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  1. hi all - just wanted you to know, hubby and I closed about 2 weeks ago on this property...what a load off our minds. We had a great broker, lender and all went smooth. Good luck to all on this board.
  2. Yes, his aunt is off the deed already. I will start to look into the HELOC or refinance. Hopefully, we can find someone to work with us since our scores are not terrific. Hopefully, since there is no mortgage now on the house,and it is appraised quite a bit more than we need, that will help us in finding a lender.
  3. My husband and I live in a home that was in his mothers and his aunts name. There is no mortgage on the home. His aunt wanted out of the responsibility of the house, so she sold us her half for $100,000. The house is appraised now for about $225,000. His mother owns the other half, but doesn't live here with us. His aunt is off the deed and we have an interest only mortage with her for 1 1/2 years. Time is almost up and we are going to need a loan for the $100,000 to pay the aunt. Here's the question, our names and mother-in-law are on deed. What kind of loan do we try to get, a home equity, refinance or do we need a first mortgage? We paid for the title search and deed when it was put in our name. Scores low to mid 600's for both of us. Thanks for any advice
  4. hi - We were also supposed to get something in the first batch of direct deposits, but nothing in the bank either. Did anyone get a second notice from the IRS, we only received one that gave basic information about the rebate?