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  1. Yes, Beta, let us know what you find out. Also, I am staying with my original stance that my "bumped" inquiries were really gone from my "actual" reports. Being a credit repair freak for the last year or so I have numerous copies of credit reports and such from numerous entities (TrueCredit, MyFico.com, copies "found" at dealerships (lol) and the like from the last year. I can vouch that the "bumped" inquiries are actually not showing up on those and have now magically reappeared (I did some digging into my files last evening). Luckily for me I really didn't have many to begin with, it just sort of irritates me. As a matter of fact, one actually "fell off" today and another is due to expire tomorrow. That will leave me with 4 total so it's not a huge deal. Now, if this were last year at this time I would be hopping mad as I had like 26 of the suckers! I feel for those of you in that predicament!
  2. Hhhhmmmm, I was wondering about this....... what can I do?.........I'm going to have to think on this one.....
  3. Anyways, the point is, I believe what you originally stated is incorrect. The creditors ARE seeing that the inquiries were NOT there! And now they ARE!
  4. Oh, I will. As we speak, I am holding a hard copy in my hands dated January '08 with 1 inquiry. That was since bumped. Somewhere here I have another hard copy with even that gone!
  5. Yes, that is what I mean (the hard copy). And they are back on my True Credit as of this morning......... dating back to 7/5/06!
  6. Willing-------My REAL TU report does NOT have the inquiries on it that were BUMPED off by TC!!!!!!!
  7. Well, for me, I went from 1 inquiry to 6 inquiries on TU overnight! WTF??? Of course, I quickly logged on here to see what was going on. Glad to see it isn't just me! LOL. I also got a 9 point decrease in my TC FAKO.
  8. Personally, I have nothing but good things to say about Mr. Mozilla. He did a HUGE favor for me once (personally). I am not going to get into it here on this board for obvious reasons, but I will say that he is not a heartless ba$tard as one poster stated. Just MHO.
  9. ROFLMFAO! OMG! Did that really happen lovebug??? Wow!! You should have been recording that! I'd be writing a letter.....
  10. Congratulations! I had a long several-months-battle with those jerks as well! I won too. They are the worst of the worst and think nothing of it. I am proud of you and your attitude! Keep us posted on the rest.
  11. She should send them a bill. And start adding on daily interest like they do if WE owe THEM money!!
  12. #16 Must be able to repeatedly reply to irritated callers in a condescending tone "Sir/Ma'am, you have already disputed that item. We WILL NOT reinvestigate! I"M SORRY! Is there anything else I can do for you today????"
  13. I agree with the above posters. It is unlikely you will get anything done in time for the hubby's review. I would, instead, start working on a possible explanation of them, if needed. Also, how old are thse medical bills and how much are they for? It has been my "personal" experience that paying collection agencies that are on my credit report, medical or not, has never benefitted me. Some others will disagree with this, but I have not found that working with medical collection agents has been ANY easier than working with a regular debt collector. I would "attack" them in the same manner as any other. Good luck and welcome!
  14. I was so happy to see my negatives disappearing so quickly with the use of all the advice on this board. I lost a bunch of collection accounts and some lates I disputed away. I had a Citifinancial auto account which was showing perfectly on TU and EX and with my final payment showing as a 30 day late on EQ. I decided I would dispute that final 30 day late off. I ended up with EX and EQ showing 13 30 day lates! In retrospect, I would have left that 1 30 day late on there and left well enough alone. (The real story is Citifinancial had let me push those payments to the end of the loan via telephone. I do not have proof of this now, this was years ago. Of course, "they" don't have proof of this either. So now, I am stuck with the 30 day lates!) LUckily these all day back to 2003 so they aren't hurting me much. The point is, sometimes it is better to "just leave it alone" and don't aim for "perfection."
  15. Shae should be banned for capitalizing both letters in the word "ho!"
  16. LOL. Well, if you ever run across it, let us know. Thanks for looking!
  17. Oh, c'mon Tony, am I the ONLY one that finds it funny? Oh well....maybe it's because the guy driving reminds me of a guy I used to know. (By the way, the guy is currently in prison on rape charges.) Perhaps that's what makes the ad so amusing to me. (For clarification purposes I DO mean the guy being in prison and NOT the reason he is there!)
  18. harleygirl should be banned for not coming up with another exciting word!
  19. Hey Mag, Did you ever find out if there was a specifif time frame of "not buying anything" before they stop reporting?? I just got my Kay's card and my Jared's card in the mail the other day. I don't really want to purchase anything, but would like to know this info for future reference if you have it. Thanks! N
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