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  1. I'm exploring my options. I don't have any one particular vehicle in mind. I want either an SUV or Crossover vehicle.
  2. I applied for and was approved for an Auto Loan through CapOne. They approved me for $27K at 9%. Is this to much? I never had a car loan before and my credit is very good now. When I went to Nissan they approved me at 11%. I tried Roadloans but I'm still waiting to hear from them.
  3. He is in NY. So once he pays the penalties then they will automatically come off or does he have to dispute them? There is nothing he can do but pay them?
  4. As of last night I decided to help a friend repair his credit. He said the only thing that's on his credit report that is hurting him are surcharges for traffic tickets. The tickets have been paid but the surcharges are what's killing him. I advised him to get a copy of all his credit reports and we'll take a look. Until then, can anyone give me advice on how he should handle the surcharges?
  5. Congrats to you. Keep up the good work!
  6. ok, thanks. I updated my cr today and it was still there.
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