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  1. Somehow these people have gotten my cell phone number! Grr! I knew I should'n't have answered it when I didn't recognize the number. I asked how they got my number. The woman claims that it's on the record and listed as the home number and she added, "we don't go looking for phone numbers." I almost laughed at that but didn't....instead I hung up. They're trying to collect on an old credit card that is beyond it's SOL and then some. Isn't it a violation of some kind to call you on a number that was never provided to them? Heck, I've only had this number for 2 1/2yrs now.
  2. And the violation would be? Calling me without sending any notices first?
  3. Could they come back and try to sue?
  4. Wow! I'm having the same problem with these people! They will just NOT go away. Graet advice from everyone... I'll have to re-read everything carefully and try some of your suggestions. Thanks!
  5. During the last couple of weeks West Asset has called but didn't leave a message. I decide to bite the bullet and call them to see what they wanted. The guy said he was collecting on a medical debt. I thought, WTH? He said there were two accounts with them. One from 2003 and one from 2004. I said I thought I had paid those a LONG time ago. He said NO, we've been sending you statements. I said uh, NO, I haven't received anything from you people at all. He gave me the reference numbers from the hospital and said he'd call me Friday or Saturday and I could pay then. I thought, "HA!" First, I don't have that kind of money just laying around. Second, I did a search online and found that for medical debt, Texas has a SOL of 4yrs. These two debts are way past that SOL. My question is, how do I handle this??
  6. I totally agree with cashman! My credit was awful just a few short years ago. I was ready to look into debt settlement/debt consolidation companies when I found this site. This place is full of valuable information. I read and read...asked questions and the answers/advice from others who had been in my situation helped so much. Now my finances have turned around. I actually have money in savings, my credit score have improved a ton (in the 700s now..finally!), I have credit cards with decent interest rates and I even bought a new car yesterday with financing through my credit union...they gave me an interest rate of 3.85%
  7. I have a loan with Citifinancial that has an interest rate of 28%. ouch! I had to get the loan at a time when my scores were in the toilet but it was an emergency. Anyway...my question is, is it possible to transfer the loan balance to a credit card that would have a much much lower interest rate?
  8. I got a CLI on my Wal-Mart card from $1200 to $1800. I didn't request it either.
  9. I just called capital one to see if they could give me the date of the last payment rec'd. The woman said my account isn't even in their system anymore. She gave me an address and fax number where I could request the info from if I wanted to. At this point they're only pestering me because there isn't anything being reported on my CR from anyone. So a FOAD letter would be the way to go, correct? Anyone have a good letter I could see as an example?
  10. Seems like a lot of folks are having problems with Portfolio coming out of nowhere and trying to collect on old debts. I have another thread going about my issue with them and I got the same letter like Wan2Live's wife. Guess I should send them a C&D because the debt is beyond the SOL.
  11. I want them to stop contacting me. I was kind of thinking of writing them back to state that they didn't validate the debt and then mention the SOL in Tx is 4yrs and this debt is past the SOL. Whatcha think?
  12. So what do I do? Do I write back stating that I asked for validation and they sent me verification and I still want them to validate the debt?
  13. The last time I checked my reports, there was not one thing listed from Portfolio or Capital One.
  14. I went ahead and sent a DV letter to AmSher...today I received a letter from Portfolio Recovery Associates....which is interesting since I sent my letter to AmSher.... anyway, the letter I rec'd from them reads as follows: Dear My Name: RE: Verification Information Concerning PRA Account/Reference No: (account number) Capital One Bank The following information is being provided in response to your recent communication concerning the account referenced above. Account number .... and its proceeds were sold, assigned and transferred by the seller to Portfolio Rec. Assoc on 3/22/2007. At the time of the sale, the seller provided an electronic file of its business records concerning this account. According to the seller's records, there was due and payable from MY NAME to the seller in the sum of $5902.72 with respect to the account as of 3/22/2007, there being no known un-credited payments, counter claims, or offsets against this account at the date of its sale. Here is a summary of additional information listed in the electronic file for this account: Account holder's name provided by seller - My Name Account holder's last 4 didgits of SSN - last 4 digits date account opened provided by seller - 1/12/95 balance at date of PRA purchase - $5902.72 Interest accrued since the date of purchase or last payment to PRA - $0 Cost and other Fees - $0 Total balance due as of the date of this later - $5902.72 Please contact us if you would lie to receive a payment history of payments that have posted to this account since our company purchased this account. Contact us... their info..blah blah.... If you wish to dispute this account, please send written documentation describing the nature of your dispute and any information or materials that may be helpful to our investigation so this dispute may be investigated in a timely manner. Please send documentation to blah blah blah.... Please note that if we receive no informatin or documentation describing the details of your dispute by 6/16/09, we may then terminate the investigation related to this account due to the lack of clarification of the nature of the dispute. So, I'm asking you all with experience, what is my next step? Is what they sent me validation of the debt or is it just verification information like their letter states? Should I write them again saying I requested validation and they just sent verification? SHould I try to contact Capital One and see if they can tell me what the date is of the last payment I sent them because I'm fairly certain it has been more than 4 yrs ago. If I'm right about that, should I write back to them stating the SOL is Tx is 4yrs and this account is past the SOL so therefore they can't collect? Thank for your help!
  15. I received a letter from AmSher saying that they are trying to collect a debt from me and listed Portfolio Recovery Assoc as the creditor. Then a couple of days ago, I started receiving calls from Portfolio Recovery asking me to contact them regarding a debt. If they placed the account with another collection agency wouldn't you think they'd stop calling? I think Portfolio is trying to collect on an old Discover account I had YEARS ago. So long ago that I think it's way past the SOL. I believe SOL in Tx is only 4yrs. If the Discover account is past it's SOL can they still try to collect? Should I send a debt validation letter to AmSher or Portfolio or both? Thanks for your help!