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  1. Yes, I was involved with the industry for 2 years after college and I enjoyed it; mostly the self growth and improvement. I was very young and looking for something, but the company wasn't for me. When you are involved in any MLM, make sure you conduct your research like you would do anything else. Anything can sound to good to be true, so you want to make sure it sounds good to you - take your time. To fast forward, I was involved with 5 MLM's before I found the right one and even taught 3rd grade for 5 years before hopping back into the industry. With anything, it has it good days and bad days, but the good days are outweighing the bad. Overall, do research, gain a belief in what you are doing, and share it with others!
  2. I have been involved in the Network Marketing (MLM) industry on and off, and I'm glad I decided to get back involved after being laid off last year. If you start any business, make sure it's a passion and something you enjoy doing! Whoever thought a passion can be a vehicle to generate another stream of income for you?!?!
  3. Dre

    Hey, Hey!

    Hello Everyone! I hope 2012 is going well for everyone, because I have been busy and used to be very active on the boards. I was laid off last year and I had to get things taken care of with my life, so my credit score and the success I have been having throughout the last 5 years didn't make me regress. Well, I have been doing AMAZINGLY WELL but it took a lot of focus and dedication. I have been traveling the world and promoting a health challenge - The Body By Vi Challenge. If you are looking to get healthy this year or know of anyone on this path, please let me know. I have helped many families and individuals get out of debt this year and dream again. I hope all is well with everyone who continues to manage their debt and dream again. Continue to be the success you want to be in this life! Keep Enjoying Life! Welcome
  4. Never mind..she is now telling me it was a personal loan through the bank. She needs to start the DV process. HAHA!! Thanks for the advice!
  5. Thank you Hal! Because this helps guides my advice I should give to my mother. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
  6. Well, hello awesome people! I have been gone for awhile, and I'm back for some suggestions with collection advice for my Mother. She has finally paid off all of her credit cards, and now she is ready to tackle this burden of student loan debt. She is turning 60 and retired this past summer, but she is receiving letters from Pioneer Services about PS taking action on garnishing her wages. I know she is not working, but I'm trying to think of the steps she should take. In the past, I have only dealt with personal loans and credit cards, but never with student loans. She does live in Texas, but I don't know if the same laws apply to student loans since those deal with federal government. Could anyone point me in a direction where I could become more knowledgeable about student loan collection in Texas? Do the debt laws still apply to federal loans? Garnishing of wages - I know the federal government could freeze her account... Any words of guidance will be much appreciated!! Thanks!!!
  7. Good luck with the car situation and I hope your baby is doing alright as well! Hang in there and you're doing the right thing - You don't want any car payments. Great choice on using friends, family, and even neighbors to help you out!!
  8. ...unless you pay for the car in cash . If you decide to get a credit card - get one - Bank of America had a great secured credit card I used and then BOA graduated it to an unsecured credit card after a year.
  9. As stated above, keep the paper trail, get everything in writing before sending in any payments...
  10. It's great you are working to repair your credit! If I were you, I would worry about cleaning up your credit report first and leave the credit cards alone since you and your husband have been managing to live cash only. You are on the right track, so keep reading the forums on the website! Be patient and check out Dave Ramsey even.
  11. I believe there is a period when auto dealerships pull all 3 credit scores, but the excessive inquiries do not hurt your credit score. I forgot the allotted time, but I'm sure an more experience poster will have better information. I believe if it's the same as searching for the interest rate that fits you best for your house...
  12. Hey there, J! Good to hear from you - glad all is going well!!
  13. Exactly! I wouldn't use any of the products, but it's nice to have the EX score and report for free!
  14. ^^ Agreed. I disputed my personal information which was incorrect - personal addresses, names, employer's information, etc. When those were a success at removing, I move onto the collections since I had the "paper trail" system down.
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