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  1. I'm having a similar situation with TU. I'll be filing suit within the next couple of weeks. No sense in playing around when the truth is so evident.
  2. I'm sure just filing and serving them will get their attention. If you have proof from the state that the liens are not valid, you should prevail.
  3. Did you dispute with the CRAs? How are the OCs in violation of the FCRA?
  4. What are you trying to achieve? Is the account in good standing like First Premier said?
  5. If they filed in Oct 2008, there could have been a court date that you didn't know about. If there is a public record on your CR, then this is most likely what happened. Again, get the court file to see what's in it.
  6. Supposing Verizon answered your 623 and provided your entire billing history, then what would you do? Have you thought about just paying it? Or you could wait it out.
  7. It sounds like you have a default judgment. Contact the court to get the case file.
  8. Use the partial account numbers as listed on the CR. They will be able to find the account. As far as which letter to do first, I'd say contact the CRA first. If they delete, there's no need to contact the CA.
  9. Did you dispute all of the CAs with the CRAs before you sent the DV letters?
  10. Sorry to tell you this, but even when the debts fall off of your credit report, they don't actually go away. The debts are still valid. You can still get sued and hounded forever (letters, phone) on these. The 7 years is the reporting period for your credit report only. The CRAs do not have the power to cancel debt. They just can't report it after 7 years. So, the debt is still alive.
  11. Have you explained to the CA that it's not a student loan and that the debt was discharded in your BK? It could be an oversight on their part and they may not know about the BK. Send a letter to the CA explaining the above. You may also want to search the Bankruptcy forum for more info.
  12. Charging off and being sent to collections is two different matters. Charging off is an accounting term meaning they took the active debt off their books. It doesn't have anything to do with collections. The debt has been charged off AND sent to collections. This is normal. The 7-7.5 year reporting period is based on the date of first deliquency. When did the debt first go deliquent? If it was in 2002 or earlier, you can try disputing with the CRAs as "obsolete." The "date reported" has nothing to do with the 7-7.5 year reporting period. The SOL is different from the reporting period and would come into play if the CA filed a lawsuit on the debt (which they can do). Try disputing with the CRAs first.
  13. Was the school debt included in the BK?
  14. Piece of advice. When dealing with debt, get over the "principle." You'll find that some things just aren't worth it the mental/emotional energy. Now, to your question, the best thing to do is to contact the provider, explain that the whole thing was a mix-up and you'll gladly pay the $38. Ask them to have the TL deleted from your credit report. Get everything in writing.
  15. I doubt you will find an answer on here. Check with your state authorities. However, I would think that a state would NOT require a CA to be a corporation. The government cannot dictate that to someone. What if they wanted to be a partnership of some sort?
  16. Unless they contact you??? This forum is about helping people. How are you helping?
  17. At the W-2/1099 stage, it's not the IRS's problem. The "employer" has reported those numbers to the IRS and I'm sure the IRS will believe them over the employee. I would suggest she get an attorney if the employer will not listen. But she really needs to press the employer on this because they will have to report the corrected numbers to the IRS also.
  18. You need to request a corrected W-2 or 1099 from the the "employer." It would be good if you had your own copies of stubs, deposits, time cards, logs, etc to back up your claim that the W-2/1099 is incorrect.
  19. No offense, but this sounds like you're trolling for business. If you have some tips, why not just post them to the board so we can all see and learn.
  20. Yeah, take the car, sell it and use the proceeds to retire the loan.
  21. I would like to add that it really does not take a lot of time. You can allot 1-2 per week and still get a lot done.
  22. Merry is correct if the OC is suing. Additionally, if the account was opened online, there would not be a signed contract in the conventional sense.
  23. Hello, the first thing you want to do is prepare an answer to the summons. You can just deny everything for now. But you have to file the answer or they will win the case by default. There are sample answers on the forum. Then, after the answer is filed, you will need to begin preparing your defense. As you prepare, you can request from the plaintiff any document you need from them, including anything needed for proper validation. On a separate note, you will want to pull a copy of all 3 of your credit reports to see what's listed. This will help you determine the original creditor.
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