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  1. you will find very few folks using firms to settle here...and regarding settling on your own, no one is against paying an OC as long as they agree to modify the debt listing
  2. Hmmm...I agree with the PPs....10 bucks a month for just an FA? now way.. Most states allow u to freeze your reports for free...in GA it is free only if you are a victim of ID fraud...otherwise it is 10 bucks to freeze and 10 to unfreeze...much better to pay 20-30 bucks a year when u apply..then 120...if u dont apply for credit, there are no fees Eq has a product that allows u to lock/unlock your EQ report for 2 bucks/month LIFELOCK is a crock and not worth it
  3. Can u rehab the SL?...that would be your best route.
  4. 22% and 24%...Yikes!! Can u hold out or buy something reliable in cash until your credit improves?... PP history be damned, pay that car off as quickly as you can--25% is a ripoff..
  5. Dispute, then DV--DV and DV ++++ CAs are bound by the FDCPA and FCRA to follow collections guidelines and accurately report the items they list on your reports. On your reports--some CRAs (TU/EX) will say"this item is scheduled to fall off...XX/XX/XX"
  6. you are confusing DOLA with DOFD (date of first delinquency) Once an act has been charged off--the DOFD does not change. There are several FTC opinions letters on this. This has been the case for years, folks used to refuse to pay for that exact reason until the law was amended. I am not asking you to pay, simply clarifying your statement so others are not confused.
  7. OP..FICO uses several scoring algorithms so it is not etched in stone what will get you a score over 700+ you can look here Jam--paying does not reage an acct, unless CA does it illegally.
  8. Congrats!!!....and on to 700 for 2008!!
  9. Its been awhile since I posted on this board..so today is the day I give back. Before this thread gets out of hand, let me preface by saying this: I sympatize with u on losing 14K in household income and I know that is a sizeable chunk...no one here is saying that this is not a big deal...it surely is a BIG deal to you and hubby. BUT...once again I fail to see how you can successfully win this case. The only thing I see is that you will piss off your husband's boss and possibly blacklist him against future promotions. furthermore, I cannot see a reputable lawyer taking your case unless he/she is looking to rack fees. Lets play this out...you are the plaintiff. I guess you would need to prove malicious intent on the part of the employer..HOW?...there is no store to promote him Will you argue that hubby should stay at his current salary--why? Are there others earning the same pay without a store? Can u prove it? Or will u say that the employee was negligent in not opening the store in a timely manner? As a result, your hubby deserves to keep his pay? While you are suing, store does open, do u think he gets it after you served them?
  10. we are simply trying to save u some grief and $$$....and I'll put it as softly as I can--you have no case, and filing will prob hurt your husband more than help him
  11. I would be careful right now w/AMEX...on CIC..several folks have complained of being canx for no good reason. The credit credit crunch has given many issuers the jitters and they've reacted by closing the cards or processing CLDs.
  12. I am no attorney but I fail to see the claim you would raise in this scenario. Do u actually think that suing will help this situation?..or make it worse,such as labeling your husband as a "litigious" problem employee?My advice?...dont do it--wait it out and hopefully store opens in a few months and he gets his promotion
  13. That offer is no longer avail...I asked months ago and was told as much. CRAP one refuses to budge on 2 COs...well one actually, the other is past SOL
  14. I am sure that most of you are now familiar with TC new feature that checks for new acts, critical changes and other updates.. Well I got the NONE FOUND...on all of the catagories today but decided to pull anywhay--My amex oasis (bout time) card started reporting and TC's new feature DID NOT capture it. NEW ACCOUNTS--NONE FOUND Amex is now reporting on EX and EQ but not yet on TU... Tru
  15. with GW, YMWV.....dont give up on the first or the second try--then move up the chain...key is to get your GW letter in the hands of someone willing and able to help...a lowly frontline rep or acct specialist will not be too sympathetic to your cause.
  16. DV them..if they respond and I doubt that they will...let them know that you do not have the ability to pay at this time....they will prob go find anothe victim...
  17. They are just trying to pressure your friend into paying.... what can they do?.. Sue the deceased?....tell your friend to tell them to FOAD..and if they keep calling..record it... she may end up collecting from THEM
  18. Why are you offering settlement on a debt that has not been proven? How do u know that Asset or Case management has the legal right to collect? Do they own the debt?--if so, can they prove it? (all questions that should have been in your DV letter that they've neglected to answer btw) If the debt past SOL? Can they prove it is not? settlement should only come AFTER they've proven amount and ownership of the Debt...for example, if the debt is valid, the actual amount owed could be 700-800 and the rest is nothing but interest and fees..
  19. Well I called them last week and they've agreed to credit me back half of the AF. I can live with that for now...
  20. EX is also my worst....thankfully most of my remaining baddies will fall off by themselves in 12-14 months. I have 2 negs that are less than 2 years old and they (one is crap 1) are killing my scores...once removed I should jump to the high 600's or low 700
  21. BJSTD.. Amex likes to see 2 years of good history...they use EX and I think you should be able to get the Delta skymiles now or at least when u get to 650 with your EX fico...what are your remaining baddies on EX? Once u get the Amex delta...wait six mos and convert to Amex Blue. Make sure you state correct income and dont go crazy with the CLI button. Good luck PS FICO boost it is..my new EQ FICO is now 566....****##$%%^^%HAPPY DANCE!!!!@#$%%^^&&
  22. unfortunately yes...and the CO has to be more than $500
  23. This is the number I called: 800-700-7619 there are other numbers: 800-528-4800 800-843-2273 If u have an old CO with AMex that was more than $500...just call and tell them you've been bad...very bad....
  24. They've just slapped me with the AF....even though the CL is only 500, I will be using my new Amex oasis toy card in the hopes of getting someting better in six months. I will PIF shortly after the holidays and prob close it. Then again I may need to sock drawer for another year if they refuse to waive the fee...might as well get the history mileage from them..
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