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  1. What are your responsibilities to the Trustee in a Chap 13? Obviously your payment, but beyond that. Do you have to give them monthly pay statements, bank statements, proof that you are paying other bills as agreed? etc.? If you get a raise, or a second job and have more income, do you have a responsibility to disclose that and will they then change your payment agreement? Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. You are right their are actually two required courses. One BEFORE you can file, and one BEFORE it can be discharged. We just took an approved one for before you can file. It is a good session, they go over all your finances and help you determine if you COULD possibly go into a DMP to clear up your debts. In our case, our house is on the line due to an 11 month unemployment. If it weren't for that we would go with a DMP through CCCS, but they actually recommended that we file chapter 13. That disappointed and shocked me because CCCS is funded by the creditors and they are there to try and work out a way to pay your debts. Good luck!
  3. My FAKO, according to TrueCredit dropped 62 points in one day. Since we are 6 days away from closing on our first home, that has me panicked. I know that if the mortgage lender pulls our credit again at the last minute, that they will be looking at FICOs not FAKOs and that our FICO may not have changed, but gee whiz 62 points!! No new credit, no lates, no collections. What gives?? I do think that there are about 4 accounts that are mysteriously "missing" from my Equifax report though. All of a sudden they are just gone. A vehicle loan, and 2 or 3 active credit cards. All that we pay, all that we owe. Strange! Anyone know what might have happened??
  4. I came across these while researching something else. Equifax® P.O. Box 740241 (order a report) P.O. Box 740256 (dispute an item) Atlanta, GA 30374 800-685-1111 (orders) 800-685-5000 (disputes) www.equifax.com Experian® P.O. Box 2104 (order a report) P.O. Box 9701 (dispute an item) Allen, TX 75013-3742 888-397-3742 (orders) 800-583-4080 (disputes) www.experian.com TransUnion® P.O. Box 1000 (order a report) P.O. Box 2000 (dispute an item) Chester, PA 19022 800-888-4213 (orders) 800-916-8800 (disputes) www.transunion.com
  5. My fico and Kroll Factual Data were almost identical on the same day. only 2 points off for 1 of the numbers, other 2 were the same.
  6. What is the difference? We pulled our FICO's from myfico.com and are looking for a specific number, but I've heard that when your mortgage broker pulls your FICO's, drops the lowest and the highest, uses the middle number they are getting a different number than I am from myfico.com. Is this true? Are the mortgage FICO's higher or lower on average than your myfico.com score and can a consumer get the mortgage fico, or do you have to have your mortgage broker pull it? Thanks for your help!
  7. We just applied for an FHA loan with a 598 FICO (not sure which FICO they were using..TU, EX or EQ) but we were denied. No collections, but a few 2 or 3 late payments that were 11 months old. She suggested we apply again in 1 month and that if our FICO was up by 2 pts., she was certian we would be approved. She said with the 598 they probably would have approved us if it weren't for the under 12 month old late pay. Just our experience.
  8. Taking the settlement should not make your credit score go up, but I doubt it makes it go down. I think that the original creditor could possibly come after you for the full amount, I think they have that legal right, but they most likely sold the debt to to collection agency and don't "own" it anymore. Therefore, it is "off their books". I would recommend keeping the statement from the CA that you settled the debt with them. Its highly unlikely the OC would come after you for anymore. A mortgage broker will see that you've paid the debt and although it won't effect your credit score, it will only be a positive to the broker and lending company that you are able and willing to take care of your obligations. There are lots of lending companies out there that don't base their decision solely on your credit score, but look at your history and a paid collection will be better than an unpaid in that regards. Good luck. I am right in the same situation, trying to get mortgage approval. Applied last month and broker said we would be approved definitely if our FICO was up TWO more points. Will be applying again at the end of this month, plus paying down more than $3k on several of our debts, no collections, just current accounts! Hallelujah!
  9. Faxed the plaintiff's attorney a copy of an old credit report showing the DOLA and the last couple of pages of my currect credit report showing the list of current creditors. She filed a motion to dismiss the very same day, got a copy today, checked on line and case was dismissed. Called the clerk today just to verify, dismissed and no need for me to appear. Plaintiff's attorney left me a voicemail a mere 15 minutes after I faxed info to her. I am certain she had NOTHING to show that I had made any payments and that this debt could even possibly be within SOL. I PAYS PAYS PAYS to contact them and contest it. Unfortunately, out of 50 or so pending court dates, I am the only one closed. I so want to call the other folks with pending court dates being sued by CREDIGY and tell them to contest it and they have a good chance of having it deleted. We need to educate the masses! Thanks for your help everyone!
