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  1. I would try a possible credit union, though they usually want to build a "relationship" with you - money in your account: both savings and checking. As of now, my credit union is currently running an auto refinance/finance for 2.65% (of course based on your credit score).
  2. If you are going to pay for any debt in full, make sure you get it in writing. I would also continue to push for them to remove the debt. That's the only time I paid for a overdue debt; though I only had to deal with credit card debt. I don't believe in taking on more debt to pay off debt, but to each his own. If you decide to do that, follow the advice of the previous poster... Pay the $2K and then pay off the remaining loan with the rest of the money. Don't get yourself caught up in more debt :\ Good luck!
  3. Dre

    Word Game

    Look Alike Alike her (say that fast 5 times in a row)
  4. I applied for it about 3 years ago. I was approved for 1,200 - dental work.
  5. Agreed. I rather use that energy to open a bottle of wine!
  6. I had the card, Blondie and I always made sure the balance was PIF before the end of the promotional period. I had no problem with the company, and it was very simple to get a credit line increase - used the card a lot for vet visits. I believe my credit score was in the low 600's w/e I applied for it.
  7. Glad you are getting the ball rollin'! Please post with any help you might need on your repair journey; the gurus on these boards love helping out!
  8. Hello Everyone! I wanted some advice on my student loans. I am currently in deferment with my loans due to attending graduated school until Summer of 2012. I am currently paying off my credit card and car debt which will be paid off in June. Question: Should I use my tax return to pay off CC and card debt, then use the rest of fund my emergency account or pay the remaining to my student loans? My student loan amount is very large; 2nd to my house but wanted to seek some advice from some gurus. Thanks and take it easy!!
  9. ...so what were your credit scores? It's O.K. that you only paid for your credit report; ask them to send it to you. Afterwards, don't give them anymore money, because you can do the credit repair process on your own. It'll take patience and discipline, but this website and reading a debt/credit repair book would help you out. The housing market will remain this way for awhile, so repair your credit first to get those scores up. I believe lenders are looking for a FICO score around 660-680 now from all 3. When you get your credit report, post the negatives so you can get more advice from individuals on this site for which accounts to attack first. Don't give out any of your banking information . How much longer do you have in your current place of residence? I know paying rent month to month can be no bueno, but you do not want to put yourself into a situation within a few months to a year you are in the same place. I hope some of this advice will help and good luck!
  10. You should continue to work on the negatives; you never know something good might come out of it. Keep sending the letters and disputes... As for your car, I would keep saving up (if possible) to buy a car in cash. If your current car is not giving you any problems, keep up the daily/quarterly maintenance on it - it's great not having a car payment. As for your student loans - I would apply as much money as possible to them monthly. Pay those off and build a 3-6 months emergency fund as well... If you haven't picked up The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey--- do so! It has been a great support for myself and my money! Good luck!
  11. If I were you, I would keep those 2 you currently have. You will build credit over time with them, and unless you are looking to purchase a home or car soon (be nice to pay for it in cash - if possible), I would only stick to those credit cards. You don't want to keep getting denied and having those inquiries on your credit report. Make sure you PIF with the credit cards you are using each month. Good luck with everything!
  12. Anything you can do to own a vehicle is the smartest approach and whatever saves you the most money.
  13. Sorry to hear about your economic situation at the moment. I hope the advice you receive from CIC will help you out. If I were you, here are the options I would consider: 1. Get my credit scores (seems you already took this step). 2. Look at my finances/expenses. 3. Talk with the dealership and let them know my situation. -They might be able to work with you if you show them already you have a plan (creating a spreadsheet and showing them you are putting forth the effort to make the lease work or buyout). -Might be able to find a cheaper truck or buyout right a different truck. (Don't know too much about leasing agreements with vehicles). Hope all works out!
  14. I would contact Chase ASAP and see what you could do. I would still try for the PFD and best of luck to you!
  15. I think it's a great deal! Congrats on the new ride and of course, if you can pay if off quicker - the better! Enjoy the new ride!
  16. I have been researching this card for the past few days, and it seems like a really nice one to have - it would be the last one. LOL! Though, I feel for you Big on the rewards and cash back options you were having with your previous Chase card.
  17. I believe the time varies - few days maybe even a few weeks... If I were you, I would try to boost my scores up a little more - 40 points +. I would also look at any baddies I could work/removed from my CR. Hope all works out for the best!
  18. Well, that's pretty good news! Just make sure those credit cards are paid by your brother
  19. 10 things found in... The Gym 1. Personal trainers 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  20. 10 things found . . . At the fair 1. Cotton Candy 2. Funnel cake 3. Tickets 4. Carnival Rides 5. My Lady 6. Exhibit hall 7. Games 8. Clowns 9. Big stuffed animals! 10. Screaming children
  21. It's always nice to read about others tricks! Nice one and congrats!
  22. Yep. I would pay off the BoA credit card and keep working on the negatives on your credit report. If you really want the Best Buy card, I would wait to apply for it when the scores are around 640.
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