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  1. The kids made up a story about a fudge factory... He did not want to be Mr. Fudge, therefore was having no part of my ridiculous name. I can tell you that he likes those E.L. Fudge cookies, but I don't let him buy them. They are not good for anyone! (OK, I lied a little there... who can resist those)
  2. He took it out because it should improve credit standing to have an unsecured bank installment loan. I was told that by someone I chatted with at Orchard Bank about a year ago (a CSR who took the time to talk to me a little bit about credit repair - he said if you can get a bank loan, that'll improve your credit more than anything else) and I already sort of knew that, anyway. Also, while his credit utilization is only about 15% or so, all of it will now be put into the installment loan at a rate that is a little lower than the average rate on the cards, and.. VOILA - the shelved cards (we do have the discipline, we have already shelved many of them) will now have a total balance of 0, bringing the revolving debt/credit ratio at or near zero, thus improving the FICO even more! Pretty slick, huh?
  3. Thanks, Goose, and 2nd time around, also. Of course you are right - a ratio should never be that tight that I am concerned about $10 here and there, and I am only talking about a few accounts. They look good on my record, too, being prime cards (thanks, Mom). re: installment loans - the hub just TODAY got an unsecured bank loan at the bank we have been doing business with for 5 or 6 years. This is a major score for him. I am going to let him crow about that in his own thread, when he gets around to it. I don't want to blab it all over the place. But I just did!
  4. Thanks so much, Goose. I may ask you more questions if I come up with them. Uh... one I already came up with is: My credit report lists old accounts that I hardly remember and may have never used, like my mom added me to an account or something, and the account is closed (I know this for sure) and it's still reporting as "open" and in good standing. I have not disputed these since I figure it helps my credit age and it's another account in perfect standing. But if these long-gone accounts are going to cost me $10 apiece per month, maybe I should ask the credit bureaus to mark them closed. I know you haven't declared yourself a FICO expert, but I was wondering if you or anyone else thinks I should leave them for account age purposes, etc. My report now says that my oldest account is from 1994 but my average account age is only 4 years, and this is due to lots of new credit I've obtained recently. Things like MyFico are starting to say I do not have a long credit history, etc., which of course is not true but refers to account age... does anyone know if this really matters a whole lot? I figure that having lots of open credit and low utilization is much more important, but... thoughts, anyone?
  5. Thanks... I think the person who told me that was trying to chide me for using credit cards at all. I think she's one of those Dave Ramsey people who thinks even having a credit card is evil.
  6. On another forum, someone told me that having large, open lines of credit would hurt my chances of qualifying for a mortgage, or at least would qualify me for buying a lot less house. I was under the impression that this was true in the past but not as true now. I am very hazy on it, though. If anyone has information on this, please speak up. As you can see from my signature line, especially the total, my husband and I are now trying to improve our FICOS, decrease our utilization (and overall credit card debt), and increase our credit lines. I know that one school of thought is to have only a few credit cards, and keep them mostly unused, but then I heard that having many credit cards is not a problem - rather, the usage of those credit lines is key, and there is nothing wrong with having many large lines of credit. Thanks in advance!
  7. They refused to give me a Hooters upgrade. It had been 7 months since first getting the card at 3,000 limit, so I called to see if I could get a tiny increase. They said NO!!!! Then Merrick went and increased my regular Merrick card from 2,800 to 3,000! Less than a month later! Tell me...does this make any sense at all? Kind of supports Amerikaner's Magic 8-Ball theory of credit granting. (Congrats on the bigger jugs...er... I mean on the great Hooters CLI!)
  8. I think they do. The hub just got a $3,000 Neiman Marcus card. Then Lowe's (GEMB) called him to verify security details and turned him down for a card. Not even $300 or whatever they start at! And he has a number of GEMB cards that have been in good standing for years - never had a problem with a GEMB card. He has a Wal-Mart card; cannot get a Sam's Club card. I have a Sam's Club card; cannot get a Wal-Mart card. GO FIGURE!!!!
  9. ugh... gross, this isn't right. I hope you get somewhere talking to them on Monday. But you know, I know you don't want to hear this, and this is only the voice of perspective talking... Before you turn into too much of a hothead over this (not saying I wouldn't be steamed, too) - if they never raise it to the 1,000 they promised you (which would be a big bummer), at least one bright spot is that the card is now unsecured. That would mean a lot to me, if only in principle. They sent you your $ back. I'd be overjoyed because I'd be too cheap to be OK with letting them hold my money in the first place, so I'd think of it as a fresh start, even if a somewhat crappy one.
