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  1. I filed BK7 3 years ago and included my AMEX Platinum card/ I received a AMEX Platinum application pre approved offer today What gives
  2. I am two years out after a BK7. I have several credit cards with low limits but have not missed a payment. My Fico is like 611 Does anyone know might finance me a car?
  3. I know they are both sub prime but which is better? Anyone use both? or have an opinion? Thanks
  4. I am looking for another credit line and had a BK7 in 2008. IF YOU PAY ON TIME are they ok? I know the fees are high, but I guess youa re paying for your credit?
  5. Thanks for your reply.. The fees at First premir are high arent they?
  6. I was thinking of getting this card I know the fees are high but do they ever give more than the $250 start out limit with time? Do they raise your limits if you keep a good payment record?
  7. Well I am 1 1/2 years of a BK7 and these are the only cards I could get.. My question is do they hurt me or help me, and should I maybe dump the Hooters card it has a zero balance.
  8. Hi, I have a Hooters, HSBC, Capital one, & Chase... all unsecured. Which of these cards would be considered to be Sub Prime, and which would you replace. Thanks
  9. Is there any diffrence on your credit report between having a Master card or Macys store card? I amo build my credit and only have "credit cards" MC and visa at this time.
  10. I think thats what I meant, What is considered an installment loan?
  11. Well I dont buy their but for me to "back in" to a major like Chase. with a BK7 two years ago..
  12. Wow, I applied for a Cabela's card in September, but my credit was bad so they sent me over to WAMU. Who issued me a card... Well I get a letter form Chase saying in March they are changing over all of the Cabela's cards to Chase "as long as you meet our critera" Is it possable I will get a Chase Card???