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  1. well I just got off the phone with AMEX...they not only agreed to send me a new card, but will backdate my act since 1989!!...it will show member since 1989. I called the # on the back of the card, I asked about backdating---she immediately transfered me to another dept who asked me a few security questions...and done...card will be in the mail in a week and member since date will be changed to 1989 Welcome hopelesscred, member since 1989. already showing online
  2. check out my sig...started in the low 400s on EQ...I will not purchase ficos in a few mos...but I should be at or near 610 soon..this was done in 8 mos.
  3. I wanted to provide an update on the OASIS program. it appears that AMEX will review your act at six mos and if you dont meet certain credit criteria, the Oasis act will be cancelled. Some of the acts will be allowed to remain open for another 6 mos and at which time you will be reviewed again....if you dont meed their guidelines, your optima card will be cancelled. I have been quite busy, so I've taken a hiatus from figthing off my remaining baddies...In any case...a CA recently placed a hard INQ on EX--I immediately DV'ed and EX is frozen. I am in the 30 day wait period.
  4. $1500!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my goodness
  5. your canx check? DV midland, demanding chain of custody, chain of title and full act history. ..they should go away Look up the Texas Finance code and check debt settlement provisions, you maybe protected and can sue them for coming after u for a settled or incollectible debt
  6. No worries u are on your way..all the more reason to close that 700 CL from orchard... with Amex..if u ever had a CO with them, u will need to pay it. They never forget.
  7. if I were u...I would try this: Call HSBC's prime division and apply--once approved, close or combine the 700 TL then add the following cards Amex clear Chase Wells fargo pulaski
  8. actually those sub 1K cards maybe hurting your scores a bit..I would wait 3 mos and demand another CLI --if they refuse close the card...
  9. OP with those scores..you should not even bother with HSBC. When I opened my act in 06, the gave me a 300 CL, I freaked and wanted to cancel--they immediately upped it to $750...a few mos later I called once again and I was given a 150 CLI with a fee...($25 I think) When I got hit with the AF--$79, I called again and was creditted back 39.00..so far no CLI yet but I will wait after I PIF and call once again. I now have a 900 CL with a 14.99 APR..it surely depends who you speak to, the guy I initially called gave me the impression that I could call and get CLI on the regular...this unfortunately has not happened. I need them now, but they will surely see the sockdrawer in a few mos
  10. As Willing said, did u keep any records of the agreement? Texas has very strong consumer debt laws, I would check on that as well. Some states bar CA from selling the balance of settled debts, not sure whether TX falls under that category
  11. EXCELLENT!!!...WTG....I need to update my journey but I will wait a few mos post rehab
  12. they may have sent a dunning letter--but no matter.. Challenge the listing with all three CRAs If they verify DV them...they'll have 30 days to respond-if not, you can send a demand for deletion this is otherwise known as the one-two punch send everything CMRRR...good luck
  13. Based on your scores, I dont think you will have an issue with financing. As others have said--you need to consider getting your own financing before walking into the dealer. Are you trading in? if so, do u know how much your car is worth? Second...I strongly suggest that you go for a certified vehicle with an extended warranty. Audis can be quite expensive to repair. Make sure that you know what the car is worth. Do all your research, get the black book price for the car (not Kelly blue book) lastly-consider going president day weekend or the end of the month when their sales quotas are due
  14. I would get on the phone ASAP with a human and arrange for an extended payment agreement to take care of the remainder of the balance.
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