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  1. Because the risk is gone. I think some cc companies look at it like this...."I can give them money b/c they are not going to be able to file for bk for another 10 yrs" So a person that just got discharged from BK is easy pickings. If they happen to fall behind a little...the cc company is able to tack on tons and tons of fees and they don't have to worry that person is gonna run to BK court and file...b/c they can't. That's exactly why after they file BK....their score jumps up so high. They no longer have debt. I applied for a cc a couple of months ago and asked the person on the phone what my FICO's were. She said 805. 1 mth ago I was shopping on cars and asked and was told my credit score was 640. Yesterday my insurance agency told me my score was 700. When I was checking on refinancing my house, my score was 680. So I was curious last night after I posted that post to you. I called my cc company to get an increase. I asked what my score was. She said 808. See, there are tons of different variations of "credit scores" It has also been my experience...paying off bills doesn't drastically make your score jump up. I've heard of some people paying off bills and their score falls down. IMO...I think "sucker" scores means ... You can buy your score from thousands of different places.....and most will tell you a different score. AND none will tell you how you got that score. myfico may tell you that if you pay off will boost your score by 70. So you pay it off and it does boost your score on myfico. BUT if you paid for your score with another may not show any change at all.....or may even show a lower score. That could explain why 100's post on here saying "I just don't understand. Truecredit or myfico or Equifax says my score is 740 but when I tried to get a american express card they said my score was 6something." Nothing wrong with people wanting to know their score. Your probably right. I just try to keep them below 12% or 0 balance. IMO...a mixed credit report is the best kind. By mixed I mean....different types of loans. My best credit boost probably came when I got a small loan from my credit union.
  2. Shootingfor750...who really knows why scores move the way they do? My FAKO and FICO's scores are in the 800's. My mortgage score is 680. My insurance score is 700. My have 10 credit cards. They are all either paid off or below 12% I have no collections or negatives on my reports. NONE. All my credit limits are pretty good. I recently paid off a 8000 car loan. 4 mths later my FICO scores raised 10 points. In truth, most FICO scores move very slow. Somebody could get lots of cc offers for several different reasons. Some lending companies don't care if you have bad credit...heck, they even hope you do. They make a killing off late fees and defaults. And sometimes you get offers...AND don't get approved. You were just on a mailing list with that company. Now lets talk about scores..especially FICO's and FAKO's. No matter which...they both sell your information. Just like you have to pay to see YOUR OWN SCORE , other companies also have to pay to see what your score is. The cards are stacked against you from the beginning. I paid for my scores ONCE. After that, I quit. Waste of money. The only thing I do is get MY free credit reports once a year...and I space those out. The truth's make more money by you defaulting on your payments. Not saying they don't want you to pay....but if your late once or twice...that's prefect to them. People with 600 range scores usually have a late 30 day or a small medical or another collection on their report.....or high utilization on their credit cards. I've even seen people posting on here that just filed BK and their score is in the high 700's and they are getting slamed with cc offers. You said you want to buy a house. I did 3 years ago so I'm not sure what they look for now. BUT what helped me.....I have 1 years worth of "reserve" money saved up. I had a few cc's with little charged on them. I had long term employment. Reserve money is very important. Good luck. I think your on the right track. Don't stress so much about your score though.
  3. I know when I started my credit repair...awhile stirred up all kinds of new and old collection accounts. People should be warned that credit repair "can be" like stirring up a nest of bees. You have to approach each collection differently sometimes. Here's just some ideas that I did. I got all my credit reports from all 3 agencies. I got a poster board and made a chart of all collections and taglines on the poster board. Then I came here and hit the "search" bar. Like for Providian....I typed in Providian in the search and RESEARCHED the company in full. I read how others handled the situation. I highligted my bills by for the ones people had an easy time getting rid for 1/2 and 1/2 easy/hard.....and yellow for HARD. Then I went to the easy first. I disputed. I kept track of who I disputed, when, how, and the reply. I disputed stupid stuff on my report like misspelled names, SS#, old addresses. Then when I started recieving positive replies and deletes ( I felt good) then I started on the harder stuff. By then I felt comfortable with credit repair and knew what to expect. Some of my taglines I didn't mess with at all. The ones that would be deleted in the next 6 mths I didn't touch. Everybody approaches credit repair different. Some just jump in, some just stick their toes in the water.But just be prepared and keep everything. When I started repairing my credit....I had another collection start reporting even though they wasn't before my jump into repairing. It was a stupid medical bill that I fought long and hard with after that. That was probably my hardest collection account. Well, anyway...good luck.
