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  1. I have both the apllied bank gold and capital one. I only had to deposit 49 dollars for the capital one. I don't know if it helps your credit all I can say is my Ficos went up after getting them. But there are reasons to get them, my main reason was I travel alot and without a credit card you can not rent a car. I found this out the hard way in Feb when we were stuck at the airport because even though I had already paid for the rental they wanted a major credit card. I only had a debit and they pulled my credit and it was a no go. Luckly my brother in law came to the rescue. So regardless of w
  2. The attorney that did ours charged 3200 for a 13 and 900 for a chap 7. We are in a 7 and paid upfront.
  3. I got a secured card and my Fico went from 583 to 625.
  4. We filed bankruptcy on 4/6/12. I had a past cc with rewards 660 that I included. I pulled my report and found out that account has been sold to Metaindingo. On 6/30/12 they reported it as a charge off. now here is my question I had no idea it was sold and I filed on the original creditor, so is Metaindingo allowed to report this way or can I still ask that the report be corrected?I hope this makes sense. TIA
  5. Are any of the cc updated those of the OP are quit outdated.
  6. rmiller0410


    My daughter passed away last August and somehow the debtors have gotten my number They have called my house on several occasions asking to speak to her. I always tell them that she has passed. The calls still come. The other day I received another call even though they had told me they would not call anymore. Here is how that call went: Me hello them this is xxx fromxxx may I speak to xxxxx xxxxxx. Me well I don't know do you have the number to Heaven? Them No could you give it to me. Me The only way I know that you can get it is to get down on your knees and pray to God and see if he will put
  7. Not sure if this will help but we also had to file bankruptcy. In 2009 we had perfect credit (thanks to everyone here). But then I had a TIA and was unable to work. We were only two months behind on our mortgage and BOA would not take our payments unless we paid attorney fees ect. We filed a chap 13 but we were unable to pay the 700 monthly bankruptcy fees and the 900 mortgage due to my husband only getting 358 a week in unemployment. I had filed for SS but that is a long drawn out process. In Nov our chap 13 was dismissed. In Dec BOA asked for all those back payments or they would begin forec
  8. Ok so here is my problem.Back in May after I had finally repaired my credit I had a TIA (mini stroke). I was unable to work for several months and needless to say fell behind on some accounts. I called most of the companies and they agreed to take what I could pay until I went back to work. All except GE money bank ie paypal. So I am behind $88.00 and my phone rang at 4 AM this morning. I did not answer at 5 AM it rang again it was NCO stating the usual and they are a debt collector collecting for paypal etc. I said let me stop you it is only 5 AM and why are you calling the lady stated "oh I
  9. I think GE MONEY is the worst. They have slashed all my accounts and closed my Ford card and I never even used it. They just suck.
  10. I went to Target today to check this out. I bought an item priced over $50.00, paid with cash and got a pre-appoval. Just my luck I already have a Target card but I wanted to see if it would work. The cashier said you are pre-approved would you like to apply I declined of course. Then I asked her how they could do this and she stated it was a promotion to anyone making a purchase over $50.00. She said that you still had to go through an identity verification. So I do not know if they will really give it to you or not. She stated that as long as they could identify you that you were approved bu
  11. Hello everyone. I have came across some information that I thought may be helpful to those trying to get a Target card. I can not tell you how I got this info as it was not suppose to be announced. But for the next several weeks they will be offering a preapproval to anyone that purchases something. As long as they can verify your idenity you will be approved. I think that the purchase must be made with cash but I am not sure yet. I will let anyone who is interested know tomarrow when I get the rest of the details.
  12. The 5 day works. I had a CA reappear on my TU. I called them and said you removed that CA back in July and its back and I did not get a five day notice. He removed it while we were on the phone.
  13. Each card has their own standards. I have care credit walmart sams meijers dillards but was denied jc penney and lowes with much higher scores.