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  1. Another random appearance. I still lurk, but haven't logged in since my last post back in August. Learned quite a bit on this site, and accomplished quite a bit. I went from having credit so bad I was asked for I.D. when I paid cash to having no negatives on my report, and several positive credit lines. I cancelled a few cards after they had served their purpose, but kept 3 CC's and a couple of store cards. I've even qualified to get a home loan. For anyone new to the site, read and heed the advice of the knowledgeable people here. It won't happen overnight, but it is possible to get out from under it all.
  2. I haven't posted since February. So I'm making a random appearance.
  3. Wal Mart bumped me up to $725, up from $600. I might cancel the Target RedCard, I haven't shopped there in about a year, but GF does if there is a sale, and then does the PIF when the statement shows up.
  4. Hello, and welcome to the forum. If your user name is your actual name, you might want to change it. The collectors read these forums as well.
  5. I can't remember if I've ever posted in this thread, not obsessed enough to check. Just making an appearance.
  6. The utilization hasn't been regular on it, and the highest I think its ever been was maybe 30%. I've had a 0 balance on it for the last two months. The CLI's on it have been fairly regular, but this is the first time it was only a $200 increase. Its usually been $400.
  7. Mine is also at 21.7% and 26.7%. I've never used the points, it a little over 9300 now. How do those get cashed in?
  8. Some of the credit companies must be seeing all the accounts being closed due to ratejacking and credit limit decreases and are trying to hang onto the card holders they still have.
  9. After nearly 3 years, Target finally gave me a CLI, got a notice in the mail the limit went from 200 to 1000. Wouldn't have anything to do with the Christmas shopping season, would it?
  10. They really don't care, all they want is to collect. When I went through a long period of trying to live on workers comp after an injury on the job, I would get calls every other day from the one credit card I'd had at the time. Usually I just wouldn't answer their calls. Sometimes I had fun with them. I would let them go through their collection speech, and then just answer their questions in total gibberish, or say "I'm a pretty princess" over and over again.
  11. If his state passed the law allowing same sex marriages, would the JOP be in the same position if refused to do the wedding? Not trying to defend his beliefs here, he just has differing opinions.
  12. Was actually hit today with a CLD. I check my accounts daily, and today Chase lowered the limit on the account that used to be WAMU. It wasn't a big CLD, 3500 dropped to 2900. Called CSR and they gave me the blah blah blah. I was planning on cancelling the account at the end of the year, but dropped it today. Another CC in the shredder, and now I no longer do business with Chase.
  13. Chase got me today. I logged on to check my accounts, and saw that the account with the $1400 limit had been cut to $600. I had a $300 balance on it that I had logged on to PIF. I'm going to call during their business hours to tell them to either restore it or cancel. The WAMU that was turned into a Chase is still at $3500. If it gets cut they are both gone. I was going to wait until the end of the year to close them, but it looks like they get fired sooner.
  14. By far the best response I've seen yet. Its sad to see when someone is no longer capable of doing the things they were once depended on for.
  15. stefdr

    Gov Stanford.

    Ummm, political thread? Isn't there a rule against this? No wait, I just noticed there is an ® after his name. Must be ok then.
  16. Sounds like a great deal. Being several thousand below your loan amount. It would be something that I would jump on. With room for expansion, the additional rooms could be added, which would add to the value of the home. You still could look to sell it later, life gets in the way and plans can change. You might want to get a copy of the building plans and show it to a contractor, to get opinions on how to expand later.
  17. I work 12 hours a day 7 days a week with two weeks off every 4 to 5 months. Hasn't killed me yet.
  18. With all the CLD's becoming common, it was nice to see my Hooters still getting bigger, right on schedule. CLI to 3K a couple of days ago.
  19. If you have to ask, you'd never understand......
  20. Actually it was a French Canadian whose parents immigrated from China, who worked at a Mexican Restaurant owned by Ukrainian fraternal conjoined twins.
  21. Agreed. If someone in a Prius hit my 35 year old pickup truck, they would fold like an accordion while I got a little scratch in my paint. I can see the additional fees for registering the older vehicles. All in the name of progress.
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