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  1. tell them you have $100.00 start there. but dont pay them anything unless they send to you in writing that they will mark the account "paid" nothing more and nothing less. good luck
  2. I would dispute them and keep disputing them, do it religiously every 28 days or so, they will be gone in 90 days. keep reading and you'll see what the "experts" say but thats what I'd do.
  3. its great you have a goal and are on your way but it doesnt matter if your over 750 there isnt a lender in the world that gives you a break over 720
  4. I'm not sure why I feel the need to further explain but I will. assuming your Dad hasnt maxed out his card OR is over 75% LTV, isnt going to stop paying it and is of sound mind. KEEP IT ON YOUR REPORT UNTIL YOU HAVE A FEW ACCOUNTs THAT LOOK BETTER. IT ISNT GOING TO HURT YOUR SCORE. I REPEAT, IT IS NOT YOUR DEBT, THE CREDIT BUREAU KNOWS THIS BECAUSE IT SAYS SO NEXT TO THE ACCOUNT.
  5. and there you have it folks. my final answer get a no yearly cost, no set up fee secured card from a credit union at 5% that reports to the credit bureau's and you'll be well on your way to a happy credit score.
  6. almost every CC issuer has several levels of cards, this isnt new thinking....
  7. but we are speaking of secured cards are we not? and how can you tell if the card bumped your score as high as a card from say Citibank with 0% I'm telling you from 9 years in this crazy crazy business that Orchard and Cap one and several others are not AS favorable as say your CREDIT UNION when it comes to scores.
  8. I always thought it never helped with anything score wise but to an untrained eye IE: a young or busy underwriter. A good underwriter would have seen that it was not their debt immediately. its not your debt, you didnt make the account nor where you responsible for it. you where an authorized user only. Keeping it on your credit will only help if it is your highest credit line and then it is only to the untrained eye. I'd keep it on, until you are well established unless there is a shot that it would ever go delinquent. just my 2 cents.
  9. that one made me laugh so hard everyone came to see what was so funny
  10. and so you WOULDNT get a secured card from a CU that doesnt report then would you class? Miss. Cheri
  11. one more thought to ponder.... New Millenium, Capital One and Orchard Banks are KNOWN lenders to poor credit. just having them on your report is as bad as it is good.
  12. You have to be concerned about the fees. Why wouldnt you care about the fees?????????????????????????? to not be concerned about the fees sounds like your well on your way to making the same sort of mistakes.... if I show you how to get a card at 5% with no annual dues and no sign up fees you'd still take a $75. sign up and a 21% rate and a monthly service charge???
  13. http://www.locallender.info/credit-unions/north-carolina-credit-unions/ here is a list of the credit unions in NC good luck!!
  14. maybe you didnt look hard enough, my customers usually dont have a problem.
  15. the best way to get a secured card is to go to your credit union. there are no FEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! interest rates are LOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. the best way and cheapest way to get a secured card is to apply with your credit union. I have my customers do this and they always get a super low rate, and NO app fees of any kind. wonder why this site doesnt mention it????
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