with all the insights and tools this site has!
  8. I agree with @Clydesmom - CapOne is one of the best record-keeping OCs, and they bring receipts, as well as have a long memory. Settlement is much preferred compared to a Judgement +associated fees/interest and all that entails (garnishment, etc)
  9. I was in "special handling" for awhile...from my experience it's basically where everything goes through human eyes, not completely automated like normal. It may or may not have had anything to do with the multitudes of disputes, fraud alerts and freezing of my report I was doing at that time.
  10. Let's stop with the Vaccination avenue, please and keep on topic. Thank you.
  11. That's a good quote And all your advice above is spot on.
  12. If they sent the dismissal after the Interrogs, I'd press back for dismissal WITH Prejudice. Means they can't go after you again. And just to CYA, prep your Answers to the 'rogs just in case.
  13. what do you currently have for Answers to those above questions? As stated above, usually some sort of denial or "lacking specific information" works...do you recall each and every notice they sent? Doubtful. 11-13 are in no way within your ability to Answer, since you do not have any purview or any knowledge of the relationship between Plaintiff and CapOne.
  14. I'd honestly go the arbitration route. Midland is a debt buyer, don't settle with them , let alone for the full amount!
  15. Bellona, No need to resurrect a three year old thread for this nonsense. You sound like you're holding a sign saying THE END IS NEAR wearing your tinfoil hat on the corner. /Locked.
  16. Have you looked around yet? There are several good posts (including a few by yours truly) outlining the 623 process. Check the "Primer on credit repair" sticky (link in my sig), I think you'll find a good place to start there. Also, you are in Texas, so be aware you may have additional rights afforded you regarding credit and collections under Texas State law.
  17. Also, did the dates of the charges (statement) match up with your name/address at the time you lived there? Could someone else have taken out an account in your name? "I do not remember this card" is not going to fly in Court. At this point, your "next move" should always be do what the Court says. How was your "request for more information" sent to LVNV? Did you file a copy with the Court?
  18. Hi Backfromthedebt - Quite the history lesson you're giving - I love it!
  19. Clydesmom is correct. Some states (Texas obviously included) have much better consumer protections than others. It always behooves someone to research their state laws to see what (if any) extra provisions apply to them. OP is in Texas, so if we were to go back in time, OP could DV anytime. HOWEVER it appears as if we're past that now...as OP has already been sued. And, based on the original post, it would reasonably appear that the information provided by them constitutes validation of the debt.
  20. Also, a good rule of thumb with a mortgage is to actually run the numbers yourself and know what you can afford. What YOU can comfortably afford may not be in line with what the bank says you can afford. It would be a bad situation if you bought a house with a mortgage of (as example) 2K monthly just because the bank approved you for it, though you could only reasonably afford a mortgage of 1500 monthly. I speak from experience on this one. When my wife and I took out our mortgage, the bank approved us for more than we wanted. We did our budget and figured our monthly payment out, and from there, reversed it to find out the max loan we could afford. And of course, the higher your FICO the better your terms. The better your terms, the lower the interest rate = the lower your monthly payment. This is excellent advise.
  21. If you want to GW it off, then pay Macys in full. Wait a couple months after a dispute and then write your GW letter, addressed of course to the President of the company. That's how I got Target (OC debt) and a couple CA's off mine
  22. No they will not drop off. Are you actually BEHIND on the loans? Word of advice - don't follow your credit score like the proverbial bouncing ball...you'll just give yourself headaches and vertigo. If you make good credit choices and develop good credit habits, your score will improve as a natural result.
  23. Discovery goes to S and H. Everything you file goes to them, you do not contact Midland for anything.
  24. Racecar and Shellie are giving you some GREAT advice here Evergreen division is in Monroe...it's not that far out of the way tbh...could be Lynnwood. The fair is in town now, might be worth it to take a weekday and visit the fair, and then hit the courthouse on your way over or back (it's right there on hwy 2, adjacent to the fairgrounds), get yourself familiar with the Clerk and have face-to-face chat with them. I've found (at least when i go in for traffic infraction stuff) that's a good way to get some intel. Here's another word of advice: stop talking to your friend who works at a collection agency. STOP IT. i don't give a flying you-know-what if he's your frat bother or your neighbor's sister's brother in law. Do NOT talk to him about any aspect of your case, capisce? You'll be fine...the amount is not that high, and to be honest, it looks as if they don't have much evidence anyhow. Target is original bak, then midland, then stupid and hammertime...S/H is the one suing you, yes? On Bahalf of Midland, or as themselves? Look at chain of custody of the debt...how did it get to midland...that sort of thing. As mentioned before, you didn't ever have an account with midland. Not sure if you've already done so or not, but look up cases invloving midland in WA state and see how they've gone. Most will be default judgments. Ignore those ones, since you're not gonna let them get a Default against you since your'e going to fight this.
  25. Just thought I'd pop on in to see what everyone is up to...and to sorta take a moment and breathe. It's been years since I've actively done credit repair...and just the other day I got the ScoreWatch alert that my EQ FICO went up to 802 Haven't done active credit management in awhile, really. Just been following the sage advice on Willingtocope's sig like: Manage your debt, not your credit score. How true that is. For those who are wondering, I only have three major credit cards and one store cacrd (Macy's): US Bank: 8500 BofA: 10K AMEX - 14K - Joint with Squeaker BofA started out, waaaay back when, as a 99/500 partial secured card. Years of good credit habits now make that 10K. USBank also started out as a secured, years ago. Actually, I lied above. I just hit the "love button" on BofA couple days ago and my 10K limit turned into 15K The moment I realized that combined, my wife and I could buy a new Lexus SUV on only our credit cards was staggering. That's a REALLY BIG hole that we could potentially get ourselves into if not for the years of responsible credit management that we (who am I kidding...not we...I ) have learned to do. Squeaker was blessed with parents who taught her at a young age about responsible credit and debt management...I was not. So I've done things the hard way. And yes, I've slipped back into old habits and behaviours before. It's really something that I have to be completely aware and on top of with myself...else I know that I will slip. I guess what I'm trying to say is this whole "good credit thing" doesn't end when you have a FICO score you're happy with. It's a never ending process that must be lived...not a game that you can say "ok I'm done now". Hope everyone out in CIC-land is doing well
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