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  1. Nice move Merk...may not work with Amex but can work with other creditors...
  2. How do u expect to clean your credit if you are unwilling to pull your file? Also, SOL can be tolled if it can be shown that you have been hiding... go online get your report from all three CRAs
  3. Medical providers do not report to the CRAs...so unless u can get them to pull the account, u will need to deal with the CA. I would write a GW letter to the OC requesting that the account be pulled. Payingg the OC directly w/o a PFD may get u a paid collection...I did that and it took 60 days to remove the TL....
  4. Once DV'ed Nortland will go away....that was my experience with them. They use lots of green collectors who are ignorant of the FDCPA...when I dealt with them regarding my crap 1 account, I called them three times... first time--Collector hung up on me Second time I was called a dead beat and accused of stalling Third time I was immediately transferred to a supervisor My mistake?...I was offered a 35% settlement on the account and I should have pounced on it..provided they sent it in writing...CRAP is only offering 60% now
  5. I've jus discovered Spears v. Brennan good reference case for DV issues. U are in Ohio...Even I though I think there exists case law that defines CCs as open, your SOL is still six years for open contracts (15 for written ouch!!)..Crap 1 rarely sells their debts and they keep good records. Northland is one of their favourite CAs--follow PP advice and DV away and they will like be gone...then u can negotiate directly with CRAP 1.
  6. Thank you all...TU did finally update... Company is First Horizons and they have a customer for life.... They don't sell their paper and have always treated me with the utmost care and respect....I got in trouble with my mortgage 2.5 years ago..They lowered my rate to 5.87% from 7.5% and rolled the past due payments back into the loan...During the process--the rep was very supportive ...I messed up again--like an idiot, 12 months ago with a 30 day late... I started writing GW letters in June and kept getting denied---two weeks ago after my sx denial--I decided to appeal to the CEO and that did it.. I now have a 7 year old mortgage TL with perfect payment history Sadly no FICO boost...perhaps my new macys 200 CL is hurting me at this point..no matter I have other baddies to remove.
  7. This is one of their tricks....try sending it Fedex...they usually sign for those..
  8. Macys was one of the rehab acts...I am waiting for my Amex Yes I have HSBC/orchard bank...They maybe gone in two months as I am battling them on an old paid CO they refuse to remove.
  9. Lets see.. $250 CL with $99 deposit...you are late once and they jack the rate to 29%..u req the act closed...they keep it open for 8 mos adding fees and INT...dep is never applied and finally, acct is CO'ed 5 years later act is now at $1200 and they are updating every month poisoining your scores. Refuse to settle for a reasonable amount, Keep good records....
  10. Since I am battling CRAP 1 right now I would never recommend them... your scores are in the 500's so your choices will be limited for now. I would look into either Wells Fargo or Bofa secured...these are two prime banks, and they usually graduate their secured cards after 12 mos..sometimes earlier..with Orchard and crap 1...u will eventually have to close those starter accts.. As u can see from my sig...My scores arent much better. In terms of rebuilding, I rehabbed two acts and I will wait a few months before opening a secured act with either Bofa or WF..By then, I also hope that I would have cleaned my reports to the point I can qualify outright.
  11. Most folks get impatient with GW..this is my first successful one and it was extremely difficult...I have been writing since June..six or seven letters later, I now have a clean mortgage TL with a perfect history. Here are some pointers: Be persistent...writing to their credit dept got me nowhere...CEO office. deletion Stay away from form letters--need to write a personal note since u are at their mercy. Lastly--I am sure the current mortgage debacle may have helped a little. I simply told them I screwed up and I have taken steps to correct my past mistakes, ended the letter with the usual embellishments..."you have been a great mortgage co...the very best...and I look forward to many years..." They now have a very loyal customer.
  12. Since u dont have the full wording of the settlement, hard to say...but this tidbit clearly states "to the date of this agreement" it would not be a bad idea to have an attny look over the document
  13. Not necessarily...CRAs sell our info to CAs....they get an alert whenever there is activity in your file (disputes, deletions..etc).....but yes, they may have sold the act..rather then deal with u..DV them
  14. You are terrific: please explain when your CRA says " this account will go positive in 2012" ????? What does that mean. No lates or any problems that we remember ever. Secondly: would such notation affect FICO? Your most recent late was in 05 and it will take 7 years from that date for it to fall off---then u will have a positive act GW all the way...start writing
  15. FDCPA ยง 809. Validation of debts [15 USC 1692g] c) The failure of a consumer to dispute the validity of a debt under this section may not be construed by any court as an admission of liability by the consumer. File BBB, FTC and AG complaints....DV again and dispute with a CRA...read up on the one-two punch... They will not go away easily--and u may need to sue to get them off.... SOL in your state is three years so u should be safe...