  4. It's always been my understanding (anybody correct me if I'm wrong) but if you both were on the card, you are both responsible. No judgement of divorce can change that. My SIL and brother both were on a Chase card. They were divorced and the court told my brother to pay the bill. He didn't. He filed bk. Chase then sued my SIL. I remember her being told that it didn't matter what the divorce papers said....she signed, she was responsible. She ended up filing BK. It has always been MY experience dealing with Cap 1 and listening to others...that Cap 1 usually sues. Your ex sound like scum. Maybe your best bet would be to talk to a BK attorney. I wish you luck.
  5. yay!! Glad you got an approval. I think what is different about Slate is the blueprint. I think you get to choose from 3 different ways to pay your bill.
  6. haha...Probably not to bad. Hawks are ranked #1 in West division. Saints are #2 in their division behind Falcons. Should be a good game. True Dr. Evil. But like flyingifr said it's free. And most people post everything on there. Plus their family and friends are usually on there. I would say that it would be pretty hard for a collector to know who your brother or sister was if you didn't list them as a reference....but checking facebook, you could find that information pretty easy.
  7. thanks for the advice. She's going into pre-vet. Her first choice is OSU which is in-state. But she does have a few state and one out of state.
  8. I would wait until I hear approved or denied before applying for the Slate card. If you are denied for the freedom you will most likely be denied for Slate.
  9. I'm not really sure which would be a good card for your score. The funny thing about credit cards...some people get approved..who shouldn't and the people that should...don't get approved. For hubby has better credit than me. Yet, he couldn't get approved for Chase freedom even though I could. Personally, with your scores...I would consider banking at a credit union and getting a credit card with them. They are usually pretty lax with members credit scores.
  10. I have the freedom card. I also bank with Chase with the Ultimate Rewards debit card. I just transfered all my freedom points over to my debit card to combine them with those points. I love paying bills and earning points. Then using those points at Christmas to cash in on some really good stuff.
  11. I will never understand why people post extremely personal stuff for the world to see. Do people really think Bill Collectors won't search for you on Facebook? Heck ya they will. It requires no effort on their part to find out "ALL" about you....and your family...and your friends....and your job. I don't even trust the privacy settings. My daughter said there are programs that will decode a private facebook page. ??? I dunno know about that....but I assume it is true. My facebook is all about football. So if a bill collector looks at mine all he is going to think "dang, she likes the Saints" haha
  12. My daughter is a senior and she plans on going to college. I have been told that we are not going to get much financial aid if any. Her grades are very good but not super genius excellent. So I'm not sure about scholarships. My question is...what should be our first option if the above fails? What about the a second option. Her school counselor told me about parent plus loans where we co-sign. Any suggestions would be great. I just wanna keep myself out of debt and her....or as much as we can stay out of debt.
  13. TAMPA, Fla. -- Debt collectors can be relentless and downright rude on the phone, but now a Florida woman is filing suit, alleging the company that financed her car loan began harassing family members over the social networking website Facebook. Melanie Beacham says she fell behind on her car payment after getting sick and taking a medical leave from work. She contacted MarkOne Financial to explain the situation but says the harassing phone calls, as many as 20 per day, kept coming. Then one day she got a call from her sister saying the company contacted her in Georgia. "I was telling her, 'No way, because you're not even a reference,'" said Beacham, who later found out MarkOne contacted her sister and other relatives via Facebook. Beacham says the company claimed they were doing nothing wrong but, upset over what happened, she contacted Tampa based consumer attorney Billy Howard of Morgan & Morgan. "Now Facebook does a debt collectors work for them. Now it's not only family members, it's all of your associates. It's a very powerful tool for debt collectors to use," says Howard. He believes Facebook will soon become a regular method for contact if nothing is done. "It's getting the desired result, and that is to start a domino effect of panic and embarrassment among family and friends, and people will do anything to stop that." Howard has now filed a first of its kind lawsuit against MarkOne asking a judge to ban the company from using Facebook and other social networking websites to contact friends and family members over a debt. 10 News was unable to reach MarkOne Financial for comment Monday regarding the suit filed in Pinellas County. Beacham hopes the lawsuit will keep debt collectors from exploiting consumers on Facebook. "Nobody should have to go through what I went through," said Beacham. "I was hurt because I just felt I didn't need my family going through that." Facebook is also one of websites attorneys in divorce and family issues are looking to help their cases
  14. Thanks for the advice. Yes, I think we are going to try the snowball payment on credit cards first. We really hate the though of consolidating right now. I am really scared about college...not b/c my child is growing up and moving away....I am more scared b/c I didn't prepare....and didn't realize how much it was. I don't know anything about college. All I know is my daughter wants to be a doctor. She has wanted to be that since she was 5. And at some point I am going to have to talk to the counselor at school about all this information she is sending me..b/c honestly...I don't know what it means. I am pretty sure we will have to take out some type of loans if she can't get full scholarships or more help. I just don't want to do the wrong thing.,...and tie her to something that she will never be able to handle...and the same thing for me.