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  1. Hello to everyone, I'm fairly new at this and have had success allowing my husband and I to buy a new home and a new car! But there is still something I'd like to have deleted from my credit report. I have an auto repossession form 2004 reporting on TransUnion and Equifax. The original creditor is CitiFinancial. This has been verified probably over a year or so ago with both agencies. It reports as purchased by another lender/account transferred or sold. It does not state whom might be currently trying to collect on this debt. So I am wondering if I should write to CitiFinancial and see if the
  2. My husband and I recently pulled credit reports since we are purchasing a home soon. I had an old state tax debt on my credit report from 2000-2001 for 1241.64. I had received a letter at the end of August notifying me of this debt. When I called today to settle it (can't get a mortgage with an open tax debt) they told me the amount was now 1708.89. I was shocked to hear that it was now almost 500 dollars more just over a two month period. I paid the 1241.64. I'm wondering if it's possible to negotiate with the comptrollers office for the balance or do tax offices even do this? I need to get t
  3. My husband has a foreclose on his credit reports, all 3 agencies. It is scheduled to drop in Feb 2008 so that's not that long. But, we recently applied for a mortgage and had one lender tell us that this is hurting us in respect for the different types of mortgages we would qualify for. We had originally planned to wait until after this fell off next year to apply but just got anxious I guess. I'm wondering if I contact the mortgage company and ask them to delete early if they would be agreeable (it's Commercial Federal). I doubt they would do it and I don't want to stir up any trouble. Any th
  4. I was able to get an American Express charge off deleted from my Equifax report. My question is will it do any good to send a copy of the deletion letter from Equifax to Experian and Transunion? They have both already verified the debt. I'm not sure whey Equifax deleted it, I disputed it on the grounds that it's a corporate account not a personal one although I do think some of the charges may have been personal. Any suggestions?
  5. I've disputed several things from Equifax but the returns I get are CSC Credit Services. So, I went to call the toll free number to ask and the first statement was "Thank you for call CSC, a division of Equifax". So, are they the same and would my credit report be the same or seperate for each? I'm totally confused....
  6. I'm attempting to get this removed from my husband's report. It was originally a business account I think. Does anyone have any experience and/or advice for me in dealing with American Express?
  7. I have attempted to validate a debt with two different agencies. They sent me what they call "validation" but is not one of the 3 documents required (agreement with original creditor, signature of debtor agreeing to pay debt and complete payment history). Their validation was simply to state the debtor's name, the name of the OA and the balance due. I don't think this is sufficient. Do I write again stating they have not satisfactorily validated the debt?
  8. Ok, this is my first post, I'm new here so go easy on me! I have an entry on my credit reports at all three major agencies. I believe they are for the same original creditor. LVNV Funding is reporting on Equifax, Experian and Transunion and Park Dansan is reporting on Equifax only. I think the original creditor on both of these is MCI. The debt is about 5-6 years old I think. Anyway, I sent a letter to both collection agencies for debt validation and received a reply back from Park Dansan stating that they could not locate the account without more info and requested my full name, current addr