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  1. It has been brought to my attention that a mortgage broker in my area is providing credit repair services. Is this legal or just a way for them to close more loans? Thanks, Blutish
  2. If you decide BK is the answer...try and keep a credit card open so your score may recover quicker. I wish I would have done this. Blutish
  3. I checked hubbys reports thru truecredit and our mortgage and his $10K credit line are showing as paid with a zero bal...interesting...do I still have to pay these bills? JUST JOKING!! Will this hurt us in any way in the future (no history of payments etc...) If we are going to apply for credit to buy a rental house? Thanks for any info. Blutish
  4. (First Premier) was the first card I got after BK but I refuse to pay this monthly fee anymore and the annual fee is coming up in Dec so I closed it. (orchard, Aspire & Imagine are going down)! I was able to obtain our mortgage and my new car and don't need anything else for sometime so I am now closing all of my subprime accounts. I find this to be a victory to finally be free of all of the stupid fees associated with these cards! I will only have Cap one (personal & business) & Hooters, Kohls & target when its all done with. I plan to stick the money I would normally pay out every month to these subprime cards into savings at my credit union which is getting 3.2% right now. Thanks to All! Blutish
  5. My mother in law has had her Amex business card for 15 years...NO LATES (had to pay off every month) she just got a letter three weeks ago stating her limit had been decreased from 25K to 7500.00 and now has recieved a notice today saying that the business credit card will no longer exist for her as of Jan 2009. She said at first she didn't have a limit, then down to 25K then to $7500 now to Zero! This is very scary...and quite sad! Blutish
  6. Congrats! Enjoy your home with the piece of mind knowing that you took control of your credit-and knowing is half the battle (from he-man, I know) but I love the phrase! Blutish
  7. You may have a "split file" situation...search split file then decide your plan of action-
  8. I just called and the recorded voice lady said that target is not offering CLI's at this time:( I will try again in a few weeks- Blutish
  9. True Credit gives FACO scores NOT FICO- You will have to go to "My FICO" to get true scores or purchase them directly from the CRA's. Good Luck! Blutish
  10. I disputed 10 accounts with EQ and I just recieved the updated report. I am looking at the "results of your investigation" page and one of the accounts I disputed was not addressed at all in these results...can I send the original dispute letter and a copy of their results, let them know that they forgot the account...and demand a delete? Hum...any thoughts? Blutish
  11. I have tried to get my kids credit reports through annual credit report.com and once I put in their birthdates it said they had to be 18 to get them...so now what?
  12. I noticed today that my credit line increased also to @2500.00! I haven't used that account in months-but I guess it looks good with a $2500 limit and a zero bal! I also noticed that Hooters increased me $300 bucks and DH $750! Blutish
  13. Welcome -Are you trying to get back on track with your personal credit issues? Blutish
  14. So should we try sending a letter quoting FCRA paragraph to see if they get removed? Since I have not been sent a letter from the big three about insertion-or do you think it too will be considered "frivolous" and ignored? Any Suggestions? Mine went from 6 to 26 DH went from 0 to 23-on TU I am going to give it a try-will be sending them cert mail I will update any new info when I get it. Wish me luck! Blutish
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