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  1. well here are the positive results of my frenzy, i wont bother w/the few declines i got as well as the ones mentioned above. sea miles $500 hooters $750 target $200 walmart $600 macys $100 chevron $unknown best buy MC $300-applied for store card i thought and received MC these along w/my 2 mortgages and 2 paid off car loans will hopefully get me in the 700's in a year or so if i can also manage to get rid of few more small CA's. i get the feeling i went over board but i plan on PIF each month and hopefully in a year or so these account will open the door to some prime/high limi
  2. applied online, got the 7-10 day deal, called a few days later, lady said no info available, called again on the 10th day, lady said a letter was mailed today, i figured it was a denial. when i got it it was a request for DL and SS to be mailed/faxed. i faxed friday evening. i read someone said they called to "confirm" they have received the fax and was told they did receive it and were approved. how long should you wait to call, a day or two ?
  3. Hello xxxxxxxxxxxxx The problem is at Equifax end. Equifax has our data. They are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. If you have questions, please feel free to write us back. Thank you. ----- Original Message ----- From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx To: Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2007 3:34 PM Subject: equifax reporting The following information was submitted to Crown Jewelers on 8/30/2007: Account #: xxxxxxxxxx Order #: None Specified Comments: Hi, Crown Jewelers has disappeared off my Equifax credit rep
  4. mehhh, approved for $500, better than a big fat denial and it help out w/tradelines which im kinda short on. Still waiting on a letter from h00ters.
  5. but may me a possible approval as well, ill call tomorrow. i got a voice mail tonight from a "security agent" wanting to verify some info. Im sure every card is different but usually when i get the security questions its the last step before approval, hopefully. I will not try to get my hopes up though. Thank you for your recent application for a credit card issued by Juniper Bank, member of the Barclays Group. We regret that we're unable to approve you for a credit card account due to the following reason(s): * In order for us to proceed with your application we need you to provide add
  6. applied saturday, showing up on true credit today on 2 of 3 CRA'a, (EX & EXP). didnt even have time to get the card in the mail.........
  7. ok well i havent posted in a while and i thought this may be post worthy. I pull my TC report after a few days of not pulling it (all my TU inquiries were bumped off and i had no EQ inquiries left either) and see i went from 5 derogs to 0, HMMMM. FAKO jumped from 638 to 707. they deleted 4 old collections and a current mortgage that had multiple lates that i disputed with TU. im pretty happy but i know the mortgage will be back pretty soon but still losing all the collections was a good thing. So i go ahead and go to myfico and grab my score and report and it jives with TC except the score of
  8. i know you guys said the FAKO'S change with the direction of the wind but figured id just update. i paid down my orchard card to help my utilization, had a $300 limit, paid it down to $50, Exp is the only one that shows the updated balance so far but Exp fako jumped 75 points to 631, Eq dropped 31 for no reason and TU dropped 20 after reporting a late 5 days after it posted a improvement on the same account (the account is current) but its nice to see a 631 even if it doesnt really mean anything. ive had CJ for about 6 weeks and hasnt reported yet. so well see , im just excited to see some th
  9. i have seen where she has performed some deletions for others in one of the threads, would i be extremely foolish to think she may actually be helpful and delete it ? Experian will not let me dispute it again, at least online. so ill try it via phone and/or letter. the account is several years old and not very much $. thanks
  10. sent lisa a generic DV via e mail as well as sent a cmrrr DV to nco a few weeks ago. today i get a letter in the mail. dear ronnie: thank you for your recent communication. i can assure you that we are committed to assisting you; however, we have been unable to locate the matter you have referenced from the information we have been provided. please provide us with further identifying information such as your ss#,name of OC,copy of most recent credit report displaying nco's tradeline,reference and the billing address of the account. a copy of any correspondence you may have received from us wou
  11. just saw this, i have lates with countrywide as well, mind sharing the basics of you letter ? Thanks
  12. well both the lates were from the same company i had 2 seperate cars with, they were from 10/06 as 30 days late, the accounts have been closed over 5 years so i was like how could i be late on 2006 so i disputed them and they fell off. is there anyway to ask equifax to re insert them ?
  13. hello all, i havent been here very long but just wanted to share some minor success. disputed all my negative TL's as well as sent out untimely DV's, got lucky, LVNV aka Resurgent just "re dunned" me and i sent another timely DV so we will see what happens with this one. but the good news. DELETIONS !! experian has deleted 4 older CA's T/U has deleted 3 older C/A's !!! equifax reports "under investigation" on the same ones that have been falling off, am i correct to assume equifax is the easiest to deal with ? hopefully, here in florida it seems most companies pull just equifax based off
  14. TC EQ moved 37 points but i dont see any differences on the accounts or any alerts either. TU EXP EQ 554 556 598 im glad im making small progress i havent had any CA's fall off EQ yet either.