  16. I have been sending GW letters monthly to my mortgage co and after 6 or seven letters or so....they finally removed ALL of my lates--EQ and EX lates gone...TU still reporting but I will wait a few days as they could be slow. No fico boost yet...but that usually takes a few days or so. Persistence paid off...what did it?---a letter to the CEO. On my previous letters I kept getting form letters from their credit dept "no we can't change..blah, blah...."...yeah right... hopefully TU updates tomm
  17. Getting any recent lates while doing repair is a killer.... From what I hear, Oasis is a one chance opportunity--u screw it up and u maybe done forever... I simply looked at it as an opportunity to add another TL w/o getting any INQs Plus....if they positively reage the act...that will result in a nice FICO boost.
  18. Things are moving at a much slower pace... Got my Macy's card and it is reporting on all three CRAs...FAKOs got a little bump and I expect a FICO score increase as my most recent mortgage late and my HSBC ages... Sent another GW letter to the mortgage co..req removal of lates..this time to the CEO..LOL....I will write each month..until I get some love. if only one of the lates from 12 months ago is removed, I will get a nice FICO boost..so I am not giving up. Still waiting on AMEX oasis, paid them a month ago...still nada CRAP 1--two accounts..we are at an IMPASSE...I called them to neg a settlement--I offered $350 and she wanted $650 then lowered it to $550(1000 BAL) no way I said and hung up HBSC--filed BBB/AG complaints...waiting for results and will file my suit. Auto loan...Sent letter to the CEO and they answered with a spreadsheet--SOA (statement of account) no actual bills. Still refusing to delete or modify the TL, so I am not paying...C&D'ed CA who continues to call...will send CMRRR...new CA started SRA assciates?...Fresh DV will be sent tom I am trying to rack some FCRA violations against them--so far section 623 is the only I come up with.. SL--2 payments in--7 to go.. I applied for the Kay's card--they pulled EQ hard and EX soft--got the 20 day notice...I called for a recon but was told I was denied..that's okay...I plan using the denial on any future lawsuits I file. Palisades/wamu --NJ BBB is in the midst of their investigation and I also filed an AG complaint. They are now updating the TL monthly, poisoning my CRs, more ammo. Long GA SOL runs out in FEB 08 per their records--wamu has it listed for APR 08-no rush I will wait..They did assign to W&A, I DV'ed and have not heard from them since Still have not paid my tax lien....need to start working to delete this!!) FICOs will be updated later this month..or next...
  19. There are two concurrent issues here: SOL for open instruments in GA is indeed 4 years " " Written intruments is 6 years. GA courts are undecided RE CC's as being open. Second...I may have reaffirmed the account by putting new charges on the 500 TL that was given to me...I dont remember and I am unsure--lastly, they refuse to send me the complete billing info -and continue to update the TL. We are at an impasse The HSBC debt is actually back from '02 and the longer six year SOL will be up in April...and I dont mind waiting. HSBC no longer has any records but is refusing to delete the TL...I have an ongoing BBB and AG dispute against them and as soon they are complete, I will file against them
  20. How long did the entire process take?....I paid them last month and I am STILL waiting for the darn letter..
  21. CRA's cancelling CAs for deleting accounts?...please...perhaps the small mom and pop CAs..certainly not the big powerhouses who can withstand small 1k FDCPA claims from consumers. They can simply choose not to respond to a dispute after pmt---thus resulting in a deletion. IMHO, they simply want to punish. This board and others like it, represent a minority of consumers --most lay down and take the crap w/o challenging
  22. Actually u can call Amex for your past CO and they will be happy to take your money and invite you to the Oasis program. That is exactly what I did and was sent the invite. BUT as LNY says...if you've BK'd them...u could be banned for life.
  23. I am currently in the Oasis program... If the following is important to you: Getting back in the good graces of AMEX Getting a new TL without the hassle of INQs If u dont mind paying a time barred, past reporting period debt... and lastly, if u can afford it.....then the Oasis program is for u!! I cannot say much more as I am still waiting for the application to arrive..I hear that the entire process will take about 90 days....after a year, u may apply for additional Amex cards..good luck PS....I also hear that Amex has positively reaged some of these accounts.
  24. all of this holier than thou BS as if they are the gatekeepers of Honor for the credit industry... that is the reason why--u fight them tooth and nail and make them spend lots of money collecting...the OC will generally have the TL listed on your report so there is no reason why the CA should as well. There is no law that says a CA must report--the law simply states..if they do, it must be accurate.
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