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  1. This is the number I used 800-543-9617 Credit Dept, I think this # is for CO accts..so u may want to try the number above first
  2. Isislc...I would call them for a recon...talk to the credit dept, with those scores should have been approved unless you defaulted on a macy's act in the past...
  3. Unfortunately this is the wave of the future and I don't see it changing...Most companies are outsoucing customer svc departments...why pay an american 20-30K when u can pay a foreign worker 3-5K/yr?
  4. hmmm...from what I've read on other boards, folks have been getting UPGRADED to the visa. Not sure whether this is a new policy. I bet u can get the CLs combined if u speak with the right person.
  5. I dont like to waste my time with C&D letters....I got a C&D over the phone--CA CSR simply told me that they would remove my name from their DB..and remove they did...have not heard from them--debt was waaaaaaaaay past SOL. Amerikaner...letter looks fine..but why waste such energy?... Dear CA... Debt is well past SOL. I will never pay. Stop calling and writing remove my name/number from your files ...if u dont, I will sue per the FDCPA Sincerely Amerikaner..
  6. Quite a few companies do this...mortgage, auto and even gas companies..I recently called to get a 5 day extention for my gas bill and I started to get grilled by the CSR....I simply told her..look...the bill is being paid in full in 5 days..thats all u need to know.
  7. Unfortunately it will be a new act.. Amex--may in fact positively age the old act....I will report on it when I get the card. took my bright red card to Macy's yesterday...for some reason there was a block on my card (new act/needed to verify my ID)...after what seemed to be an eternity, I was finally approved for the sale...thank god it was slow..
  8. I have asked this question before and I got varied answers.. If a Credit card company's agreement says "no matter where you live, we will follow the laws of NH..." Well SOL for NH is 3 years...can you successfully use that as an affirmative defense? Some have done it but would love to cite some case law for it.
  9. hopelesscred


    I think it depends on the BAL...my BAL was 745 and I had to PIF...others with much larger balances were able to setup payments. Call them 800-700-7619 Or 800-843-2273
  10. Well I contacted CRAP 1 today on a debt that is still whithin SOL CRAP 1 purchased an old HSBC debt in 03 and offered me a new card reported debt as of 10/2007 is $998 ...so I called today trying to get a settlement..CSR told me that BAL is now $1018 and she would settle for $675 ...and CO listing would be: settled for less than full balance NO way..I said... I countered with $300...she told me that the balance was $479 and was not authorized to go below that amount..so I offered 479...no she could not---but would do $550....countered with $500 and SHE REFUSED...I hung up... They obviously are more concerned about commissions then settling these debts... The only reason why I would even consider $500.00? I have another CRAP 1 acct that is past SOL ---due to be off in 11/08--figured 300/200 ...I may agree to the $550 and simply say...now both acts are considered paid Then fight tooth and nail to get them removed...
  11. hopelesscred


    "meanie" is an understatement... started another thread on CRAP 1 http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showpost.php?p=844785&postcount=1
  12. ITS faxed...waiting for their letter that will hopefully say that they no longer have any records..hopefully will use it for deletion At this point it does not matter whether it is mine...they cannot verify DOFD..so they must delete I am now waiting for the following BBB complaint AG filed complaint their letter one last round to the CRAs File....may use an NACA atty...on the fence wether I will file pro se.
  13. Beleive me I would rather NOT deal with a lawsuit...I leave for asia in a few weeks.. Quick recap I have 2 reporting TLs with HSBC one good (see sigggy) and the other: 1152 HSBC CO Sold to Midland..Paid/settled 5 years ago.. Fought Midland off..now HSBC will not delete....this has been ongoing for five freaking months and frankly I am tired of it...At first they were my only good TL ..so I was hesitant of playing hardball for fear of losing it..just got my macys and AMEX should be on its way....so I dont need them anymore..they've refused to delete..thus the lawsuit. My hope is once they see I mean business they will delete...If I have to spend money to file ...I will require a settlement
  14. BTW...so u know I AM A YANKEES FAN...I live in ATL but from NYC!!! LOL!! now that we've got that out of the way... I had two HSBC TLs one good (see siggy) and an old 5 year old CO...
  15. Violations I have so far § 616. Civil liability for willful noncompliance [15 U.S.C. § 1681n] § 617. Civil liability for negligent noncompliance [15 U.S.C. § 1681o] 623. Responsibilities of furnishers of information to consumer reporting agencies [15 U.S.C i) the person has been notified by the consumer, at the address specified by the person for such notices, that specific information is inaccurate; and (ii) the information is, in fact, inaccurate 623 (5) Duty to provide notice of delinquency of accounts sections (A)(i)(ii)(iii) I will need assistance drafting my complaint..and I will send them a copy of the first few pages...soon.........
  16. I would rather not go to court...if they simply remove the TL...BUT NO... so.... It appears that HSBC and I are headed for a lawsuit.. I have been battling them for 5 months and been somewhat hesitant to lower the boom because they were actually my only good TL…not anymore. I sent disputes to all three credit bureaus CMRRR several times …verified each time I have written and faxed HSBC many times requesting verification of DOFD..they sent me generic letters stating act was sold and balance is zero. After this last dispute to the BBB someone from the executive offices responded and he basically confirmed that they no longer kept records beyond 24 months but refused to remove the TL I filed an AG complaint this week and fax an ITS to them....waiting to see what happens and I will file...I guess I can kiss my good HSBC TL goodbye.. I will wait for the BBB and AG complaints to take their course..send copies to the CRAs then I will file ...this should give me ample time to prepare my case and allow the current TL to age at least 1 year and get macys/amex to report to soften any retaliatory canx of my current HSBC card
  17. Got my card today....203 CL..LOL!!..I called for an increase..and was politely told to wait a few months... Good news...they did remove the hard pulls...changed them to soft inquiries
  18. hopelesscred