  10. Bobby, It will most likely say Paid Collection, $0 past due balance. If you settle for a lower amount than the original debt, in the comments it will say something to the effect of (settled for less that original amount due). I don't think the comments really effect your "score", but like I said before a paid collection is really no better than an unpaid collection. That is really your only negotiating point with the collection agency. You have fairly little to gain in regards to your credit score by paying it unless they agree to delete it. Keep in mind the statute of limitations in your state, if this is a very old debt, you may not even legally have to pay it. You'll have to do some research on this.
  11. It is not illegal for them to delete it. But, can be hard to get done. It's called Pay For Delete, or PFD. Some collection agencies are wiling to delete it in exchange for payment, some are not. You DO want to send them a letter and get it in WRITING!! If you ask on the phone and they say "oh yea, no problem" it won't stand up to the CRA's when you ask them to delete it because you paid it. If they will not agree, you have the option to not pay it, as a paid collection is hardly any better on your credit report than a paid one. I would suggest you send a letter to the collection agency. First DV them, to make sure they have sufficient information regarding you owing them in the first place, then when they respond, send a letter asking for a pay for delete. You can inform them that the credit reporting laws do not require that they report it at all, just that they report with accurate information. They have the free will to NOT report it, thus deleting it alltogether. Last option, is to pay it if you feel the need and can. You can later dispute the tradeline with the credit bureaus that you paid this in exchange for a delete (even if you didn't get an agreement from the CA). Sometimes after a debt is paid to the collection agency, they won't even take the time to respond to the credit bureaus request, or they don't have the information to keep it on your credit report. I've found however, this works best with older paid collections. Good luck!
  12. I have been round and round with a creditor on my credit report for nearly 9 months now. This account is NOT MINE. I have disputed over and over again with the CRA's, it always comes back verified. I sent the creditor a letter stating that this account was not mine and I requested that they remove it from my credit report. I also asked that they send me any information that they are using to verify this account on my credit report, i.e., copy of the signed application, statements or payment records. They sent me back a letter stating that they no longer have the original application, they have no payment record, and they are unwilling to provide me with credit card statements since I would have received them when they were due to be paid. One CRA has placed a "fraudulent account" notice or whatever it is called on my credit report, but to this day that is all that has been done. This creditor actually sent me a signed letter on their letter head saying...and I quote "I am unable to provide you with your original application as it is no longer available." and "I am unwilling to provide you with a copy of every statement sent on your XXXXX's account as we previously provided these to you at the time you were originally billed." and "...due to the fact that they are no longer available, I am unable to provide you with every sales draft for purchases made on the account." Since they are saying that they cannot/will not provide me with any information regarding this account in response to me telling them that I did not open this account, how are they verifying this account with the CRA's? My thoughts are to send letters to the CRA's with a copy of the creditor's letter stating that they don't have any information regarding this account and ask for them to remove the tradeline on the basis that it is not my account. I also will request that they provide me with the information as to why this account is able to be verified to the CRA, but not me the alleged consumer???? Any other advice? Should I do this or not? Thank you SO SO SO much CICers for every ounce of helpful info. Everyone here is SO great and my personal credit and my husband's credit are dramatically turned around do to CIC. I've found that once you start correcting errors and learning about the errors you have legitamately made in the past, you are SO much more apt to manage your credit properly because you want to keep the positive momentum going!
  13. Call the attorney and claim SOL. If you have any proof at all, fax it to them and see if they will dismiss. Chances are very good that they don't have a payment record for your debt and will have to dismiss.
  14. You hit the nail on the head, Gator944. My attorney advised me that if I call and she says she will look into it and then says she'll dismiss it. I should still plan to show up in court until I call and verify with the clerk that it has either been dismissed or I am off the calendar. She has 100's of cases each month and I looked through a years worth and I would guess that 90% of the defendants recieved a default judgment for not showing up. My attorney was impressed that I was already fairly educated on the process, THANKS TO CIC!!!! But, he didn't advise me to attempt to sue. He said most people don't and I don't really have any emotional damage from it. I'm not greedy, I'm not out to teach anyone a lesson, I just don't want it on me to have to pay. He said he would represent me in court if things go badly when I talk to the plaintiff or when I go to talk to the clerk. So, we shall see... Thanks again!