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  1. This is my first post... I had no work for almost a year in 2002 and 3 of my credit card accounts were charged off. I simply could manage to pay any of my creditors back then. I decided to enroll in the DMP with CCCS in 2005 (www.moneymanagement.org) to repay my deliquent $15K credit card debt. They negotiated my debt with 3 CA on my behalf and seems to do a okay job. One thing I learnt was that you need to be alert about getting updates on your account statements. I recently noticed that there is a difference of approximately $1000 between what CCCS paid on my behalf and what the CA claims they recieved. MMI charges me like $10 each month for sending out payments to the CA. All fees included in the negotiation they did. They were able to get me 0% for 2 and 6% for 1 account. I presently have a balance of like $6000 to payoff. I choose this route as I think it's better then filing Bankruptcy and my credit seems to be improving from 545 to 620
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