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  1. What is Midland? a JDB OR CA? and is it true that JDB'S and CA'S can still sue even if the debt is out of SOL?
  2. i had a spiegels card that my ex wife ran up. it was opened in 2000 and then charged off in 2003. Spiegel has since been deleted.because midland and spiegels were both reporting. Midland now has it and says it's it was opened in 2007. they sent me an 40% off offer. I'm thinking of writing them and saying I'll pay only for deletion. my question is... can I not still deal with spiegels or do I have to deal with midland? And also after offering a PFD if it's not accepted can I not say foad to them because it is SOL? Don't they know that it is out of Sol? what t
  3. you're absolutely right chilton thanks to everyone>>>>
  4. thanks for the info....quess what I did to counter my mistake of paying? after I read what you guys said I instantly found the e-mail of the president of qt(the oc) and mailed him a certified letter stating that I had paid the CA in full and that they said they couldnt delete the account....basically it was a goodwill to the pres.. anyway some guy e-mailed me back two days later and said that he had called M.A.R.S and told them to remove the account!!!!! understand I was only trying this because you guys said i was f..... how about that? and all this was done before Thhe CA could report the PI
  5. that is gordons jewlers, I have an account with them..
  6. thanks guys!!! i'll try to get delete... is there anybasrgaining room with cra's with a PIF to get a delete?
  7. just wanted to know anyones experience with a PIF on a collection, will it hurt your score or help?
  8. an orchard card is also on my list of the rebuilding of my credit. being as it is a secured card am I supposed to put a certain amount of money on it. How does it work and what's the best way to use it?
  9. I got approved for a card from crownjewlers. 1500 CL. WHAT'S THE BEST WAY TO USE THIS CARD TO MY ADVANTAGE? I'm really not sure how it works. I mean with down part and the balance. anyone know about this?
  10. I'm looking to increase my score. what does your score have to be to get these credit cards? I've been working on my credit for the last three months and have had about ten things deleted....yes!!!! but now I'm looking to increase it with credit. can anyone help?
  11. sorry I wrote the post after you posted..... please forgive me!!!!
  12. they havent reached the 7 year mark but are over the sol in my state.which is three years. I just wanna know if they can keep adding to the balance after charging it off.