  10. I know you're kidding but you're absolutely right. I never meant to run it up - I meant to use it as use-and-pay every month, and I was going that for a while. I'll get back to doing that (where I will find the money - I don't know, maybe I'll pay it down in chunks.) I really think that's what prompts cc companies to grant CLIs. Or maybe it's coincidence. But I sometimes run cards up near their limit, then pay them completely off, then use them and pay them every month, and I alternate this pattern as needed. A combination of those behaviors seems to inspire them to grant CLIs.
  11. Not very long ago, maybe it was 6 months, I dunno... they raised my credit limit from 500 to 900, just because I pushed the love button. I have had the card since about 2004 or 2005. It was one of my first post-BK cards - I was shocked that they gave me the card, actually. I was recently close to my limit and made a $50 payment so I'd have room to purchase a few things at Sam's today. I just logged on to make sure they got my payment and was shocked to see that they raised my limit to $1600! $775 available credit was not what I expected to see!
  12. Can you send some good vibes to my investing accounts? I know what you mean - I don't always quite believe it's for real till I get the card, use it, get a bill, see it reported, etc. This is because I remember back in the dark ages (early - mid-nineties and I think this happened as late as 2001 for me) when stores would give out "instant credit" based on an application done in-store and showing drivers license and a major credit card. They'd grant you an account and a temp. card and then later send a letter saying they decided to revoke your account (meaning they pulled your credit after you left the store and changed their minds.) It was such a bummer. Because of that I'm never quite sure whether to believe I really have an account till everything gets rolling! Now that I think of it, this happened just a year or two ago with stupid Citgo! They gave the hub an account on the spot and later told him they changed their mind and billed him for the one fill-up he bought with his bogus new account! And I think this is what happened in the 2001 case... I did get a real dept. store card and used it and paid on it and I think stupidly I was late on my first or second payment. They cancelled my whole account at that point, even after I paid up a few days late! So even after I got the card it was not "for real" since I didn't get it rolling correctly. Sorry, I got off-topic and talked about my own accounts! The hub was just turned down by USAA for both a cc and a loan, and a car loan, too. We will not let it get us down but will try again later. USAA is tough but they're good to have on your side so it's worth persisting to get in with them.
  13. Well, I got a letter back from them telling me, "No." I put all the details in the thread, "stop change in account terms without closing account." I don't want to type it or even copy it here... Basically I sent them a big plea showing them the only thing that could have been the problem on my CR, which was temporary, and they didn't care and gave me a form "no" letter.
  14. I had this problem with WaMu - I should go update the thread. I put together a letter and copies of my credit report with what I believe was the "problem," circled and highlighted (a temporary change in my credit utilization because of a big balance transfer amount being shown in two places as if I owe it to two cards, which of course, I don't). They did tell me it was not due to anything I did handling my account, so I deduced that it was something in my credit report; they said it was a "business decision." Anyway, sent the big, thick letter with lots of documentation... and WaMu didn't care one bit. Just got their letter telling me, "Sorry, we can't lower your rate" and then spewing the cookie-cutter garbage about making payments on time, staying under the limit, and making payments on time to all other creditors, all of which made me angry because it didn't apply to me - I've done all of that and still have no verification of exactly why their raised my rate. That said, the rate is supposed to go up in August and being the pig-headed optimist that I am, I still won't believe it till I see it. I paid the card down from near its limit to owing only $25 on it (out of a $4,000 credit line) and I've never had any credit card company punish me (with raised rate or anything else) with no direct cause, so I'll be shocked when I see it, since I've kept that card in such perfect standing. My plan is to just hardly use it and pay them basically no interest; that's my only recourse. I do want the card for the big whopper of a credit line, to boost my utilization. Ironically, while this was going on, they gave me a pre-approved offer for another card and I now have the card; it has a credit line half the first one and a rate in between my original card's current rate and the rate it's scheduled to go up to. But I got a nice tiny-rate balance transfer out of it, so they're helping me out even without really knowing it (obviously, one arm of WaMu doesn't know what the other arm is doing) so that takes some of the sting away.
  15. Sorry that I'm not exactly sure. But I just pulled an EQ credit report, and it says that USAA reported last in June, so assuming it's going to report in July also, it would have to be sometime between now and the end of the month. So hopefully they'll report your new accounts soon!
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