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  1. The worst they can do is sue you and get a judgement. It is not the end of the world. If you can't pay,then you can't pay. I would send the letter as stated above and then ignore the rest of their correspondence unless they are willing to settle with something that suits you. If not, chances are that they are not going to get anything out of you anyway.
  2. At this point and time BofA is under no obligation to respond to anything.
  3. I would imagine if you PIF, this may keep it off your CR. I am not sure though.
  4. Dispute everything negative. You might just get lucky and they don't verify and it gets deleted. This is especially true with older TL's.
  5. The more time that has elapsed since the late payment, the less effect it has on your score. After a couple of years they are probably not figuring very heavily into your FICO score.
  6. Having an installment loan is helful to your FICO scores, should you run out and get one just to help your scores? That is up to you. I think it is Willingtocope that has a saying in his signature that says something about managing your debt and not your credit scores.
  7. It is just balance transfers, you are correct. It is the Platinum Plus Visa.
  8. Apparently the "credit crunch" hasn't made BofA back off. I usually don't apply for much credit but I got a little froggy yesterday and applied for the Platinum Visa. They instantly approved me for 10K. No annual fee. 0% intro.
  9. I don't think there has been a change, if that were the case, they would adjust scores accordingly.
  10. The only thing you really can do is dispute them as inaccurate with the CRA's. If the CA's verify then you are pretty much stuck with them, but there is a good possibility that they will get deleted.
  11. Don't settle for anything less than a PFD in writing. If they don't go for it, then FOAD letter. It is a take it or leave it situation for them.
  12. I would definitely dispute these right away with the CRA's. These should probably disappear quite quickly.
  13. I for one have been fortunate enough not to get any decreases yet. I use my Hooterscard about once a month for very small purchases, hopefully they don't decrease me. I like having all the extra utilization available.
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