    CRAP 1 has a rehab program?....Please provide details... Soccer u may have been spared the blacklist since it was a corporate card...my CO was over 15 year old and they did not forget!!!
  19. hopelesscred


    It is called the Oasis program and I am participating in it now. Amex has a long history and will blacklist you forever. I strongly urge you to do it, you will get a guaranteed card that you can use for rebuilding. This is a win-win situation for u
  20. Well CRAP 1--never sells their Bad debt, keeps meticulous records and blackmails you for seven+ years until u either cave in or they run out of reporting time. since they still own the debt--they can add interest to the bal and do so religiously.
  21. Let me give u an example.. I have two COs with CRAP 1 --971 and 1200 (past SoL ) Well on the 971--they offered $550 and I said--sure if u delete..no deal. I offered $300 no response from them yet...so the game continues.. Yes I would take the $300.00 offer and run...THEN bug the hell out of them trying to get it deleted...
  22. Another issue I have.....IS the OC held accountable for the 30 day period under 611(a)(1) or can they simply list the acct as in dispute and be done? All of my reading points to the latter Futhermore--I dont think this would be an actionable offense per FCRA
  23. Palisades battle Sent out my responses to the NJ AG this week and I wrote a letter to TU informing them of their violation for reinserting without notifying me. After I filed a BBB complaint--HSBC executive resolution team responded. He left me a message and thanks to Merkufan..I called and reminded him of FCRA 623 (8) and that I am no longer looking for VER documents but a complete deletion of the derog. He told me he wanted to check with another department and he would get back to me on Monday--since he was not up to speed with the FCRA..sure--Monday it is. Also sent yet another GW letter trying get lates off my mortgage. Rebuild Macys card is on its way (see Macys rehab thread)---I had to call them to remove two INQs they placed in my EX file...but remove they will. I am starting to like Macys again... WAMU--I am thinking of finally replying to their BBB letter and citing FCRA 623 (8)... Prob is not sure whether the OC has 30 days to respond...they can simply list the acct as "dispute" and be done with it. Hell it was worth a try at an acct that will hurt my scores for the next 18 mos---I am fully aware of section 611 (a)(1) being cited....anywho...hopefully they'll realize I will not go away anytime soon....and delete. My complaint with HSBC however, was very specific--verification of DOFD..and they've yet to respond
  24. quick update on this got an alert today...another MACYS INQ for EX...WTF?...I got on the phone and called the rehab dept--good news is that my card should be here in 7-10 business days.....ok so what's up with the 2 INQ? After being on hold/transfered for 20+ mins--I was told that they will remove both INQ and will send a letter confirming. Macys so far so good.....now only if they can give me a CL of 1K at activation...LOL
  25. Just curious...how much is your CRAP 1 balance?...they will continue to poison your scores until you settle. What is hurting your scores more is CRAP 1 updating TL each and every month as currently past due. Dont worry whether it says settled for less than full balance (they will NOT budge on the listing) much better than late as of 10/2007 and updated. They also kill your util% as that 250 CL is showing a much larger BAL--way over the limit.
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