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  1. i am in michigan and i was being sued by asset acceptance for roughly $1300.i stood my ground and requested proof during a discovery period and the ended up dismissing it with prejudice so that was nice. this site was helpful thanks everyone.
  2. they gave me nothin from the Oc just a statement with acct info.im sure i held the account but im not planning on rolling over for them either lol
  3. hello all. i would appreciate any information you guys can share with me. i am new to the site and i dont mean to reiterate common questions but im gonna put down everything i know so to give you guys the full scope of things. i am being sued in civil court over a debt from a DC.i never verified it in fact i dont know if iever received a letter from them.the bought my account in11-06.i received documents for appearnce in court in 3-06.I am currently awaiting the ending of the palintiffs discovery period which end this month. the documents they gave me said the account was closed o