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  1. I wouldn't consider yourself judgment proof, that's more of a permanent type statement. I think it would be a good idea to express your current situation. If you are without a job, you really need to keep what money you have. State something like, I want to pay this debt but under my circumstances I need to put it off until I can afford to pay, when I get another job.
  2. A mortgage broker will probably want that taken care of. However, a mortgage broker can do a rapid re-score. If you have the money to satisfy the judgment, then the mortgage broker may be able to help you improve your score more to qualify better, a lot faster than we can. Look around for rapid re-score. Once you have everything taken care of with your credit and you're all ready, then go to the mortgage broker.
  3. CDL

    Stupid Tax Bill

    Yes, that is true, but a paid collection is better than an unpaid one. Plus this collection can and will affect your registration if unpaid. Unfortunately they hold all the cards for this collection. I would try for a PFD, but I wouldn't keep putting this one off.
  4. I don't know all the particulars. Is this praying on your conscience and you want to get it behind you? Are you trying to get a house, car, loan, etc.? I don't really know what is important to you. The lawyer is right, they have nothing to do with the credit reporting, it's a public record, unless they want to help you by doing what DG said.
  5. What DG says, is the best bang for your buck. In PA judgments are good for 20 years, but need to be renewed every 5 years. If this is a small amount, he/she may be testing the water to see if it's worth renewing? I just find it funny they're asking for double when it hasn't even been paid to date, unless they are suggesting what DG said.
  6. They can still sue you even though you're with a debt consolidation company, you wouldn't necessarily be double paying.
  7. I don't think that is an opinion. That is fact. If you go back and re-read that post, you will see that the CA did not sign either settlement letter so, absent the CA signature, it will not hold up in court.
  8. Nash and DG, I agree 100%. No, I'm not confusing bona fide error, if they can prove that, they're entitled. I'm talking about when they don't even use that or can't prove it. I'm just going by some PA cases I've read and attorneys I know and know of. Congressweasel! That's funny!
  9. I just wanted to say, what a wonderful thread this is. I am thourghly enjoying reading everyone's well thought out, intelligent statements!!!!
  10. It's not an agreement until both parties sign it.
  11. Of course there has to be proven violations. But I just love when debt collectors say they're "technical violations" and the judge agrees and dismisses as if they aren't important. Strict liability is liability imposed without regard to fault. If a violation of the FDCPA is proven, the debt collector is liable.
  12. What I'm thinking is, they are a TX co. and they may have violated the TFC, as well as, they violated the FCRA by reporting this more then the allowed time. You and them being in TX helps a lot because the TFC has more power for you. Anybody that furnishes data to the CRAs can be 623'd, which is requesting an investigation for the accuracy of what they are reporting and they have 30 days to respond. I would send letters to the CRAs, with a copy of that bill, stating it can no longer be reported. I would also send a 623 letter to the CA stating the same and include a copy of this, highlighting
  13. If you are in the car right. When you are ready apply at a couple of CU's, don't just go to one!
  14. My brother has his own business. I'm just going by what he pays, which is 1%. The first machine he had, he had to pay 1-3%, it was a scale system.