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  1. You get some purchase protection ins, and also travel insurance. I guess if you travel a lot then maybe it's worth it. IMO not for me.
  2. My condolence to you and your family on your loss . I believe there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. I hope you find the irresponsible owner.
  3. jrbauto1


    Funny....the scale joke was my favorite
  4. Something happened the first link is down.
  5. jrbauto1

    Paris Island.

    Thanks to all for your support.
  6. jrbauto1

    Paris Island.

    Yesterday I went to Paris Island, SC to watch my son graduate from the USMC. It is amazing to me how quickly he has grown up. He was in such great shape, he just looked great. Needless to say I am extremely proud of him. This was a great day for me and I am thankful to the Lord for taking care of my boy. That's us in my avatar. I was not able to insert it into the text. I know it's hard to see.
  7. Call your creditors and ask for help. Keep in mind that if you let some accounts go and try to keep others in good standing, some banks practice universal default and this could be trouble for you.
  8. Thanks AA! I am looking forward to a clean report.
  9. You just can't look, unless you want to buy more. I mean it is not pretty but think about this for a moment. There is a real economy out there. People wil still need food, water, power, gas, , I could go on. Today will probably be bad, GE reports this morning and let's hope they hit their mark. Hang in there . GE just reported as I was typing. They reported in line with analyst estimates. Of course their finance arm was down. Energy infrastructure was up 31% .
  10. OK, I have arived..... I think. I am down to my last two baddies. 1 on EQ 1 on EX. Both of these have gone into that weird place.... You know the one where they say "We have submited it for deletion, however it may take up to 90 days to fall off.". Does anyone know why they do this? I have had two listings deleted within 5 days after threatening suit. Just seems weird to me.
  11. First Premier, Cortrust and yes HSBC are all junk in my opinion (I had all three). New credit, try BOA secured, maybe Target. Keep in mind we are in tough credit enviroment right now. It may not be the best time to apply for any credit at the moment.
  12. Thanks for the replies. Apologies for the delay, I had computer trouble so I have been out of touch.
  13. Walter F Benenati?? Has anyone heard anything good or bad about this atty??
  14. I hear ya... Staring is not too cool. Hang in there!