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  1. So none of this ever goes away. Wish I knew that before I started, I've already wasted precious time. It all boils down to paying everything regardless. Thanks.
  2. My goals and concerns are obviously to get rid of it. I can't pay it. My income is nowhere near what it was when I first got my credit cards and over the past 2 years the job market in the area has collapsed. I've been trying for months to get work in anything that brings me up to a LOWER middle class standard and it's not happening. The SOL has not run out on it. It will be years before that happens.
  3. And what if they sue you and you truly have no money?
  4. When you are written off or charged off as bad debt, what does it really mean? What do you do once that happens? Sit around and wait for a law suit? Or have they washed their hands of you and you just get to live with a bad credit score? Do you I just keep going through the cycle of collection agency after collection agency? What has happened in your experience? I have no money to settle with anyone. I probably couldn't even afford a lawyer if they tried to sue me, so I have no idea what happens next. I read through all the definitions, etc. but I am looking for a more detailed answer I su
  5. 1. Is FIA a collection agency or part of AAA Financial? 2. I have received a "final notice" from them. I have not yet done a debt validation. Should I or will it soon go to another collection agency? Any other advice appreciated. Thanks.
  6. re: Cap 1 accounts. I sent NCO debt validation letters and within 3 weeks, all the calls stopped. Haven't received any letters from them either thus far. (*whew*) Cap 1 still sending bills and emails telling me statement is ready. What's my next step? Thanks!
  7. There is another thread in this forum which requests a link to the original 1,2 punch thread. It still has not been answered. There is a link to a "flow chart". Is that the famous "1,2 punch" thread or is there something else? If you search under 1,2 punch - you only get confusing results. Please link to original 1,2 punch thread. Thanks!
  8. I am ready to DV NCO regarding Capital One accounts. Can anyone tell me if it's better to send a letter (do I need to use a green signature card for receipt? Priority? Confirmation of delivery?) OR should I simply email ? Which works best? Please answer soon, i'd like to get to start this process as soon as possible. Thanks!
  9. I'll repeat my question: 1. Is there any success rate with Capital One when you DV the collection agency (NCO) or does it always turn into a lawsuit?
  10. If the DVs are for Cap 1 accounts - is the success rate the same? Or is that a different animal entirely.
  11. Well about 2 weeks ago I got a credit card offer from First National Credit Card - They want people to transfer their debt from other credit cards for a .....get this....1.99% FIXED FOR LIFE APR on balance transfers. Of course there are a ton of asterisks and qualifications and I'm not immediately inclined to trust this offer.......but...... the fact remains is that they are making the offer! This signals to me that the vipers are in the process of eating their own. The credit card companies are fighting with each other for scraps - they'd rather have some of your de
  12. I have a letter coming from the following address: NCO Financial Systems PO Box 61247 Dept 64 Virginia Beach, VA 23466 Has anyone else addressed DV letters to this office and received any kind of results? Is Lisa or Mike at this address? What's the better way to go - certified return receipt requested letter or an email?
  13. Similar situation for someone I am helping out. They are not working due to major illness, on Medicaid. They have no money and are surviving on charity from family members at the moment (though not listed by anyone as a "dependent') - can they get blood from a stone? This person has no money and no way to make money right now.
  14. What is the best way to get your credit reports and FICO score? Is the way to go or some other method?
  15. This isn't a question that can be black/white factually answered at this point in time but I'd like to know your thoughts on the subject. In regards to FICO scores and credit histories....if a majority of Americans have tanking credit and mortgages wouldn't it stand to reason that within a few years the way credit scores are tabulated and credit histories reviewed will be bound to change? For example, if a teacher gives an important test and 90% of the class fails - doesn't the teacher then mark the test on a curve or give a completely new test ? If Americans, in the majority, fail the credit